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Eyeball Tattoos


Next to Life, vision is our most important gift. It would seem that this belief is missing from the minds a lot of Black youth because once again some of these foolish youth have taken up the new trend of tattooing their Eyeballs. It’s obvious that they have total disregard for the health of their Eyes. It is also further evidence that they are ruled by vanity and hold no value for their lives in general.

Life seeks directions of growth like Tree roots bore through the soil in search of nourishment for the Tree. If there is no nourishment to be found in a particular area of soil the Tree will halt the growth of that Root and send its energy in another direction, leaving that Root to die. A Ghetto is not classified as a dead Root unless the people in it have no regard for their lives.

Vanity grows in the absence of real ambition. Ambition is individually generated but is fostered, nourished, and reinforced by family, culture, as well as tradition. If we understand that then the youth alone cannot be blamed. They are merely left to their own device by the broken cultures in which they exist. Because of this they fall victim to all the Vanity (self satisfying things) that is captured by their senses.

Wisdom is Knowledge divided by Understanding. We are in the information age and the youth are bombarded by endless information in which they could use to improve their lives but without the ability to properly understand the information no Wisdom is ever gained. Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought is on a mission to rescue the minds of Black youth and teach them how to use their minds as our ANKHchestors once did in building the Pyramids.

Black people, it’s time to leave the foolish vanities of Tattooing your Eyeballs alone and come home to the Dohgon.