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Hip-Hop Is Headed for Self Destruction

self destruction

“Self destruction, you’re headed for self destruction”

For those who can remember, these lyrics are from the iconic call to consciousness Hip-Hop song by KRS-1 along with host of other iconic Hip-Hop artists released in 1989. The song addressed the very serious issue of violence that began to plague Hip-Hop at the time and threatened to kill the culture. It was a smart move that changed the course of Hip-Hop for several years. Hip-Hop culture is killing itself once again but are today’s artists conscious enough to save Hip-Hop like the old school did?

It’s now been over 40 years since the first Rap songs gained airplay on top 40 radio stations in America. Over that time, Hip-Hop has grown to dominate the airwaves and produce countless Black millionaires and Billionaires. It is the number one music genre in the world, a voice for the youth, and a vehicle for oppressed people of all races to escape poverty in circumstances where all hope seems to be lost. Unfortunately, Hip-Hop has become plagued with violence and gangsterism.

To say that Hip-Hop was never associated with gangsterism would be wrong because Hip-Hop actually helped to cool the gang violence that existed in New York, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, during the beginning stages of its development in the 1970s. Instead of physically fighting, gangs would settle their beefs through Break Dancing competitions, Graffiti writing, Rapping, and Disc-jockeying. Competitions were set up in all the Hip-Hop genres so gangs from all over New York could settle their differences in non violent ways.

The friendly rivalries soon changed however and by the mid 80s gang bangers were robbing Hip-Hop artists for their enormous Gold chains and other valuables. Artists were forced to associate themselves with Gangs from their own neighborhoods for protection. At the same time, artists also began to adopt the Black Consciousness movement of the time. This brought about a change in the lyrical content of Hip-Hop music. By 1989, conscious minded artistes such as BDP, Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, Heavy D, and many others came together on “Self Destruction” to deliver a warning to the Hip-Hop industry. 

In the early 90s another crisis hit the Hip-Hop industry when the glorifying of gangsterism made its way into the content of the music. Before that point, artists mostly made songs about their lyrical skills, their sex appeal, and their fashion. Now they were Rapping about shooting the Police and their gang related rivals. The Police took notice and formed Hip-Hop surveillance units that monitored artists and their lyrics. They also targeted, harassed, and arrested artists for no reason other than intimidation.

The Police petitioned politicians, record companies, and radio stations to stop playing Rap music because it “incited violence”, they claimed. By the mid nineties even Black owned radio stations had stopped playing most Rap. Then after the Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur got killed over senseless regional rivalries artists got the message and a lighter style of Rap music began to get airplay and gain popularity. Gangsters were now firmly entrenched in the Hip-Hop industry forming record companies to wash drug money. 

Over the next 10 years, gang affiliated record company owners, managers, and producers gained control of most of the artists. They also gained influence on radio, promotions and performance venues in numerous reasons of America. By 2010 however, the whole music industry began to change. New technology as well as the emergence of Social Media enabled artistes to make and distribute music without record company backing.

They say gangsters always want to be rappers and rappers always want to be gangsters, well 2010 and beyond became the perfect time for the two groups to merge and make money. Gang members began to make music and money flowed faster and easier than dealing drugs on the corner. Unfortunately, becoming an Hip-Hop artist isn’t a pass in gang culture. Chains still get snatched and people still get robbed, extorted and beaten up when artists get caught slacking. This has been the culture of the new generation of Hip-Hoppers for the past 10 years.  

Gang affiliated artists from rival neighborhoods and cities are attacking each other without fear of consequence based on the eye for an eye prerogative of gang culture. They taunt each other while promoting their gang affiliations in their songs. Many of them have made their songs a celebration of their gangster lifestyle marring the two cultures so closely that many of them are willing to murder rival artists over silly things such as gang affiliation, disrespectful lyrics or simple jealousy.          

