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Goodwill Better Than Socialism

Is goodwill better than Socialism? This question can be put to debate by the recent example of a billionaire’s gesture in paying off the college tuition loans of all the 2019 graduating class of his former college.

The billionaire at the center of this goodwill gesture is America’s richest Black individual, Robert F. Smith, who is a successful tech investor and business man. While addressing the graduating class at Morehouse College MR. Smith announced that he intends to donate enough money to the college that would pay off the debts of the entire graduating class of 2019, a sum estimated to be approximately $40 million dollars.   

This extremely generous gesture can be termed nothing less than an act of extreme goodwill. Some pessimistic people might say,

‘whopty do. That’s no big deal. Tuition should be free anyway and why should anyone have so much money and not share it in the first place”.

This kind of thinking is born out of Socialist ideology.

Socialists are not necessarily opposed to wealth however; most Socialists believe that wealth should be shared. The problem with Socialist ideology is that while it is rich in good intentions, not everyone in society has the self-discipline, motivation, and ambition to pursue greatness for themselves, their families, and their communities.

A lot of people lack the traits they need to achieve success in life but instead of trying to improve themselves, they cop out and blame others for their condition. They turn to crime and the under-world where robbing, killing, stealing, and immorality quenches their temporary fixes for happiness instead of long-term stress-free success.

Goodwill comes from conscience and not legislation. Goodwill is as small as buying a meal for a hungry person to paying off someone’s thousands of dollars in school fees without expecting a reward or praise. That is why most acts of kindness are done in secret; they are done to enrich one’s Soul. Everyone should take the example of Robert F. Smith and consider how they can help to better someone else’s life.

Goodwill and Socialism are related; however, while one is done out of free will, the other has to be coerced because everyone in society is not be working for the betterment of society on a whole. Do something good today because goodwill is contagious. It enriches people’s consciences, encouraging them to pay it forward to spread goodwill throughout society. Eventually, everyone in society will adopt the ideals of Socialism without having to be coerced.