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Land Seizures, Jobs Top ANC's South African Election Pledges

South Africa's ruling party pledged to create jobs, implement pro-growth policies and speed up the implementation of its plans to seize land without …
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Ex-South African President Zuma Supports Nationalizing Land

Former South African President Jacob Zuma said he supports nationalizing land as the country's ruling party takes steps to change the country's …
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South Africa LAND SEIZURE: Brexiteer demands May condemn Cape Town attack on white farmers | World | News

South Africa has attracted international attention over the last year after President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined plans for land reforms which would allow the Government to unilaterally expropriate land without compensation. Mr Ramaphosa has repeatedly insisted the “stability of the country” would be at stake without the reform despite the outcry of white farmers claiming to be unjustly targeted by the seizure. Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen urged Theresa May to speak out against the proposed reforms during a tense PMQs session. 

Addressing Mrs May on Wednesday, Mr Bridgen said: “Will she join me and also condemn the South African Parliament who is currently taking powers to seize land from their own citizens, without compensation and solely based on the colour of their skin?

“This is not only…

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Politicians, Observers Warn of Economic Disaster in S Africa Amid Land Grabs


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Earlier, it was reported that as of 2019, white farmers in South Africa could be forced to give up their own land in line with a constitutional go-ahead for land expropriation without compensation. A relevant amendment to section 25 of the country’s constitution was approved by the parliament in November.

The legal seizure of land from South African white farmers may result in catastrophic economic consequences, The Daily Star cited the country’s politicians, bankers and experts as saying.

Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank Ruben Naidoo warned of “an extremely large systematic effect on the banking sector” when it comes to the white farmers land grab issue.

READ MORE: White Farmers ‘Panicking’, Put Their Land…

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South Africa land expropriation: ‘Country facing economic COLLAPSE’

RUIN: There are warnings South Africa could face an economic nightmare (Pic: GETTY)

Experts are warning the country’s finances could be hit hard if the controversial land seizures go ahead.

Just weeks ago, South Africa’s National Assembly approved a proposed change to the constitution that will make the so-called reforms legal.

It paves the way for mainly white farmer-owned land to be taken without giving any kind of compensation.

But it has been warned that seizures will cause foreign investment in the country to dry-up as multinational companies fear basic property rights won’t be respected.

Sout Africa

WARNING: It was previously predicted there could be rots and violence on the streets (Pic: GETTY)

Cyril Ramaphosa

BACKING: President Cyril Ramaphosa has been pushing through his much-criticised plans (Pic: GETTY)

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South Africa white farmers land grab: 'Time is up' as South Africa fast tracks law change

As of next April, white South Africans could be forced to give up their homes to black civilians after the National Assembly voted in favour of setting up …
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