2020 has become the deadliest year so far in the new independent HipHop era. Dozens of upcoming artists have been murdered by rival artistes and their gangs. The police don’t seem to care as they once did as long as the violence remains gang related. Politicians aren’t implementing policies to address the violence because nobody is petitioning them about it. The only people left who can encourage Hip-Hop artists to save the culture from the violence that is killing it are the industry insiders.

At this point however, there doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in making a move to stop the violence. I think the general consensus among the movers and shakers in the industry might be that Hip-Hop is too big of a cultural force to stop. They better think again because there is nothing too big to stop. There will come a time when enough people will get fed up with the shootings and killings and begin to vilify the whole culture again.

The general public will move to get Hip-Hop banned off social media, streaming services, and out of performance venues. Perhaps only then will the violent-prone wannabe gangsters in Hip-Hop wise up and stop trying to destroy it.

Justice for Breonna Taylor Railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome

house nigger syndrome

Justice for Breonna Taylor has been railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome. The failure by Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to lay charges against police officers in her killing is proof that Black lives don’t matter and it is also just another example of why Black racial respect will always languish at the bottom of society even when we gain the power to make important changes ourselves.

Breonna Taylor was a bright, vibrant, and ambitious young Black woman who had everything going for her before her life was untimely snuffed out by three out-of-control Cowboy Police officers. The three officers broke into her apartment while executing a no-knock warrant in search of illicit Drugs as well as her ex-boyfriend, whom she not only broke up with long before but was already in Police custody.

Breonna’s current boyfriend, who was with her in her apartment thought they were being burglarized so he fired a warning shot to scare the intruders. The three Police officers then opened fire like they were engaged in a fire-fight in Iraq, shooting Breonna at least 6 times. After the smoke cleared and Breonna laid dying, the three officers offered her no first-aid and did not call for Ambulance assistance. Breonna subsequently died like a Dog.

The injustice over the killing of Breonna Taylor began immediately as the police department went into cover-up and subversion mode. First, they tried to say her death was the fault of her boyfriend for firing on the officers then they attempted to get her ex-boyfriend to implicate her as an accomplice in his drug dealing activities. The final injustice came a few days ago when after more than six months of pressure from the Black community to lay charges against the officers, Kentucky’s Attorney General, a Black man himself, announced that the officers will face no criminal charges.

What is House Nigger Syndrome?

House Nigger Syndrome refers to a derogatory mental condition in the Slavery history of America. The term would not have come about if the slaves who were chosen to work inside the houses of the masters did not change their own behaviors toward other slaves, better known as “Field Slaves”. To be fair, there were also other slaves who were labelled as House Slaves due to animosity over the fact that they were mixed bastard children of white masters but the first kind is more important to this discussion. Over hundreds of years of slavery, house slaves became mentally different from field slaves; intentionally by masters and personally by the privileges they grew accustomed to having.

The free-will of slaves were broken by force first then kindness second, similar to breaking a Horse. House slaves were further indoctrinated to be loyal. They practiced the religion of their masters because it encouraged subservience as well as passivity.  Masters felt safe in leaving their Plantations on business because their house slaves would protect their property and family as well as keep a list of field slaves who got out of line when the master wasn’t around.

Today’s house slave is known as a House Nigger. He gains all the personal power of those of a white person but because he has been trained to believe that the white way is the only way he doesn’t consider his Race in anything he does. In fact, he only knows that he is Black when he looks in the mirror. He believes that Black people are suffering because they refuse to accept Jesus or when a Christian experiences racism or police brutality its because its Gods will. Even worse, when they are killed at the hands of racists or other acts of evil, they forgive without seeking retribution.

Now, lets analyze the mentality of Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to see if he fits the bill of a House Nigger. In his press conference, the Attorney General stated that “They” meaning those seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor, do not understand Kentucky. What the F does that mean? Did he mean that since crime and violence are rampant in some areas of Kentucky, the jobs of Police officers are so stressful that they should get a pass? Or does he mean that Kentucky is an old southern traditional state where Black people have been so well trained to give authority a pass that he himself cannot do the right thing for fear of being lynched.

