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African authors in Kwanini, Brittle Paper, Saraba, Johannesburg Review of Books find space online — Quartz

In his now iconic satirical essay How to write about Africa Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina skewers every literary stereotype about the continent. His recipe for writing the African story—an orange sunset, noble animals Aids and a dash of Joseph Conrad—is hilarious until the realization that it is all too true of fiction and non-fiction about Africa.

Wainaina published that essay in the literary magazine Granta in 2006, as well as one of the first African journals challenging the very narrative Wainaina skewers. In the last few years, literary journals have sprung up all over the continent. Spurred by increasing internet access, online journals are creating a platform for short fiction, essays and poetry by African writers.

Many of the journals have also created a supportive network…

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