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Canada Legalizes Marijuana


Canada legalizes marijuana and the response of Canadians has been overwhelmingly positive so far but will it be good for Canadian society on a whole? The answer will come in time due to limited precedence as to its widespread long-term effect. Personally, we do not use or condone the recreational use of Mariguana due to our understanding of human psychology and the tendencies of unconscious people to damage their Brain cells by becoming addicted to Desire inducing substances.  

Marijuana is a substance whose effect may cause serious cognitive impairment when ingested in excess. Those who ingest it by smoking or in other forms say Marijuana is no more and even less impairing than Alcohol yet Alcohol is legal. Their near century long fight to have Marijuana legalized in Canada has finally come to fruition. Even former conservative politicians and ex-police chiefs, who once fought feverishly to keep Marijuana criminalized are now investing heavily in the industry, hoping to capitalize on its success integration into Canadian society.

Marijuana prohibition began primarily in the United States in the early 19th century where politicians and law makers guided by racial biases and religious ideology banned it from cultivation, medicinal, and personal use. They believed that Marijuana heightened the sexual desires of women who would therefore see no problem in dating Black men. The outlawing of Marijuana quickly spread worldwide as most countries either feared sanctioning by the US or they were complicit with similar ideological beliefs.

The fight to legalize Marijuana has been a difficult one due primarily to lack of medical precedence but in a “catch 22” situation, no research into its medical benefits could take place because Marijuana was illegal. Never mind that those who have been using Marijuana for decades can attest to its remedial benefits. Now even in its limited time as a medical drug, Marijuana has been proven to be very effective in treating numerous ailments, the most significant of which is the side effects of Chemotherapy.

Those who criminalized Marijuana way back in the 19th century were not far off in their reasoning for doing so. Marijuana induces the release of pleasure hormones in the Brain. The good is that like most pain relieving drugs, it reduces the physical severity of pain and the phycological effects of depression and other mental conditions. The bad side of Marijuana is that it reduces the self-discipline ability of those who smoke it, often to the point of addiction. The result is that people in society abandon the religious, political, and legal structures that govern it to defend their own personal liberties.

The egregious claim that Marijuana will open up white society to race mixing is completely false. Race mixing is the natural effect of multiculturalism as different people interact with each other without offending each other through exploitation and racism. They call this Liberal minded ideology but I guess it was fine when white men were race mixing by raping their slaves to produce bastard “Colored” people all throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and South America. Where was religion and morality then?

Congratulations Canada for taking a self-determined stance in decriminalizing Marijuana however, as stated before, we do not condone its abusive recreational use. With all the crime, violence, racism, and discrimination in the world today this is no time for getting high. Let’s hope that in time as more medical information is obtained through research society will benefit from Marijuana’s obvious good qualities.  

Uncontrolled Desire is The Root Cause Of Drug Addiction In Society

The level of illicit drug addiction in society is soaring at alarming levels. Highly addictive drugs such as Fentanyl and OxyContin are now responsible of hundreds of deaths across North America. Authorities are scrambling feverishly to find solutions to the problem but while a percentage of the problem is the fault of Drug companies knowingly dismissing the addictive side-effects of their drugs; the significant portion is due to recreational drug use. At the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness, we believe that Uncontrolled Desire is root cause of drug addiction in society.

Addiction occurs when Brain Cells that are responsible for triggering the release of hormones (Dopamine, in particular) to facilitate happiness become damaged. The Cells usually become damaged due to over stimulation from triggers (outside substances that enter the Brain) then they get stuck in a repetitive cycle of calling for constant triggering to release Dopamine. 

Triggers can be natural or artificial and take people beyond happiness into a state of euphoria. Some natural and potent triggers are found in the Marijuana plant and the Coca plant used to produce Cocaine. Medical Science discovered that while some natural substances made people happy, they also alleviated pain.

In the late 18th century Doctors began to use many of these substances to treat pain but when doctor’s egos and big business got involved in the pharmaceutical industry everything changed. In order to gain fame and increase profits stronger, faster, and more effective substances had to be found to outperform competition and maximize profits. Scientists began to peer into to the molecular composition of Nerve Cells, singled out the molecules that carry pain signals back to Brain and designed chemicals to shut them off.

Among the various side effects, which occur depending on the drug, is also the effect on Dopamine releasing Brain Cells. That means that Addiction is a side-effect and not the function of most drugs. That is the excuse that Drug Companies use to justify the potency of their drugs. They then wash their hands of the responsibility of Addiction and blame addiction on individuals and society.

The root cause of the majority of drug addictions in society is due to uncontrolled desire. In other words, most drug abusers simply do not understanding how fickle their brains are. They experiment with dangerous drugs believing that they will have the will-power to overcome the after-effects but if people cannot turn on euphoria without taking drugs, what makes them think they can direct their brain cells to heal themselves after they fry them with drugs.

It’s all societys’ fault at the core because there is a constant trend towards profit over common sense that insures that the fight against drug overdose deaths will continue unabated. Meanwhile the only reaction from drug companies is to continue to profit off selling one drug to counter the effects of another.

No Time To Get High

no time to get high

“I don’t smoke Weed or Cess cause its bin known to give a brother brain damage and brain damage on the Mic don’t manage”

This is a lyrical quote from a song by the now very famous rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Has he followed that decree in the 30 years since he uttered those words? Who knows but even if he hasn’t, I don’t think it matters to him or most involved in the entertainment industry today. Weed smoking is more popular than cigarettes and with the laws surrounding Cannabis prohibition loosening up we can only look forward to higher levels of brain damage and Desire Dependency among Black people.

I, like most who grew up in the Hip Hop era have experimented with smoking weed at least once in my life. The pressures to be with the “in” crowd and be cool are too hard to resist. However, most of us grow out of the desire to be cool after realizing that getting high for recreational purposes is a waste of time.

Although it is illegal in most countries many people consider Cannabis to be a wonder drug. Many people profess that it relieves stress because it relaxes their muscles and calms their nerves. It is also known to relieve the nausea and pain associated with Cancer treatment. Some say it even helps them to think clearly and gain a deeper understanding of philosophical matters. Ingestable and absorbable forms of weed such as CBD are also gaining popularity. 

With so many benefits how could Weed be harmful? There is no doubt that Weed is beneficial in a lot of ways but too much of anything will make you an addict.

Addiction occurs when Neurotransmitters in the Brain responsible for releasing pleasure chemicals become damaged due to over firing. Damaged Neurotransmitters will keep calling (craving) for the active ingredient in the weed (THC) to make them trigger Dopamine, Serotonin and other pleasure chemicals. Unfortunately no matter how much Dopamine is released the Neurotransmitters will keep craving to be fired. Prolonged usage has also been known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and addiction in a lot of people.

Compared to its benefits some may say these are minor side effects however, the main problem with Weed smoking is that most Black people smoke it strictly for pleasure.

Too many of us are too preoccupied with self-gratification, self-pleasure, and time wasting. We are too unwilling to make sacrifices educationally in order to get ahead because we would rather get high. Then we blame others for keeping us down as a people not understanding that the true measure of a great people is the ability to recognize a problem and come up with useful solutions.

I’m learning my true purpose as an AfRAkan at the Dohgon University of Thought. That is why I have no time to get high.