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Personality: Dr. Faith B. Harris | Richmond Free Press

Dr. Faith B. Harris is a 21st century example of “hands-on earthly faith.”

As steering committee chair of Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, she leads the nonprofit organization in its work to grow healthy communities and advance climate justice through education, advocacy and worship.

VAIPL works with churches, synagogues, temples and institutions and people from all faith backgrounds to preserve the planet.

“We conduct panel discussions, workshops, conversations and provide resources from the Bible and Christian theology speaking to caring for our environment and the gift of creation God has given us,” Dr. Harris says.

“In Richmond, we need to get communities and churches to be proactive in order to address some of the issues we know that are coming down the pike…

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Personality: Ron J. Melancon | Richmond Free Press

Ron J. Melancon is a passionate voice and advocate for safety and saving lives across the United States and in Europe.
In 2003, he founded Dangerous Trailers, a grassroots organization to develop and promote uniform standards and inspection laws nationwide for trailers towed by motor vehicles, including utility trailers, horse trailers, recreational travel trailers and van trailers.
Presently, only trailers over 3,000 pounds fall within federal guidelines, which require reflectors at the rear of the trailer.
Inadequate reflectors are only one of the hazards, Mr. Melancon points out, noting that faulty or no safety chains between the trailer and the car or truck pulling it can cause accidents. And dragging safety chains can spark costly and life-threatening wildfires, he says.

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Personality: David Mickens | Richmond Free Press

Richmond’s Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club rides for a reason and a cause — to make a difference in Richmond and across the country.

David Mickens, the club’s president until 2019, says “their mission is to carry on the legacy and honor of two United States African American regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers.”

The club’s name has historical significance. In 1866, six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act. Buffalo Soldiers mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War.

Their main tasks were to patrol the Plains of the Native Americans, capture cattle rustlers and thieves and protect settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains and railroad crews in the West.

The Buffalo Soldier…

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Lawsuit: Harvard ranks Asian-Americans lower on personality traits

By Joan Biskupic CNN legal analyst & Supreme Court biographer

(CNN) — A group that claims Harvard puts quotas on Asian-American applicants contends the university scores them higher than students of other races on academics and extracurricular activities but ranks them lowest in a “personal” category covering such traits as likability and “attractive to be with.”

In a federal court filing Friday in Boston, lawyers for the student group also asserted that while Harvard has a bias against Asian-Americans, it shows a disproportionate preference for black and Hispanic applicants.

“What Harvard will not admit,” Students for Fair Admissions said, “is that race is not only an important factor, it is the dominant consideration in admitting Hispanics and African-Americans. An Asian-American applicant…

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Personality: Dr. Jacqueline Johnson-Curl | Richmond Free Press

Dr. Jacqueline Johnson-Curl, a Richmond dentist, believes in helping children achieve their dreams.
She is the honorary chair of the 7th Annual Jazz InsideOut, a night of jazz, comedy and good food to benefit scholarships and emergency student aid provided by the Virginia Higher Education Fund.
The nonprofit organization was founded in 2010 by Rose Giles, a former public school speech and language pathologist, and has awarded nearly $100,000 to students since its inception. It expects to help more than a dozen students this year.

The organization is dedicated to helping “at risk” students from Richmond, Petersburg, Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield, as well as students from low- and middle-income families. That includes first-generation college…

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Personality: Jenny M. High | Richmond Free Press

Jenny M. High, founder and president of Go High Center for the Arts, is a visionary and mentor to Richmond area youths.

She dreamed of providing a permanent organization located in the city for youths to participate in the urban arts that would be managed by the young people themselves.

The idea for the organization had a unique beginning sparked by her son, William. He asked her to help one of his buddies going to a prom who didn’t have the proper clothes for the formal event.

Ms. High recalls how she researched everything and “couldn’t find an organization to help. So I approached the PTSA and asked them to help me put something together for the young man at Hermitage High.”

But the Parent-Teacher-Student Association was not receptive to the idea, she said.

Seeing the…

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