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Trump Part of a Racist Agenda

Most people may not know it but Trump is a part of a racist agenda.

Trump has once again stepped into a proverbial “shit hole” by offending Black immigrants and people of color in America and around the world. Recently, while in a private meeting regarding setting new quotas for the intake of new immigrants and refugees, the self-righteous fascist, was said to have blurted out that America should focus on letting in people from Norway instead of “shit Hole” places like Afraka and Haiti. The leaked comment set off a wave of backlash from news media and his political opponents who have bombarded him by accusing him of being a racist.

The initial response from Trump and his butt kissers was the same as usual. They rebutted the accusations by suggesting that Black people are only angry because we don’t understand Trump’s America First philosophy while those who do, support him all the way. Then when Trump saw that the force of decency was overpowering his wall of defenses he Tweeted out that he was misquoted and didn’t say what he was alleged to have said. Unfortunately for Trump, conscience is a powerful force because a couple of his own Republicans came forward to confirm that they did hear him make the racist remarks about Afrakans and Haitians.   

Although he continues to deny it, these new remarks from Trump are only the latest in a pattern that suggest Trump is indeed a racist. A racist is a person of one race who while in a position of power and influence discriminate against a person of another race. The determining factors as to whether someone is a racist or not are ultimately based on subjectivity and not objectivity. He can keep denying that he is a racist but his actions will always reveal his true character. One thing is certain, if Trump is not a racist then he is a racist sympathizer. Furthermore, his words and actions are clearly based on an ideology of White Supremacy.

White Supremacy is an ideological view of reality that is held dearly by some people of European decent in which they believe that the Caucasian race is the master race on the planet. They believe that they are superior to other races in every way including the building of prosperous civilized societies. Other races may join their societies but only as servants. In America today, White Supremacists believe that the health and vitality of America has been compromised by their own people who have deviated from the true ideology to become Liberal minded.

White Supremacists believe that over time Liberalism has only served to corrupt America by allowing Blacks and other races to flourish and gain access to the “American Dream”. And since Black people are a morally inferior race their freedom only serves as a corrupting force in society. The mandate of the White Supremacy movement therefore is to “make America great again” by implementing a series of mandates which include; taking back political and economic power from Liberals, removing undesirables from the country, limiting immigration from non-white countries, and re-establishing order within the country.  

Trump himself may not feel as though he is a racist but he has found support for his power-hungry endeavors among White Supremacists. He may also feel that he is smart enough to walk the razors edge between his personal ambitions and indecency but no man is an Island. You cannot go around calling whole races and nations “shit hole” places to appease your supporters and not face the retribution of the other 85 to 95% of humanity. All Afrakans, people of color, and white people who endeavor to live using a higher level of Sanity must never be intimidated by the White Supremacist agenda.