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Prophets and Prophecies are Scams!

prophecy scams

Prophecies are scams. They are designed to enrich religious leaders and people who thrive off the fear and ignorance that exists within humanity. Prophecies are followed by people who cannot think for themselves so they would rather depend on the comfort that religious illusions provide. Stay away from prophecies and prophets. Both are a danger to society because they can entice individuals into a dependent slave mentality, ignite religious wars, as well as promote death as a source of happiness instead of creating happiness in life.

A prophecy is a religious prediction or foretelling of what is to come in society and the world. Prophecies are made by “so-called” Prophets, who are individuals who claim to be divinely inspired or who others perceive as being divinely inspired. The problem is that most religious people view prophecies as true messages from their god and will acknowledge messengers as prophets depending on the messenger’s knowledge, fame, and popularity. What most people fail to recognize is that prophecies can be made by any religious person who is knowledgeable enough about scripture as well as world affairs.

Prophets have been making prophecies since the beginning of recorded time. In fact, religion thrives off the predictions of prophets in order to keep people interested and mentally locked in to the deception of religion. If it were up to religion the world would have ended countless times already because end-time predictions are the most popular and famous prophecies. When prophecies don’t come to pass, prophets simply move the goal post or reinterpret the prophecy to mean something else and people still buy into their scams.

Prophecies are so dangerous that they have caused many people to ruin their lives and end up homeless, social assistance dependent, or dead. For instance, the Millennium end-of-the-world prophecy caused many people to sell or give away all their belongings as they made plans for the return of their god. When the world didn’t end after Dec, 31st, 1999, most religious people became confused about what to do with their lives. 20 years have now passed and a lot of them have still not recovered.

Today, most “so-called” prophets have gone back to relying on their traditional prophecies. They create fear to gather followers (catch fish). They tell people that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign of the end of the world so people need to be saved now or they cannot enter heaven. Being saved is not a simple task however, it requires strict obedience to the will of god but most of all, it required generosity to the church in the form of money. In Islam it requires sacrifice in the form of helping to rid the world of non-believers. If you happen to die in this task, in heaven you will receive double your reward.

The HERU Interface of Black Consciousness recognizes that there are no such beings as a god or devil therefore there will be no such event as a Judgement-Day or second coming of a Jesus Christ. Out of ignorance, humans may one day destroy life on Earth like an Apocalypse. They will destroy humanity due to their psychological dependent belief in a god and a devil and their desire to please and covet favor from them. We do believe in a creator but our creator is not a god as all gods are man-made entities according to our limited understanding of our existence.

Thousands of years ago humans believed that the Sun, the Moon, Thunder, Lightning, Volcanoes, and even Mountains had gods living in them. People then made Idols and Deities and invited those gods to inhabit them, which provided comfort and alleviated fear. People’s Idols and Deities were destroyed time after time, sometimes accidentally and sometimes by enemies until the Jews created a mystery God that could exist anywhere it chose to exist. Now people say that all gods are one because not only have all cultures abandoned Idols and Deities, mystery gods have no description, therefore they can be one entity appearing to different cultures in different forms.     

The HERU Interface recognizes our creator as the Great Spirit that is the Universe. Individually, we are Spirits inhabiting a physical representation of the Great Spirit; a body. Unfortunately, once inside a physical body, our Spirit generates a Soul and becomes dormant. We are ignorant of our true self because life is a voluntary experience that we can make anything we want according to the limitations of the lifeform that we have incarnated inside. So, our prerogative in life is not to seek the favor of a psychological crutch or god that we have created for comfort; our prerogative should be to make life a better place for all life to inhabit for the benefit of our Spirit.

Stop believing or relying on prophets and their deceptive prophecies. Life is what you make it. You are a Spirit living as a Soul but since you never knew what you are, you became inclined to destroy yourself and all life around you in order to find happiness. Begin to live a happy and joyful life by knowing that you can die but your Spirit cannot. Work to make life a better place so that if your Spirit chooses to return to life as a human, the world will be better place than it is now.