I believe that it is the second reason. He loves his job, his white wife, and he also has ambitions of running for political office so he doesn’t want to jeopardize any of them. Therefore, he has completely glossed over the facts of the case in order to please white Kentuckians, in effect railroading justice for Breonna Taylor.

Beware of COVID-19 Conspiracy Pimps

Beware of the conspiracy pimps. They will convince you that “Deep State” boogie men are using a fake crisis called COVID-19 to take away your freedom, reduce global population, ration your food, and install 5G technology that they will then use to track you once they install micro-chips inside you disguised as a Vaccine.

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the high level of ignorance that exists within humanity. One of those ignorance’s is the failure to recognize the dysfunctions of world governments in dealing with crisis’s in general. But instead of focusing on the obvious, most people would rather drift off into relying on conspiracies that make it hard for them to accept the reality that there are no such things as a Deep State or Grand Deception at work in World Affairs.

The most popular conspiracy that conspiracy Pimps of all races and cultures around the world are pushing is the belief that COVID-19 is a coordinated operation being orchestrated by a powerful secret society cabal or “Deep State” to take away our freedoms, reduce world populations, install 5G surveillance systems, and gain control the world’s food resources.

These beliefs are not new; they have existed for decades. In fact, it was only 25 years ago that fear of a “New World Order” was driving white supremacists into the forests of America to set up survivalist camps and prepare for a dooms-day war against the government. Remember Timothy McVeigh? He was the white supremacist who blew up the government building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people and injured over 680 others.

Before him there was also David Koresh who led his followers into a war against the government resulting in his death along with about 30 of his followers. The notorious Jim Jones was another conspiracy nut who took his followers, many of whom were Black, out of the United States into the jungles of South America where he convinced hundreds of them to commit suicide in order to attain true freedom from government oversight.

It would seem that most people have forgotten the dangers of following conspiracy Pimps. It doesn’t take much more than a mass shooting, a natural disaster, or a mass casualty accident to set conspiracy theorists to work spreading mis-information and propaganda across the country and world. They know that Fear and Ignorance are the primary fuels for the fire of anarchy. Today’s conspiracy theorists are 10 times more influential than those of the past that relied on word of mouth to create pockets of “Deep State” believers. They have the power of the Internet and Social media.

Social media is driven by the human instinct to bond socially. It is why most of the richest and most influential companies in the world today make their money facilitating communication and social interaction. Social media is where anyone with a fear of government can redirect that fear into the creation of a conspiracy theory, compile evidence to support their theory, and spread that theory to other people who also fear the unseen eyes of authority.

Social media is also where anyone with a drive to make money can do so by developing a following of like-minded people who will believe and support whatever they have to say, not knowing that what is being said is often strictly for the purpose of making money. I refer to these people as Conspiracy Pimps because they are willfully compromising their conscience for fame and fortune.

The HERU Interface of Black Consciousness does not believe that a Grand Deception is being orchestrated by any so-called “Deep State”. World governments are in co-operation on certain matters, mostly involving security and finance but they are too dysfunctional to carry out an operation of the magnitude involving COVID-19. Take America for example; where the president was so busy fighting “Liberal Ideology” that he completely botched the COVID-19 response. His friend in Britain was no better because he has ended up in hospital after contracting the Virus.

We believe that the aggregation of information is the most powerful thing in the world. The most important questions are therefore; who is controlling that information and what are they doing with it? Our belief is that they are using collected Intelligence for self-preservation and not direct national or global engineering. There are too many other intelligence players in the game and since they all don’t trust each other, the best thing to do is drag-out the game and co-operate above board to pacify the minds of their citizens.

Realize that COVID-19 will not change the world much more than it is now. People have gone into quarantine therefore there is no one to produce Food. Politicians are trying their best to protect their reputations so they are instituting measures to protect their voters. Businesses are scared of going out of business or suffering major financial loss so they are laying off staff. Some, who are unethical like the Conspiracy Pimps are taking the opportunity to profit off the crisis in whatever way they can.

