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Microsoft Challenges Governments to Legislate Facial Recognition Technology

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Microsoft is asking governments around the world to regulate the use of facial recognition technology. They wants to ensure the technology which has higher error rates for African Americans, does not invade personal privacy or become a tool for discrimination or surveillance.

The Breakdown You Need to Know:

The potential for abuse of facial recognition technology could lead to incidents of racial profiling. Research shows commercial artificial intelligence systems tend to have…

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Lawmaker In ‘Canvassing While Black’ Incident: ‘You Can’t Legislate Humanity’

People have asked Janelle Bynum whether legislation would help solve the problem of police being called on black people for just going about their daily lives. Bynum, an Oregon state representative who herself had authorities called on her while canvassing for votes earlier this month, simply tells them, “You can’t legislate humanity.”

Bynum, who is the only black representative in the Oregon state House, was canvassing in her district ahead of Independence Day, as NPR’s Tanya Ballard Brown reported. The lawmaker said she was typing notes in a driveway when a deputy from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office approached her.

Bynum said her mind went from disbelief to “what did I do?”

The deputy approached her and guessed that she was selling something, according to Bynum. She introduced herself…

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Malema says Pan African Parliament must legislate and hold countries accountable

Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader Julius Malema has called on South Africa to take the lead in granting the Pan African Parliament (PAP) full legislative powers, in order to make the institution effective and relevant to people on the continent.

Malema, who was sworn in a a member of the PAP on Monday in Johannesburg, argues that the institution cannot continue to be an advisory body.

“It must legislate, it must hold countries accountable. Most African countries do not adhere to principles of democracy, they do not respect democratic outcomes, there is a lot of institutionalised corruption and other unacceptable conduct…

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