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Adam: Murder of journalist a black mark on a model African democracy

In this photo taken Friday, Jan. 18, mourners bury the body of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, investigative journalist, who was shot dead by gunmen on a motorbike on Wednesday night, in Accra, Ghana.

AP Photo / AP

Ghana is supposed to be a model of democracy and rule of law in Africa, but the assassination of an investigative reporter who helped uncover massive corruption in African soccer has given the country a black eye from which it will take years to recover.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot three times, two weeks ago near his home in the capital, Accra, by unknown attackers still at large. Recognized as having the freest press in Africa, Ghana now has the dubious honour of being home to the first journalist killed in 2019. Suale’s targeted killing is…

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The African Model: Asia’s path may not work, but there is an alternative

Labour-intensive export-led industrialisation worked for China, but Africa is not China. It must come up with its own strategies to reduce poverty.

If Asia’s labour-intensive export-led industrialisation won’t work, could an African model focus on the domestic market? Credit: Chris Eason.

Africa’s economic progress over the last 25 years has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, the proportion of people living in extreme poverty has declined from 54% to 41%. On the other, the absolute number of people living in poverty has increased in this same period as population growth has outpaced the 0.5% average fall in the poverty rate.

In order to reduce poverty at a faster pace, some development specialists suggest Africa should…

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‘China model’ not suited for Africa, says African NGO chief

The head of a major African organisation tasked with protecting wildlife has said China’s own rapid development model should not be replicated on the continent.

Speaking to EUobserver in an interview last week in Brussels, Kaddu Sebunya, CEO of the Nairobi-based African Wildlife Foundation, said China’s model for Africa would be “a catastrophe in terms of environment”.

“China is now paying the price, luckily that they have come to that realisation and perhaps not too late and they are fixing things,” he said.

Sebunya was referencing coal-polluting plants in China, which Beijing says is now shutting down. He was also referring to renewed efforts by China to restore its protected wetlands.

China and Africa since 2015 have been working on intensifying the production…

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Antigua and Barbuda launches sexual offences model court

A sexual offences model court has been launched here aimed at providing timely, gender sensitive and coordinated response to complaints and vulnerable witness protection in sexual offences cases.

Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Dame Janice Pereira told the ceremony that the specialisation of the court will help to improve overall efficiency in the judicial system.

“There can be no doubt, given the prevalence of sexual offences in our region that the establishment of a specialist court to treat with such offences would improve the capacity of the court to deliver gender responsive and customer focused services to the people we serve”.

She said that the court, an initiative of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Judicial Reform and…

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Colorado Springs School hosts 200 students for African Model United Nations event | Cheyenne Edition

World diplomacy reigned Jan. 12 in southwest Colorado Springs when more than 200 students took on peace-building roles as representatives of African countries for a Model United Nations event at the Colorado Springs School.

Twenty schools were represented at the event from around Colorado and Wyoming, including Fort Collins, Denver and Cheyenne, Wyo. Participating students spoke for African countries like Ethiopia, the former United Arab Republic and the former Gobir (now a part of the state of Nigeria) at the Africa-themed event hosted in various buildings on the CSS campus.

The day began with an opening ceremony involving a small village in the central African country of Cameroon on the Gulf of…

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Racism as a stressor for African Americans: A biopsychosocial model.

Various authors have noted that interethnic group and intraethnic group racism are significant stressors for many African Americans. As such …
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