As for the Conspiracy Pimps, the magnetic forces of money and fame will compel them to continue to spread fear and mis-information across the globe. Some of them are too psychologically twisted to recognize the wrongs they are doing but we hope that the Conscience of those who do will force them to change their ways. Until such time, people like myself who know the game will continue to ignore them.

ADOS Demand Reparations for Slavery

ADOS must continue to demand reparations for slavery from the American government. Their ancestors were violated and exploited when they were taken from Afraka against their will and forced to work without pay under extreme physical duress.

The economy of the United States was built off the benefits of this free labor and the government was complicit when America’s founding fathers classified Afrakans as not being fully human, therefore perpetuating the indignity of slavery.

At this point, it is not a matter if ADOS “should get” or “deserve to get” reparations because due to overwhelming evidence in their favor, any court of law would side with the ADOS.

ADOS is a term referring to the (American Descendants of Slavery) and while it’s not a new term its use has been gaining popularity on social media and in the press since those who identify by it have started questioning presidential candidates as to their views on the continuing call for slavery reparations.

Politicians have been making promises on reparations for decades so its not surprising that many current presidential candidates are proclaiming to be pro reparations. The funny part is that they all gain amnesia on the matter when they get into office.

Politicians may all default on their promises but that doesn’t mean that ADOS should stop trying. The only way to erode unethical thinking is to keep attacking the conscience of the unethical. Its a way of helping them become saner people.    

America is one of the most racially diverse countries on the planet but it wasn’t always that way. America was founded by the descendants of former British peasants.

Their ancestors along with British military under the command of British royalty captured the land from its native inhabitants then brought in enslaved Afrakans to plant and cultivate crops of food and other commodities to feed and enrich the British Empire.

After 150 years of slavery enriched the British peasants they decided to rebel against their colonial masters and start a country of their own. They engaged in a war of independence from Britain and won, after which they formed the United States of America in 1776.

Another 100 years go by in which America experienced tremendous economic growth to become one of the richest nations in the world. Most of the northern states of the country had slowly switched from using slave labor on farms to manufacturing jobs in factories.

The political climate also changed to a struggle between the North and the South so in order to diminish the power of the South, the North adopted liberal ideology and pushed to abolish Slavery. Civil war broke out and the North won which kicked off a whole new era of indignity against former slaves up until present day.

Slavery was abolished after the civil war but very little changed for Afrakans since they gained little to no rights in the eyes of the law. Afrakans could not vote since they were still not considered citizens, they could not own land or property of any kind, and they could not testify against whites in the courts since they were still not considered persons.

Whites could and did kill Afrakans in great numbers with impunity. It wasn’t until a 13th and 14th amendments were added to the constitution years later that Afro-Americans were given some rights under the law.

As far as compensation for slavery, no provisions were afforded to Afro-Americans upon abolition. In some regions of the country Afro-Americans were offered 40 acres of land and a Mule while some others they were promised homes and land on the plantations their families had lived and worked on for centuries.

Most of the promises either never came to pass or were revoked over time. Instead, former slaves were transformed into low wage laborers while having to pay rent to live in their homes.

It was a way of keeping the now Afro-Americans on the plantations since rent often accounted for 75% to 90% of their wages. Subsequently, many former slaves migrated to northern states to escape the cycle by finding other work.

make America great again

Is this when America was great for Black people?

Can it be argued that ADOS should seek reparations from the British instead of the American government since America was still a colony of the British Empire during the majority of slavery?

Both parties are responsible for slavery however, America wholeheartedly inherited and perpetuated slavery as a further means of enriching itself financially.

America had the chance to do the right thing but instead of fighting for the liberty of all men, the founding fathers fought to be just as unethical as their former masters, the British.

