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U.S. artist accused of stealing iconic images from South African photographers

An American artist is being accused of stealing works by South African photographers, who captured the atrocities of apartheid. 

CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta reports one of South Africa’s most revered photographers is Peter Magubane, who documented life in South Africa for six decades. His daughter, Fikile Magubane, said her father was appalled when he discovered Hank Willis Thomas used his images without permission and altered them.

Thomas disagrees that he did anything wrong, telling CBS News that having to ask for permission to use the photographs is tantamount to censorship.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas is accused of stealing photographs from Peter Magubane.

CBS News

“It’s a dangerous…

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The top 10 iPhone photographers in South Africa right now

(Instagram, @deancothill)

iStore South Africa this week released a list of some the best iPhoneographers – people who take their photos exclusive on an iPhone. – on Instagram in the country.

The key to taking a fantastic photo is not to overcomplicate things.

“Keep your photos simple. Focus on an interesting subject and let the empty space tell the rest of the story,” iStore says.

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Here are some of the best iPhoneographers in South Africa, according to iStore South Africa.

(Instagram, @deancothill)

Cothill’s photography brings the world closer to his audience, iStore says. “His use of lines draws one into the photograph and the story he is trying to tell.”  


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MFON: women photographers of the African diaspora – in pictures | Art and design

The MFON journal and book is committed to establishing and representing a collective voice of female photographers of African descent and features more than 100 from across the diaspora. MFON is named in memory of Mmekutmfon ‘Mfon’ Essien, a visionary photographer who died from breast cancer aged 34 in 2001. MFON has a legacy grant available to emerging black female photographers of African descent

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6 Female Photographers Challenging Misconceptions of the African Continent and Its Diaspora

According to Malian artist Fatoumata Diabaté, this photograph pictures children wearing handmade masks, illustrating a particular fairytale. “The story expresses the intellectual spirit of Africa in its own tradition, and speaks of hospitality, peace, wealth, and of the transformation of local materials,” says Diabaté, nodding to the dress one character wears, which is “made from a sack of rice,” accented by a cardboard mask.  

The false ideas are that there is nothing but misery in Africa,” says Diabaté, when asked about common misconceptions surrounding the continent. “First, misery related to famine. One associates Africa too often with images of people who have died of hunger, all while there is flourishing agriculture in Africa. In all the different climates of the…

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The problems of African photographers | Media

The World Press Photo Foundation recently announced the participants selected for the 2018 Joop Swart Masterclass. It is the foundation’s flagship education programme that “rewards the most talented emerging visual journalists and is designed to support and enhance diversity in visual journalism and storytelling”.

This year, far more women were selected, and that alone must be commended in a field that routinely overlooks women. Although the immensely talented Leonard Pongo, who is Belgian, but of Congolese descent, was one of the selected photographers; African-born, Africa-based photographers – male or female – were notably absent.  

Why is this lack of representation from African countries so important?

Gifted and experienced photographers from the continent continue to be marginalised….

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This Exhibition in Accra Celebrates the Brilliance of African Women Photographers

The contemporary African visual landscape is constantly being refreshed with new images from different perspectives that represent the myriad of stories we have to tell. From performance art to literature, creatives work hard to produce vivid and honest depictions, not just of themselves, but their collective existence, as a means of expressing their experiences as well as countering the misrepresentation black bodies face. However, in most of these creative fields, the narratives tend to be dominated by men and or the male gaze. Nubuke Foundation, an Accra based gallery and Africa Lens have come up with a solution to this.

Over the past weekend the gallery and arts foundation located in East Legon a suburb of Accra, transformed the walls of its exhibition space into a shrine for Adama Jalloh,…

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