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South African Police Arrest Two Kidnappers Who Asked For Ransom in Bitcoin

Mpumalanga police in South Africa recently arrested two men alleged to be responsible for the kidnapping of a teenager boy in Witbank City and a 13-year-old girl in Witbank.

According to the police, the kidnapping team asked the victims’ relatives for a reward in Bitcoin in exchange for the young victims’ lives. The use of crypto is seen by many as a mechanism to achieve a certain level of anonymity in these types of transactions, and although the United Nations Chief of Cybercrime has stated that transactions like these are traceable and the Interpol has stated that criminal use of cryptos is minimal when compared to fiat money, many governments and personalities use this argument to object to mass adoption.

The men responsible for the kidnappings are two males of 30 and 31 whose names…

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Nearly twice as many blacks stopped by city police in December

It's the first month since the department first reported data in September that more African-Americans were stopped than were white people in the city.
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Witnesses: Men in police garb massacred civilians in Haiti

When a police truck carrying men in uniform pulled into an impoverished neighborhood in the Haitian capital, residents thought it was an official operation.

Maybe police were finally trying to head off a war between the gangs that run protection rackets in the market next to the sprawling collection of cinderblock shacks and low-rise public housing.

Then the men opened fire. Joined by local gang members clad in black, they went house to house with long guns and machetes, pulling unarmed people into the narrow alleys and killing them with single shots or machete blows, witnesses told The Associated Press.

“When I saw them I thought they were providing security but then I realized they were shooting at the population,” said 55-year-old resident Marie-Lourdes Corestan….

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T&T police deny prison commissioner is dead | Caribbean

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) yesterday described as “false news” reports being circulated on social media that Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson had been killed.

“The TTPS wishes to assure that the Commissioner of Prisons is at this time alive and unharmed. The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service has also stated that there is no truth whatsoever to this rumour,” the police said in a statement.

The TTPS also cautioned the public against using social media to “spread false news and misinformation that may lead to needless panic and anxiety”.

Earlier this week, Wilson met with seven inmates who rushed to the aid of 11 prison officers who came under attack at the Golden Grove Prison, east of Port of Spain.

The prisoners…

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Police investigate after US woman in coma gives birth at nursing home

LOS ANGELES: Arizona police said Wednesday (Jan 9) they have opened a sex assault investigation after a woman who has been in a coma for more than a decade gave birth to a baby boy at a nursing facility in Phoenix.

The San Carlos Apache Tribe, the Native American tribe to which the woman belongs, said in a statement that she “has been in a persistent vegetative state and coma for over a decade” and gave birth “while still in a coma”.

To find the possible assailant, police in the southwestern US state are comparing DNA samples from the baby with male employees at the Hacienda Del Sol care centre, where the 29-year-old woman was a patient.

The mother and baby are “recovering” after being taken to a local hospital soon after the Dec 29 birth, according to…

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Howard County names first woman, first African-American police chief

Howard County will have its first female and first African-American police chief. County Executive Calvin Ball will name Lisa Myers, a retired Howard …
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