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First board meeting of global tourism resilience and crisis centre to take place in London this week

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett

By Youri Kemp
Caribbean News Now associate editor

LONDON, England – Jamaica’s tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett, says the first board meeting of the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre is scheduled to take place in London this week.

The group will discuss the creation and implementation of an official strategy, for the development of the Centre, which will be housed at the UWI Mona Campus and will be officially launched during a conference coinciding with the Caribbean Marketplace Expo in Montego Bay, from January 29-31, 2019.

The overall goal of the Centre will be to assess (research/monitor), plan-for, forecast, mitigate, and manage risks related to tourism resilience and crisis management….

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African American Art vs Art From Africa In London – Edward Lucie-Smith

As is becoming more and more apparent, contemporary art in the United States is becoming increasingly regionalised. Which is to say, identified with one geographical location: California North or South, Louisiana, New Mexico, Seattle – rather than being an expression of American culture as a whole.

There are two exceptions to this. One is Feminist Art. The other is African American Art. It is noticeable in connection with this that when the United States is asked to represent itself at some significant art get-together, such as the Venice Biennale, the choice increasingly tends to fall on some prominent member of one of these two artistic communities. Nor is it surprising to find two major commercial galleries with strong American connection hosting shows by prominent African-American…

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London: Dangote urges deepening of African economy through free trade

Foremost businessman, Aliko Dangote has in London called for conscious efforts at deepening African regional market by African investors and governments to aid rapid growth and development of the Continent’s economy.

Speaking during “One to One Conversation” at the on-going 5th annual Financial Times African Summit, the Nigerian entrepreneur said the key to Africa’s economic growth and strength is in the development of the regional market, saying “Regional markets in Africa must work.”

Dangote said Africans must patronize African markets which is why the free trade agreements by African nations is the direction to go to strengthen…

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‘African Art Is Here to Stay’: Collectors Were in a Buying Mood at the London Edition of the 1-54 Fair

Art collectors love to be ahead of the curve, especially when a market is “emerging.” African contemporary art is in demand but prices are still within the reach of even new collectors. In London, the sixth edition of the pioneering African art fair 1-54 attracted new and established collectors as well as curators from prestigious institutions such as LACMA, the Guggenheim, and Fondation Louis Vuitton. Celebrities drawn to the event included the actor Idris Elba.

Around 18,000 fairgoers flocked to Somerset House during Frieze week in the hope of discovering artists, some of whom might become market darlings, or even superstars. The Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu, who showed at the fair in the past, saw his auction price soar when his so-called “African Mona Lisa” painting…

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The London restaurant which defined Caribbean Britain – Channel 4 News

It was the hub of community activism at the heart of Caribbean Britain – where people came from across the world to talk politics, exchange ideas and plan resistance, over tables of Caribbean food. Fifty years after the Mangrove restaurant opened in west London’s Notting Hill – there’s been a mini carnival to celebrate a place which defined a part of Britain’s multi-cultural history. And many of the leading figures from 1968 were back there today – as Keme Nzerem reports.

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UK to support economic growth in Africa by offering City of London expertise

As the UK leaves the European Union, the City of London will play an even greater role in financing the fastest-growing economies across Africa and the world, the Prime Minister said today in Nigeria.

UK-Nigeria trade was worth £4.2 billion last year and British companies including British Airways, GSK, Shell, Diageo, Unilever and Standard Chartered have successful and long-established operations in Nigeria, many of which date back to the 1930s.

111 African companies have already come to the UK to list on the London Stock Exchange, to raise money in one of the world’s leading financial centres. Today the Prime Minister and International Development Secretary welcomed announcements from two African companies to list on the London Stock Exchange.

Aliko Dangote, the Chairman of Dangote…

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