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MILESTONES: January 7, birthdays for Katie Couric, Nicolas Cage, Jann Wenner

NOTABLE PEOPLE born on this day include actor Nicolas Cage, who was born in 1964; actor David Caruso, who was born in 1956; journalist Katie Couric, who was born in 1957; actor Brett Dalton, who was born in 1983; former baseball player Eric Gagne, who was born in 1976; actress Erin Gray, who was born in 1950; racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who was born in 1985; singer Kenny Loggins, who was born in 1948; U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, who was born in 1963; actor Jeremy Renner, who was born in 1971; former baseball player Alfonso Soriano, who was born in 1976; U.S. Sen. John R. Thune, who was born in 1961; and co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone Jann Wenner, who was born in 1946.


THE TRANSATLANTIC PHONE CALL WAS INTRODUCED ON THIS DAY IN 1927. Commercial transatlantic telephone service between New York and London was inaugurated. There were…

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Statement from the Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes (CCASC) on important milestones

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes is an initiative founded by Camille St. Omer of the Zandoli Foundation.

Camille appointed Attorneys at law Jonathan Bhagan and Gina Maharaj to lead the initiative in mid- 2016.

Initially the advocacy of CCASC focused on a regional sex offenders registry based on the International Megan’s Law.

Every CARICOM state would have to pass a local sex offenders registry and then amalgamate the information into one database to track sex offenders moving in and out of the region.

With further research a greater focus was put on Victims Support. The majority of victims of sex crime do not go to the police. Furthermore some CARICOM states can take as long as 8 years to finish a rape trial, these delays are a harrowing ordeal for a survivor of…

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Milestones and Timelines | South African History Online


Armed Struggle Conference 23 – 25 November 

The Wits History Workshop, the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) and South African History Online (SAHO) are hosted this conference on the history and politics of the armed struggle in southern Africa at Wits in Johannesburg.

3 Publications:

Alfred Temba Qabula – Collected Poems, edited by Ari Sitas

The Flight of the Gwala Gwala Bird – Eleven Essays by Ari Sitas

Mafika Gwala Collected Poems, edited by Mandla Langa and Ari Sitas

Mafika Gwala Annual Lecture – 6 October 2016

Freedom Day Doodle – Google 27 April 2016

NIHSS Digital Contributions Awards 31 March 2016



Insurrections, a…

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Anniversary of Hurricane Irma: BVI achieving recovery milestones

It’s been one year since Hurricane Irma rolled through the Eastern Caribbean creating havoc in some of the islands. The British Virgin Islands was one of the affected territories. Director of Tourism Sharon Flax-Brutus shared updates on progress across the Territory.

When Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean last September, it made a particularly harsh impact on the spectacular shores that 30,000 of my fellow BVIslanders and I call home.

But one year later, I am pleased to say that the Herculean efforts put forth by the local community, international volunteers and the BVI government have paid off. The beaches have been cleaned up, roads cleared, and visitors are flocking into the territory once again.

As the largest sector of the economy, restoring the BVI’s tourism product was a…

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Travel Texas Through the Important Milestones of Early African Americans

This summer we’re taking a look at interesting, odd, historic and just plain worth it road trips in and around the Lone Star State.

Estevanico, from northern Africa, was resourceful, intelligent and a survivor. Life gave him more than lemons but this victim of enslavement — first by the Portuguese and then by the Spanish — found himself on the Narváez expedition to colonize Florida in 1527.

The Spanish explorers did not fare well there, suffering numerous attacks by the Native Americans and unable to find the rumored gold. They slaughtered their horses and melted hardware for boats in an attempt to sail across the Gulf of Mexico, though they shipwrecked and washed ashore on Galveston Island. Out of the original 300 explorers, 80 survived and — after spending four years enslaved again,…

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