Can it be argued ADOS are just free loaders who after a century of freedom from slavery, haven’t learned how to attain any wealth and prosperity therefore, they want to be given it? Racists and other prejudiced people are often trying to use the example of immigration to belittle ADOS.

They try to point out that Italians, Irish, Jewish, Hispanics, East and South Asians have immigrated to America and become rich by pursuing the American Dream; why can’t ADOS do it?

What racists and many other immigrants who sympathize with them fail to acknowledge is the tremendous weight of racism, discrimination, and marginalization that ADOS have had to endure.

Other immigrants may experience hardship for a time but after gaining acceptance they join the ADOP (American Descendants of Peasants) in discriminating against ADOS in schools, the job market, housing, and in financial institutions.

Furthermore, America’s judicial system has become the new slavery system in which Afro-Americans are railroaded by crooked judges and lawyers into serving time for crimes they didn’t commit or that other races get away with, with just a slap on the wrist.

Thanks to new technology and social media, the injustices of the crooked are coming to light as we witness cops shooting unarmed Black people or trying to plant drugs on innocent individuals.

Can it be argued that ADOPs should not be responsible for how their ancestors lived 400 years ago? This is also a lame argument that white America uses to dismiss talk of slavery reparations. They say why should they be responsible through the taxes they currently pay for laws and beliefs their ancestors once practiced long ago.

In reality, America is a corporation, which is a stand-alone entity. America’s debt is a fictional sum of money that is managed by a financial institution that they control. They have to maintain that debt to co-ordinate with the world banking system.

The government takes in money through taxes and spends that money on such things as defense, infrastructure, and civil services. When the cost of their expenses exceeds their tax intake it is referred to as a deficit.

Prolonged deficits eventually contribute to the national debt when the government turns to the central bank to make up the difference between their tax intake and their expenses or to borrow money for emergencies, among other things.

The only way that reparations would affect regular citizens is if the government declared that personal taxes will have to rise to pay for such an expense. The government could simply avoid raising personal taxes by increasing taxes on businesses, especially businesses that once profited off slavery. There are plenty of them still around.

America is a country that prides itself on the rule of law. It is a form of accountability rooted in its founding father’s belief that they were civilized people engaged in building a civilized nation.

The problem with America is the ADOP’s xenophobic belief that America is a white man’s country. When inequities in society are pointed out they always find excuses to dismiss them.

In the case of the ADOS call for reparations ADOPs claim that the government cannot afford it due to the deep national debt. Some even try to say that America is already paying reparations to ADOS through the welfare system.

ADOS must continue to demand reparations for slavery. Although no amount of money could ever compensate for the brutality the ancestors of ADOS had to endure during their 300 years of slavery in America, compensation in the form of money has to be awarded.

Apathy on reparations is no longer an acceptable condition within the Black community because while ADOPs continue to publicly dismiss discussions on the matter, behind the scenes they are actively changing the history and accounting of slavery in order to thwart its potential legal ramifications.

They are doing so by changing history books and school curriculum to the narrative that slavery never existed in America and that what is being referred to as slavery was actually involuntary servitude in which Afrakans were simply unpaid laborers such as prisoners of war.  

Beware Of Conspiracy Theorists

Beware of conspiracy theorists; they are pied pipers of ignorance.

As the Age of Aquarius unfolds the awareness of humanity will increase in Fractal magnitude. Awareness is a dynamic condition that expands with the acquisition of knowledge. As is evident, knowledge that once took decades to acquire is now achievable in years, months, and days. New advances in technology are the drivers that are helping to increase humanity’s collective awareness. Unfortunately, these same technologies are also tools for subversion.

The subverters are conspiracy theorists and their adversary is government. Furthermore, conspiracy theorists believe that secret society elements are using the government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to control people through mass manipulation. Conspiracy theorists believe that its their duty to correct lies about Space exploration, Aliens, Flat Earth, Global Warming, Terrorism, Mass Shootings, and even Slavery.

