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Beware of the Sex Dolls

sex dolls

Beware of the Sex Dolls; they are unconscious tools of the mechanisms of Life.

Weak minded men all over the world are going crazy over the release of a new breed of ultra-realistic sex dolls. They see the use of these sex dolls as a harmless way of satisfying their desires while relieving sexual stress. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their desires in such an unnatural way, they are compromising the strength of their minds to become tools of the mechanisms of Life. 

Sex Dolls are not a new phenomenon. They have been around in various forms for decades. New manufacturing technology has now enabled the creation of sex dolls that are more life-like in look and feel. Some sex dolls even go beyond life-like to exaggerate the sexual attractiveness of the female body such as bigger Breasts and Butts. The goal of these new sex dolls is to increase and transform a person’s sexual desires into sexual addiction.

Aside from their repulsive nature, sex dolls appear to be no more than a harmless preoccupation of unethical men and women. However, if you understand Life like we do then you will know that Life will take you in any direction you want to go until death exhausts you. That is because Life is a single conscious entity which consists of the collective awareness of all the lifeforms on Earth. It uses mechanisms, primarily Desire, to drive the consciousness of its various incarnations in its ultimate goal of achieving Universal Awareness.

That means that we are all Tools but there is a Balance. We exist as a duality, abstract and physical so while our physical selves are bound to Life, we are also guided by the abstract essence of the universe; the Great Spirit. That is why without the Spiritual guidance of our Conscience, our consciousness will always become corrupted by our Desires. In essence, people who will fulfill their sexual desires using sex dolls lack conscience and are Spiritually weak. They do not possess enough will-power to seek intimacy through the development of real human relationships. It is also indicative of the break down of society on a whole. An over-dependency on Desire has corrupted people to the point of selfishness.

The main corrupting forces in society are Ideology in the form of religion and Humanism in the form of Human Rights. That is why there are religious people marrying or raping children. Propelled by the pursuit of personal happiness, most people in society today say they no longer have time for relationships. Some people don’t want a relationship for fear of getting hurt emotionally. Some people cannot see beyond the desires of physical beauty so they reject undesirable people though they may possess rich inner beauty. Then there are the youth who mostly lack the morals and self-discipline to control one iota of their hormone-soaked brains. These are the people going crazy over the new sex dolls.

The female Spirit cannot exist in sex dolls. In other words, sex dolls cannot become possessed by abstract entities such as Life energy and Demons. What we do is project our Desires into sex dolls. Our Minds will then create the conditions to facilitate personal happiness or if we are fearful our minds will fool us into believing that a sex doll is responsible for our obsession toward it. The Mind is a very powerful tool that is designed to protect us through fear and flight response or help our happiness through desire and imagination creation.

If you hate the idea of sex dolls, I feel sorry for you because their prevalence and popularity is only going to increase. The desire for sex is only rivaled by the desire for Money, therefore opportunity seekers will always seek to exploit the weaknesses in human nature. Now they are even bold enough to introduce child sex dolls on the market. These are for Pedophiles, domineering men, and the sexually perverted who like to travel to places in Asia where child sex is loosely regulated due to the weak civil conscience of those societies. Now they can enjoy the pleasures of raping their child sex dolls in the comfort of their own homes.   

The only way to resist the mechanisms of Life is to build your moral fortitude through your conscience as directed by the Great Spirit of the universe. Men, do not compare sex dolls to the sex toys of women. The difference is that sex can and is being used worldwide as a form of exploitation. Women have rarely been known to rape men but men have routinely use rape and sexual abuse to exploit women. Sex dolls are not an alternative and are only serving to alienate the sexes. Respect women by developing conscientious desires in the form of Love.