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‘I am going to be obliged to enforce the provisions of the law’ Minister tells new media entity in Antigua

Telecommunications Minister Melford Nicholas has warned the owners of the new Observer Media entity – NewScope – to stop breaking the law.

Speaking at a sitting of Parliament held Tuesday, Nicholas said that he explained to the new principals of Newscope that the means by which the radio and television licenses for Observer Media publications were obtained were, in fact, illegal.

“They indicated, that among other things, that they had acquired, by some financial transactions, the license by which Observer Media Publications operated two radio stations and television license,” said Nicholas.

“I indicated to them that, to my vantage point, that was not the case.”

The Telecoms Minister indicated that, subsequent to that meeting, he had the Solicitor General…

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These are the most active African leaders on social media – Lifestyle

The most active African leaders on social media have been revealed in the BCW’s (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) Twiplomacy study 2018.

They are:

South Africa

Based on data gathered from Facebook’s Crowdtangle on October 1, 2018, the official South African handle (@GovernmentZA) tops the list with 31 posts per day. 

Globally, it has been ranked as the fifth most active world leader on Twitter. The first slot in the world goes to Venezuela with 46 daily posts, followed by Indonesia with 36 posts and Colombia with 34 posts on a daily basis.


This is the most active African account on social media



The account has 174,000 followers on Twitter, 285, 000 page likes on Facebook and 12,000 followers on Instagram.

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South Africa protests to Rwanda over social media 'insult'

South Africa has summoned the Rwandan envoy in Pretoria over apparently offensive remarks directed at South African International Relations …
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“Jim Crow” and Syracuse Print Media: African-American Writers Matter

Decades ago when I began my excursion into writing we started a publication, as founders of The Constitution/Urban CNY it became a mission to create a space where we can write our own stories. At the time, there were several publications that specifically targeted the African American Community. There were dozens of African American owned businesses operating in Syracuse that could afford to pay the cost of advertising, which is just one of several keys to having a free press. Unless you have deep pockets, someone has to cover costs.

At that time back in 1989 there were many African Americans spread throughout our local media. African Americans were regular writers for our 2 daily newspapers, The Syracuse Newspapers had an active program for diversifying their newsroom…

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MEDIA ADVISORY: The African Union’s (AU) Femwise-Africa Network Convenes 2nd General Assembly; Trains 100 Women in …

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Observer Media in Antigua to close down on November 30 amid fuss over severance payments

By Caribbean News Now contributor

ST JOHN’S, Antigua — Approximately 60 employees of the Observer Media Group (OMG) in Antigua and Barbuda were informed earlier this month that the company will cease all operations on November 30, 2018, which has now resulted in some controversy over severance payments.

The Observer Media Group has been plagued with financial issues and litigation, since the death of its two founders, brothers Samuel ‘Fergie’ Derrick and Winston Derrick.

Earlier this year, OMG’s chief operating officer Darren Derrick announced a private placement of 45 percent of all issued shares in the group companies

However, the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission stopped the offer, characterising it as illegal because of OMG’s inability to…

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