Although conspiracy theorists have existed for decades, they came to prominence after September 11th, 2001 (911). It was then that regular people, through the help of Social Media, began to consider the alternative messages conspirators were spreading. Most people have a natural skepticism of government so when they heard that terrorism was being planned and executed by secret government organizations whose aim is to eliminate the individual freedom of everyone in the world they began to believe it.

After 911 many alternative news sources, aside from mainstream news networks, began to question the timeline, the personal accounts, and the footage of the event that were being fed to the public. So much misinformation flooded society that to this day many people are still not convinced of what really happened on 911. Of course that only serves to keep skeptecism of government alive and well.

By the time the next mass killing occurred in the United States a decade after 911 the term “False Flag” was being used by conspiracy nuts to spread misinformation on social media. They quickly began to spread the lie that absolutely no children died in Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. The NRA, the most powerful gun rights advocacy organization in America, caught on to the power of the False Flag movement and used it as an opportunity to blame Liberals for creating deceptions for the purpose of restricting gun rights.

Fast forward to 2017 and every time there is a mass shooting or an act of terrorism, in America or Europe, False Flag conspirators are to first ones on social media searching for clues and spreading misinformation. They represent both Right and Left wing ideologies and some have even started attacking survivors of mass shootings, calling them liars and paid actors. Beware of these False Flag dummies that have nothing better to do than further victimize crime victims.

Another group of conspiracy theorist to beware of are the Flat Earth advocators. These are the growing number of people, mostly religious and occultists, who believe that the Earth is a flat disk. They describe the (so called) North Pole as being the center of the world, while Antarctica is the surrounding edge. North, South, East, and West are all point on the edge of Antarctica. The Sun, Stars, and Planets are all rotating above us outside of our invisible protective dome.

For 500 years it has been accepted in academic circles that the Earth is a sphere. Humanity came to that conclusion after observing the Stars and Planets and realizing that the every celestial body was rotating on its axis (an unseen center point). Even the Dohgon people of Mali, West Afraka (our spiritual ancestors) have ancient charts that describe this Galactic rotation. So why do people still believe the Earth is a flat disk?

The reason why people are clinging to Flat Earth conspiracies is because of this same fear of government. Imaging what a grand deception it must be to fool people for 500 years into believing that the Earth is a sphere. Why would the government be doing it? Conspiracy theorists have an answer for that too. They believe that the government is hiding evidence of humanity’s true origin and existence, in essence, robbing them of their true ability and potential.

Dohgons do not subscribe to conspiracies. We believe that the Earth is a sphere and the Galaxy exists similar to the description provided by astrology and cosmogony. Our Ancient ancestors, who have been observing the heavens for a millennia, have left knowledge for us to follow and learn. By observing the patterns in nature we have been able to decipher how abstract energy waves created tangible reality.

Therefore, we don’t believe in gods and we don’t waste our time focusing on finding Aliens. We do know that Desire, which is the base driver of human consciousness, has become corrupt. Therefore money and power hungry individuals are actively trying to manipulate governments to their gain. As far as a Grand Deception, we don’t believe it. Humanity is a part of Life and Life is a conscious entity that is learning as it progresses on a quest toward universal awareness.

How To Avoid Becoming A Terrorist

A terrorist is a Devil who seeks to kill innocent people as well as to instill fear in society. Black people must avoid this insane practice now that we are waking up and defending our own Race and Spiritual beliefs. Just know that we were never an unethical race of people but until you come to that realization, you need to learn how to avoid becoming a terrorist.

As we observe the carnage being inflicted by terrorists on innocent civilians in several European countries, the Middle East, Northern AfRAka, and America we may feel that it may never affect us, however terrorists are made, not born, therefore anyone can become a terrorist including you.

Terrorists believe that the destruction that they inflict on their victims is for a noble cause. The base of their motivation is a Bond between themselves and that cause, be it Racial, Religious, Political, or Territorial. We know this as fact because in each region the primary target of the terror is different.

