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Miami Police Treat 10 Foot Tall Aliens the Same as Black People

Miami police treat 10-foot-tall Aliens the same as Black people; They shoot first and ask questions later.

There used to be only one unalienable truth about what would happen if Aliens announced their presence to humanity. That one truth has been backed up and agreed on by 99% of scientists, historians, and psychologists on the planet. Unless Aliens are way more ethical than humans, humans would eventually end up being either colonized or enslaved by them. This observation is based on human history that shows that whenever a more advanced culture encounters a less advanced culture, the more advanced culture will usually take over, either by force or influence.

Well, it would seem that another unalienable truth has now been discovered. Aliens will not get the benefit of the doubt when venturing into any white man’s territory unless they check in first. If not, they will get shot and scapegoated as invading criminals. Apparently, this is almost what happened to a group of 10-foot-tall Aliens who thought shit was sweet and showed up to do some intergalactic shopping at a Miami, Florida mall the other day.

The incident at the Miami mall has gone viral on social media but only a few reputable news networks have reported on it, sighting dissenting accounts by Miami police. According to police reports, at least two dozen officers showed up at the mall after responding to reports of a disturbance in which dozens of youths were engaging in a fight. The fighting resulted in a riot, in which stores were looted and scores of regular shoppers had to flee the mall.

However, several different people who were present at the mall, say that the stampede out of the mall actually happened when at least three 10-foot-tall Aliens appeared in the mall and were walking around while fading in and out of physical existence as they walked. These people also report that the police were firing their guns at the Aliens who eventually disappeared completely from the scene.

Ethical questions: If the reports of Aliens at the Miami mall are true; why would Aliens show up at a busy mall full of hundreds of people? Were they demonstrating the reaction of human Ants to their species back home? Were they naïve to the reaction of humans, who mostly do not believe in Aliens and base their opinions about Aliens on religious ideologies about Aliens being demons who work for the devil? Or, were the Aliens looking for help in the wrong place similar to the narrative of numerous Hollywood movies? How ethical are Aliens who would rather drop in at a shopping mall instead of visiting the many war zones around the world and scaring warmongers into living ethically? Not very ethical, I would say.

When I think about the similarity of the Las Vegas 10-foot-tall Alien crash incident that happened last year, I’m tempted to believe that these Alien encounters could be escapees looking for sanctuary but not finding it here among ignorant humans. Remember the movie, The Brother from Another Planet in which an Alien arrives on Earth in an attempt to escape from bounty hunters on his own world. At the extreme, which I do not believe our leaders or intelligence agencies are capable of operating at, is the possibility that these 10-foot-tall aliens are rogue Aliens who appear on Earth in defiance of our gatekeepers.

These accounts of 10-foot-tall Aliens strolling around a Miami mall may only be a hoax but there are too many unanswered questions to come to that conclusion. For instance; why would two dozen police cars turn up to break up a fight among teens at a mall and who were they firing at when no one was shot? On the flip side; why were there no pictures or videos taken of the Aliens by the hundreds of people who were there? Ther are only vague news and security camera videos.

One thing is certain though, police love to treat all Black people like criminals so popping a few naïve Aliens is well within their nature.