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Dialing Your Mind With Numbers, The Book

Ever stare into a mirror and wonder who that person staring back at you is? You know it’s you and yet it’s not the real you is it? That is because your mind has been conditioned to function based on the outside world so engaging yourself in a mirror literally scares you.

Your reality is hard to face because you have adapted to what other people think of you, how they judge you and how you want them to accept you for the sake of fitting in. That would all be fine in an ideal world but the only problem is, you are not truly happy are you?

Well the Dohgon are here to let you know that you can solve this problem and bring joy back into your life simply by dialing into your mind with numbers.

What does Dialing Your Mind With Numbers mean? It means to concentrate on finding the real you using natural numbers that will reunify your outer physical self with your inner abstract spiritual self. As a child your world was full of joy but somewhere along the line your mind became disconnected with the physical you.

That is because people have twisted the truths of life and turned life into idealism where race, beauty, and/or money are determining factors to succeed as a person. Your two brain hemispheres lost full communication and your Right Brain took over.

The resulting condition is that you have lost motivation to succeed in life because it’s now hard to concentrate. Without good concentration you will become a procrastinator who will never reach your full potential.

How do you dial your mind with numbers? Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought has put together a comprehensive book that will teach you how to access your mind using some very simple but powerful number exercises.

He knows that unlike the brain that functions by electrical energy the mind is an abstract thing that functions by magnetic energy. Magnetic energy is a form of pure energy waves and these waves have a frequency which means that they are numerical.

His techniques for regaining control of your mind uses number exercises that are designed to increase the communication between your two brain hemispheres which will ultimately bring your Left Brain back in control of your thoughts making you able to concentrate properly.

“Concentration is what makes you TRUST yourself instead of having faith in someone else. Soon you will be very confident, and you’ll go back and see how weak you were mentally, hoping to be aggressive to accomplish simple things when, in fact, you didn’t need a lot of effort or aggression to accomplish greater things” says Professor MOmOH.

Ultimately “the Mind that we all have should make us very dependable on ourselves, not on a doctor or someone else. Once you are in full communication with your Mind, you are able to overcome all the problems that occur without going to see any doctors to resolve those problems.”

Your condition did not happen overnight therefore it will take a lot of effort on your part to repair your disappointments but after performing the simple mind exercises that Professor MOmOh has laid out in this comprehensive book Dialing Your Mind With Numbers you will soon overcome all your procrastination.

Soon you will be able to look yourself in the mirror and be confident with the person that you see and know that you can achieve your goals in life no matter the obstacles that you face. Dialing Your Mind With Numbers is a mental exercise that will make your mind sharp and you will become very confident in whatever you do.