In Europe the primary target of the terrorists are European. Islamic terrorists view European as the primary cause for the destruction of their Spiritual homeland in the Middle East. To them, acts of terror are a continuation of a two thousand year old religious war between Jews, Christians, and them for control of the so-called Holyland.

Furthermore, Muslims perceive that Christians and Jews are actively disrupting the development of productive self-sustaining societies in the region so that those societies will never be able to form any type of formidable force to keep others out. They believe that Islamic sects and countries that welcome foreigners are puppets controlled by Money and Western ideology.

In AfRAka, Islamic terrorists are wreaking havoc in many Sub-Saharan countries. The most terror prone country is Nigeria where the terrorist organization Boko Haram has been responsible for thousands of bombings, shootings, and kidnappings of innocent people over the past decade.

Lets not forget that Christian terrorists exist too. In the Congo, for instance, Christian militias are responsible for killing thousands of innocent Muslims. In America, Christian terrorists are forming armed militias and attacking the government. Recognize that terrorism comes in all religions and ideologies. We are mostly hearing about Islamic terrorists because of several factors, which include media source, control of the News, as well as government oversight.

All acts of terror are deplorable and we sympathize with the victims and the families of those affected by it. We know that most of these incidents of terror involve Black people either as victims or as the perpetrators. We know it may be hard to avoid becoming a victim of terror because you never know when or where a terrorist will strike.

The primary consequence of terrorism is the destruction of Life, which is a single conscious entity engaged in a process of developing Universal Awareness. Life uses mechanisms such as Risk reward and Desire fulfillment, which without the control of Conscience, manifests itself in humans as Sins or (Devilish) behavior. The lives of Black people will only begin to improve when we learn to control the Desires of Life, not through Humanism but by listening to the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit that is the universe created Life therefore; it is the influence of the Spirit that generates Conscience, individually as well as the collective consciousness of Life. Conscience is a force similar to common forces in nature such as Electricity and Magnetism. It is not physical therefore it cannot we measured in size or weight. Conscience can only be measured by the influence it exerts on physical matter, namely Brain Cells responsible for thought and reasoning.

In order to avoid becoming a terrorist there are several variable that AfRAkans can control. One of them is to resist adopting the religious ideologies of others. By adopting the religious ideologies of others we invariable begin to sympathize with and defend their territorial bonds. Ultimately, we will fight for Rome, Mecca, and Jerusalem while dismissing our own AfRAkan Spiritual traditions.

Another way to avoid becoming a terrorist is to be Conscious about your AfRAkan Pride. When we see the levels of despair that continues to plague many AfRAkan countries we naturally seek to blame. AfRAkans have concluded that Racism and Colonization by others are the main factors. Animosity for Europeans grows, driving many AfRAkans to adopt the ideologies of others who also hate Europeans. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  

Listen to and obey your conscience by protecting the sanctity of Life. Avoid giving power to supernatural beings such as gods and demons that would entice you to sacrifice your Life to gain a reward. Although those beings are abstract, their energy can become influential forces by way of the energy we feed them.

Evil energy is a contagious disease. Doing evil to others also generates evil in them, especially when they have substituted true Spirituality with a god. The collective evil energy humanity creates is the entity that is referred to as the Devil. Now imagine a world where everyone has to use evil life destroying mechanisms as protection against each other. (Guns, Bombs, and Missiles) Sound’s like Hell doesn’t it?

Terrorism is an evil product of Life but we cannot blame Life since Life lacks universal awareness. We are Life therefore we can only learn from our mistakes and strive to become better people by listening to our conscience. Know that those who persist in doing evil do so to please the illusions they have created to comfort their disconnection from the Great Spirit.

Do not fear evil people or terrorists. They will perish and their Souls will never know the Great Spirit. They think they will meet their gods but the only thing that will happen is their Souls will die and its energy will serve to replenish the cycle of Life until they wise up.