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How To Confront Racism And Police Brutality In America

how to confront racism and police brutality

Should Black People In America Fight Back, Separate, or Integrate?

Racism and police brutality is a very serious problem in America. Black people are being harassed by racists and killed by police at alarming rates. There are several ways to

Korryn Gaines Not Just Another Angry Black Woman

Korryn GainesIsn’t it funny how Black women who stand up for their rights by confronting injustice in society are always labeled in the media as “angry Black women”? They are never attributed human qualities such as; stressed, depressed, or suicidal. No, …

Why Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter When All Are Treated Equal

“Black Lives Matter” is the motto of a new era in the American civil rights struggle. It’s a phrase being chanted by thousands of people taking part in rallies and marches in