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How To Open Your 3rd Eye

The 3rd Eye is a phrase referring to a mental connection between our Mind and the Spiritual essence of the universe. It is a non-physical trance-like state that is usually achieved in deep meditation. Most people who try to open their 3rd Eye usually fail. That is because only people with high concentrating abilities are able achieving it. The Dohgon University of Thought (DUT) is a school dedicated to developing the Mind using advanced mental concentration skills. When you are ready to take back control of your mind the DUT will teach you. Till then this is only a brief explanation of how to open your 3rd eye.

Your Brain is a collector of information from the outside world through sensory stimulation. Your Mind is separate from your Brain and it is a processor of information. Sight, smell, hearing, tough, and taste are your primary senses while your 6th sense, intuition collects pheromones in the environment and feeds them to your sub-conscious mind. Your Brain also has a Spiritual receptor called the Pineal Gland. It is usually activated at night while you sleep but when you develop your concentrating abilities you can activate it while you are awake. The Pineal Gland is what creates the 3rd Eye sensation.

People engage in two forms of thinking; focus and concentration. Concentrating involves the elimination of most outside sensory stimulation in order to enhance the mind’s processing ability. Focus involves singling out and processing information from one or two senses while your other senses are still active. That means that 99% of your thinking involves focus. People rarely concentrate because they simply don’t know how. That is also why it is so difficult to control your mind in order to open your 3rd Eye.

So, how do you improve your concentrating skills? Concentrating involves two things; the elimination of outside sensory stimulation and the elimination of internal mind wondering in order to process a specific task. Most of our 5 main senses aside from Touch can either be minimized or eliminated. That means that effective meditation should always be performed in a dark, neutral smelling, and quiet place. Eliminating external distractions is the easy part. The next part is extremely difficult.

Most people who meditate assist themselves to relax by reciting or listening to pre-recorded Mantras. However, without proper mind control their minds wonder all over the place, never allowing their 3rd Eye to open. The Dohgon University of Thought has developed several techniques to help people learn to stop mind wondering but we will only discuss one simple technique in this article. The technique is called Brain Lacing using Dohgon Flux Number Counting.

Each side of your Brain is responsible for separate functions. For instance, your Left Brain is spiritual and rational while your Right Brain is emotional and physical. The Left Brain should always have prominence over the Right because the outside world is always stimulating the Right side more. While the Left Brain is working to keep you focused, the Right Brain is pulling you in all directions.

Your Mind is an electromagnetic field that is generated by the communication that occurs between your two Brain hemispheres in what is called the Corpus Collosum strya. If you can control the level and type of communication that takes place here then you will be able to control your own mind.

The Dohgon Flux Number Brain Lacing technique is very simple. It involves reciting 10 natural numbers; 0 to 9. We believe that zero represents Spirit which makes it the most important number that should never be treated as a mere placeholder. Begin by doing a number count starting from 0 to 9 then reverse count from 9 back to 0. During the up count reverse the numbers 8 and 9 and during the down count reverse the numbers 7 and 6. Done correctly your count should look like this;

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8 …9,8,6,7,5,4,3,2,1,0

Counting is an ability that most people mastered in adolescence and filed away in their non-critical thinking memory. Switching up the numbers brings the Left Brain back into the equation so perform this Flux Number count as often as possible. If you make a mistake while counting you must start over because the goal is fluidity. In time your Left Brain will gain prominence over your Right Brain so that you can concentrate better or even clear your mind of thoughts completely. You will also gain the ability to control your mind, eliminate procrastination, and open your 3rd Eye with ease.

Dohgon University of Thought


Do You Know Why You Are Failing In College?


The Dohgon do not subscribe to that slogan because we know there is a better way to address AfRAkan education. We presents 11 Ways To Correct The Deception:

0. PROCRASTINATION. “Time and Tide wait for no one!” … but you believe Time and Tide will wait for you because you doubt yourself, so you support the wasted mind theory. This theory makes you wait then lose FORESIGHT. Get out of the FEAR. Become pro-ACTIVE and acCOUNTable. Learn to COUNT again with Dohgon COUNTS, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8.

1. DISTRACTIONS. Disorganized thinking is the main cause of distractions because you believed in the wasted mind theory. Now you are forgetful as well as absent-minded. The easiest way to solve this problem is to constantly recharge your Neural Capacitance to be competitive once again. Our Dohgonite “Challenge-Me Numbers Game” will resolve you and your best friend’s qualms as you play this game just as you’d play a chess game. Recharge your mind with Efficiency (no errors) and SPEED. It’s how to forever cure your Procrastination and Distractions disease. Then, notice your Cs turn to A grades.

2. LACK OF MOTIVATION. The wasted mind theory creates the fear to clearly define your purpose. A purposeless person has no motivation. Become a Dohgonite to learn how.

3. SCATTERED FOCUS. The wasted mind theory generates the epinephrine factor. This hormone increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels and dilates air ducts. Immediately, anxiety explodes with the fear that something is about to go wrong. The search for that something scatters focus, resulting in:

4. BAD CONCENTRATION. To cure this, you must CHANGE your thinking. Our very Powerful Wonder Wheels Games will help you discover that “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Play our Cycle of Focus Game Wheel to determine the ratio of your memory capacity to time. You’ll be amazed to learn how much your memories and grades improve as your game time improves.

5. ELIMINATE THE FEAR OF SUCCESS. Adopt this Dohgon WISDOM: “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Now, discover your own individual Numbers Resource with our DNI Test. This test is designed to measure the communications that happen at your DNA level.

6. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE. “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” This is the thinking that will put you at the top. Start with our FFINDDing Yourself Study to FIND your own Power Numbers.

