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Nigeria to export unutilised power to West African countries – Punch Newspapers

Okechukwu Nnodim, Abuja

Nigeria is to export the excess quantum of electricity that is unutilised in the country to other West African countries.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria said the export would raise the quantum of electricity exported from Nigeria to the West African region.

Speaking at the meeting of the joint technical working group of the West African Power Pool in Abuja on Monday, the Managing Director, TCN, Usman Mohammed, who is also the chairman of the WAPP executive board, said power distribution companies in Nigeria were still not taking all the electricity from generation companies.

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He said, “For Nigeria, if you look at the generation and what the distribution networks can take, we…

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The Power of Image Making at ‘The Black Image Corporation’ – TLmagazine

Founded by John H. Johnson in 1942, the Johnson Publishing Company pioneered and continues to shape the diversification of the representation of African American identity in America. Through popular magazines such as ‘Ebony’ founded in 1945 and ‘Jet’ (1951), the publishing house worked to celebrate positive everyday events and depict the complexity of the African American communities and culture in postwar USA. Inside the pages of these publications were all sorts of images from the pictures of mundane everyday life and domesticity to celebrities to historic events such as the milestone March in Washington in 1963. And behind these images were around 4 million other photographs, some published and some never seen by the public that now reside in the Johnson Publishing Company…

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Influencers become the new liberated power in Africa » Nieman Journalism Lab

2017 and 2018 proved the value — and power — of collaboration among journalists in Africa. But while the Paradise Papers and, of late, the Implant Files have been major highlights, there still has not been a major shift in the mindset of African leaders towards corruption. Take for example my country, Botswana: Ian Kirby, president of the Botswana Court of Appeal, was linked to several offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands — but simply dismissed the exposé, saying it offered nothing new. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, no action was taken against President Joseph Kabila’s twin sister and media mogul Jaynet Kabila after she was linked to a company incorporated on the Pacific island of Niue months before her brother was elected president.

Africa has become impassive to…

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African desert to power initiative to provide 10 GW by 2025

A new Desert to Power Initiative – outlined at the UN Climate talks in Poland – intends to provide 250 million people in Africa with electricity through the development of 10 GW of solar by 2025.

The Desert to Power Initiative was first brought to light in June of 2018 when the African Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund, and the Africa50 investment fund signed a letter of intent on the side-lines of the annual meetings of the African Development Bank.

The three organisations intend to collaborate on the project which will develop 10 GW worth of solar through the massive Sahel region of Africa – located between the Sahara Desert to the north and the Sudanian Savanna to the south.

The project says it will seek to bring reliable electricity to 250 million people – including to 90…

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Trump admin looks to counter China, Russia's growing power in Africa with new strategy

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration plans to unveil a new strategy for Africa this week focusing on countering China's growing influence on …
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African leaders who held on tight to the reins of power

Many leaders on the African continent have been known for clinging on to power beyond the democratic time frame. Here's a list of leaders who have …
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