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White Supremacy Will Never End

white supremacy

White Supremacy will never end until humanity adopts a more ethical ideology of reality than those offered by Religion and Science. White Supremacy is the product of the two generally accepted existential belief systems in use today, which are Religion and Science.

Religion is defined as a set of Spiritual beliefs that a group of people have concerning their origins and the origins of creation. Before the white man accepted Christianity as his core belief, he was a Pagan, meaning he held many religious beliefs including the belief that kings and leaders were gods themselves. However, upon taking control of the Jewish religion and creating the New Testament of Jesus Christ, they completely inserted themselves into the Jewish creation story.

They then claimed that since Jesus came to his own, the Jews, and the Jews did not accept his message; Jesus then gave permission to anyone who believed in God through Him, to get to Heaven. They moved their Spiritual headquarters to Rome and declared that they were now the chosen people of the Jewish God. This brand of psychological White Supremacy is so powerful that even Black people today worship a white Jesus and live subservient to white Christians.

Science is defined as knowledge in all its various forms. The acquisition of knowledge therefore has to undergo a process of approval because reality is Subjective. In other words, 1+1 only equals 2 in theory and not absolute physical proportion. Science theorizes that humanity originated in Afraka making the original humans Black. This is not necessarily a plus for Black people because Science also accepts the theoretical concept of Evolution as its core belief.

The theory of Evolution teaches that Life originated by the chance of Nature over Time. In this process, Life evolved from complex molecules in Clay mud then evolved into single cell organisms in the Ocean millions of years ago. Over time, these organisms evolved into amphibious creatures that crawled out of the ocean and developed Lungs to breathe Air on land. Some creatures also developed Legs, feathers, and wings and began to fly while some stayed grounded on land and developed into animals. In short, Evolution states that humans developed from Monkeys.


White Supremacists believe that they are different from other races of people because during the process of their evolution, they were fortunate to mix with Neanderthals while others didn’t. This Neanderthal mix is what gives them their superior genetic and intellectual character. The theory of Evolution is flawed in many ways but since it supports their unethical beliefs of racial superiority, white Supremacists are happy to use it to corrupt the development of humanity.

Religious and Scientific theories of racial superiority are both being used by the white man to maintain psychological control over humanity. Logic would suggest that based on his domineering nature, the white man should have wiped out all the other races of people long ago in order to eliminate competition and to solidify his position as God’s chosen people. However, there is one thing that everyone is missing and that is the power of the human Conscience, which was installed in us by the Great Spirit that is the Universe and not an egotistical god or the chance of Evolution.

Conscience defies the religious belief by whites that they are the chosen people of a god when they are as ignorant of their true origin as everyone else. They are still susceptible to the same pitfalls of life that everyone else is and they still suffer disease and death like everyone else. Conscience defies the scientific belief by whites that they are a genetic and intellectually superior race based on Evolution because the more they dig into the history of ancient races, it’s the more they are discovering that our ancestors had technology that eludes their understanding. They also studied human DNA and discovered that African DNA is more complex than theirs.

The solution for us is to abandon the religious and scientific theories that support White Supremacist beliefs. It will render those beliefs ineffective to everyone except them. Many races are doing so now by returning to their traditional Spiritual beliefs. Some are using their religious beliefs to engage in their own quest for racial superiority but we must not follow their examples because Black Supremacy would be just as insane and unjust as white supremacy, Arab supremacy, Asian supremacy or any other racial supremacy quest.

Black people must adopt a Spiritual belief system that gives precedence to human conscience instead of human desire. A belief system that is based on an ethical creation story and not one that is based on the self-serving desires of a worshiper seeking God. A belief system that values the whole of life and not just humanity. The only Spiritual belief system that can and will defeat white supremacy and the propensity of all races to engage in racial superiority ideology is the HERU Interface.



QAnon is Now the Front Line of Sanity Resistance


QAnon is now the front line of sanity resistance. If successful in reverting achievements in white sanity, they will have toppled the US political system, the beacon of global Democracy.

By now, most people have probably heard of QAnon, a far-right conspiracy movement that originated on right-wing social media. Members of QAnon profess to be defenders of Conservative values against what they view as out of control Liberalism in America. They began as defenders of Conservative political policies in Washington but as their popularity grew, they adopted many outlandish conspiracy theories that further boosted their membership and vilified Democrats. Their most screwball belief is that Donald Trump is a prophet sent by God to clean up the government and make America great again. QAnon styles itself as a resistance but the only resistance we can associate them to is a resistance against sanity.

What is sanity? When you search the definition of sanity all you will find is that sanity describes someone who possesses sound judgement. That means that sanity is subjective and scaleable without an absolute condition. Humans love to engage in judging each other. We judge each other based on physical looks, social class, and of coarse intelligence. However, intelligence is the one variable that we love to judge people’s sanity with when it’s absolutely not suitable. QAnon is a great example of this because QAnon’s membership is made up of people of all intelligence levels when the movement is clearly not based on any level of sanity. Instead, QAnon is completely based on ideology which is a betrayal of conscience.

Resistance is a part of human nature but while resistance against such things as cruelty, oppression, and bondage are lauded as good human traits, resistance against sanity is not only not recognized, it is discouraged because it often clashes with the ideologies that maintain our happiness. Take for instance; when racist white Democrats of the late 18th century saw that the Republican party not only fought and abolished slavery but were implementing political policies to end injustice against Black people they began to infiltrate it and by the 1930s they had taken it over. The result was that saner progressive whites had to switch political sides. Then in order to gain political support in terms of votes, the new-look Democratic party became the party of poor and disenfranchised Americans.  

Democracy is an admirable example of what a sincere pursuit in sanity can achieve. Still, real Democracy like sanity is a work in progress. The first Americans (not the natives) who fought the British to craft their own country did not do so to improve their sanity. Likewise, those northern Republicans who fought the Southern Democrats and freed the slaves did not do so to improve their sanity. The real pursuit of sanity only came about when Blacks and other minorities forced white people to examine their conscience. Their conscience then encouraged ideological compromise, which is the crux of Democracy.

QAnon was born out of insane white supremacist ideology, which has existed in the hearts and minds of a lot of white people for centuries. White supremacy has manifested itself in many ways throughout history. It permeates through politics, economics, sports, and entertainment. It manifests itself when some white people begin to experience a loss of control over the environment that they exist in. Fear begins to build up within them and the intelligent among them begin to devise conspiracies to regain control. QAnon is just another tool of white supremacists but it is working so well that it has now become the front line of white sanity resistance.