7. WIPE OUT SELF-DOUBT. Go take your next test, and learn it’s not studying hard that makes the grade, but wiping out the doubts. The reason? You are now studying with Understanding. Get our Dohgon Diagnostic Meditation Clock, and see how quickly you succeed.

9. INSECURITY BECOMES SECURITY. Discover the Power of The EYE, I mean The Powerful Right EYE of HERU. Get our HOW TO READ YOUR MIND BOOK.

8. CONFUSION TO PROFUSION. Confusion is a result of immaturity. Profusion is a result of Understanding. Confusion makes you greedy. Profusion makes you give freely. Get our Memory-Mind Matrix book to free your MIND!

10. INSTABILITY TO STABILITY. No more Lack of Confidence! No more Self-Doubt! No more Insecurity and Confusion! Why, because “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Come get your Dohgon NUMBERS and Books.

The Dohgon University of Thought is a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH KNOWS EVERYTHING!

Dialing Your Mind With Numbers, The Book

Ever stare into a mirror and wonder who that person staring back at you is? You know it’s you and yet it’s not the real you is it? That is because your mind has been conditioned to function based on the outside world so engaging yourself in a mirror literally scares you.

Your reality is hard to face because you have adapted to what other people think of you, how they judge you and how you want them to accept you for the sake of fitting in. That would all be fine in an ideal world but the only problem is, you are not truly happy are you?

Well the Dohgon are here to let you know that you can solve this problem and bring joy back into your life simply by dialing into your mind with numbers.

What does Dialing Your Mind With Numbers mean? It means to concentrate on finding the real you using natural numbers that will reunify your outer physical self with your inner abstract spiritual self. As a child your world was full of joy but somewhere along the line your mind became disconnected with the physical you.

That is because people have twisted the truths of life and turned life into idealism where race, beauty, and/or money are determining factors to succeed as a person. Your two brain hemispheres lost full communication and your Right Brain took over.

The resulting condition is that you have lost motivation to succeed in life because it’s now hard to concentrate. Without good concentration you will become a procrastinator who will never reach your full potential.

How do you dial your mind with numbers? Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought has put together a comprehensive book that will teach you how to access your mind using some very simple but powerful number exercises.

He knows that unlike the brain that functions by electrical energy the mind is an abstract thing that functions by magnetic energy. Magnetic energy is a form of pure energy waves and these waves have a frequency which means that they are numerical.

His techniques for regaining control of your mind uses number exercises that are designed to increase the communication between your two brain hemispheres which will ultimately bring your Left Brain back in control of your thoughts making you able to concentrate properly.

“Concentration is what makes you TRUST yourself instead of having faith in someone else. Soon you will be very confident, and you’ll go back and see how weak you were mentally, hoping to be aggressive to accomplish simple things when, in fact, you didn’t need a lot of effort or aggression to accomplish greater things” says Professor MOmOH.

Ultimately “the Mind that we all have should make us very dependable on ourselves, not on a doctor or someone else. Once you are in full communication with your Mind, you are able to overcome all the problems that occur without going to see any doctors to resolve those problems.”

Your condition did not happen overnight therefore it will take a lot of effort on your part to repair your disappointments but after performing the simple mind exercises that Professor MOmOh has laid out in this comprehensive book Dialing Your Mind With Numbers you will soon overcome all your procrastination.

Soon you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and be confident with the person that you see and know that you can achieve your goals in life no matter the obstacles that you face. Dialing Your Mind With Numbers is a mental exercise that will make your mind sharp and you will become very confident in whatever you do.

Africans Must Stop Procrastinating


Understanding brings awareness, for to be aware is to be in control of one’s own destiny. The more aware one becomes however, it’s the more apparent it seems that humanity knowingly operates with a betrayal of wisdom. In order to save ourselves from all this confusion Africans, we must stop procrastinating. This may sound very philosophical but philosophy deals with subjectivity and subjectivity does nothing more than steer the mind away from awareness into a realm of confusion.

Life is pure, it doesn’t lie, and it is a thing that is objective. The process of living is a combination of both objectivity and subjectivity. When we procrastinate however, our minds become like giant nets that capture the subjective nonsense that flows like carbon monoxide from the process of living.

“Mayans Predict the World to End in 2012”, “Iran Developing Nuclear Bombs to Destroy the Earth”, “Mass killings Increasing”. I am not diminishing the importance of these daily news inundations but these things are all nonsense noises that get trapped in our procrastination net and steers our consciousnesses away from objectivity. That is because in a betrayal of wisdom we willfully neglect to analyze the root causes of Humanity’s ills. Instead procrastination comforts our laziness to seek greater awareness through knowledge and understanding.

How do we as Africans stop the procrastination? Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought advises “stay away from philosophy and focus on truth”, but how can we when our consciousnesses are constantly being raked by the process of living? “Learning to concentrate is the answer to stopping the procrastination” he insists.  Procrastination relies on the senses but “CONCENTRATION is the ability to use The MIND, not the senses. When you use the senses, you focus and become limited and trapped. This is because the things that you focus on are material, so you become materialistic”.

Learning to concentrate properly will break your procrastinations. Africans, you can learn a very simple way to improve your concentration just by returning to your first culture, NUMBERS. Although we created Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus we are not talking about anything complex, we are talking about simple Natural Numbers arranged in a form that is designed to realign and strengthen your thinking ability by improving the communication of your two brain hemispheres.

If you are frustrated by the monotonous nonsense of the world that traumatizes your senses without providing any real answers then its time to return to numbers. Numbers are bound to neutralize the hypnotic rubbish and make you Spiritually and physically whole.