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Stop Wishing the Russia/Ukrainian war will lead to Armageddon

Are you fearful that the Russia/Ukrainian war will lead to Armageddon? The reasons why you fear is because you either rely on nonsense biblical prophecies or concepts of reality that suggest the world is run by evil elites. Those people are wishing for Armageddon to come so that they can escape the tyranny of a world that they themselves created. It’s time for Black people to change our perception of reality so that our fears can dissipate allowing us to begin to live a more productive life.

Most people rely on the simplicity of religious philosophy to decipher reality. They view time as an illusion, believing that everything in reality was preordained. That means that, if life is a game, then the outcome of the game has already been predetermined. The reason for playing the game is reserved only for the God they believe in to know and understand. They believe that all true believers must persevere by faith.

Furthermore, they believe that if one wants to know and predict the events of life, all they need to do is read the bible and listen to preachers. To that end, religious philosophers as well as everyday believers have been comparing the events of life to religious scripture for the past two thousand years. Anthropomorphic beasts of the bible that were once associated with tribes in Israel, Judah, and Babylon are now associated with the empires of America, Russia, and China.

Today, the Eagle is America, the Dragon is China, and the Bear is Russia. According to Biblical predictions of the end of the world or Armageddon, all three beasts will engage in a great battle that will destroy life and the Earth. Christians need not worry though because Jesus will return to resurrect the faithful to eternal life in heaven.

There is a major problem with associating the beasts of Armageddon with countries though; countries are not religiously homogeneous, neither do they claim to wage war on behalf of any particular religious philosophy. The Dragon and the Bear combined will never defeat the Eagle because the Eagle’s DNA is infused with Dragon and Bear Genes. While Russia and China are racially homogeneous, America is comprised of people of all races.

The world was once ruled by religious crusaders. The Kings and Emperors of Europe and Asia recognized the power of religion so they assimilated its force and used it as a tool to encourage obedience in society. However, over time, the will of individual freedom, forced rulers to shift power from themselves to the people in the form of political governance. That meant that the sole preoccupation of countries became the acquisition of wealth to facilitate happiness and both religion and politics became tools for acquiring wealth.  

Acquiring wealth to facilitate happiness resulted in a shift of populations away from religion and nationalism towards greater opportunity. In effect, America did not grow to become the most powerful empire in modern history because of race and religion; it became the most powerful nation because after exploiting the free labor of Africans, immigrants from all nations flocked in and further built up its wealth. Today, America maintains its way of life and power in the world by expanding its economic influence into every other country on Earth. It protects its economy using its political influence, intelligence agencies, and military forces.

For instance; they send Agents in the guise of Aid workers and religious people into Africa to disrupt the will of people away from nationalism towards either religion or money. Where they cannot create a dependence on foreign Aid, they corrupt the politicians of those countries by paying them off to let American companies set up shop with minimal roadblocks. The goal is to make the governments of developing countries financially dependent while turning the entire population into consumers. When countries try to fight back, America uses its Inteligence Agents to create internal political conflicts.

Some might say that this kind of economic dependency is exactly what Russia and China are trying to avoid so that is why they are fighting to maintain their own economic interests. It may be true but where do Black people fit into this whole scenario? Unfortunately, we’re being used by all of these beasts to maintain their happiness. Only when we as Black and African people begin to recognize the true nature of reality and begin to work towards our own economic prosperity will Africa resurrect as a Lion among the spiritual beasts.