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Judge to hear arguments in hate crimes case involving former Bordentown Twp. police chief – News – Burlington Count…

Former Chief Frank Nucera is accused of grabbing the handcuffed teen from behind and slamming his head into a metal doorjamb at a Bordentown hotel stairwell due to an “intense racial animus toward African-Americans,” according to a federal indictment charging him with hate-crime assault, deprivation of civil rights and lying to FBI agents.

CAMDEN — Former Bordentown Township police Chief Frank Nucera is expected to appear in U.S. District Court on Tuesday for a hearing on his defense motion to dismiss a federal indictment charging him with hate crimes stemming from an alleged 2016 assault on an African-American teen who was in police custody.

The former chief is accused of grabbing the handcuffed teen from behind and slamming his head into a metal doorjamb at a Bordentown…

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She’s African-American, Female, And She Says Judge Her On Job Performance

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – When the weather starts turning bad, like it looks like it’s doing right now, sometimes you end up at the Shelby County Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Step in to the command center.
The room looks as though it could be the bridge on the USS Enterprise.
Don’t let the Star Trek theme fool you, because what happens here is serious business.

Brenda Jones is the new Director of Shelby County Emergency Preparedness.
“I see my role as keeping the citizens safe,” she says. “Keeping them informed in the event of an emergency in case they have to evacuate. My job is to keep them informed and to keep them safe.”

Brenda Jones follows in the footsteps of former Directors Dale Lane and Bob Nations, who became familiar faces to folks in the Mid-South.

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Great News! All 19 Black Women Running For Judge In Texas Won

In a fantastic win for women, all 19 African-American women running for various judicial seats in Harris County, Texas, won in Tuesday’s elections.

This is not only the single biggest success for black women in the Texas county, but it also adds to the growing number of historic firsts for women across the country in the November 6 midterms. Hurray for women in politics!

While the loss of Democrat Beto O’Rourke to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in the Senate race is a difficult one to swallow, it’s clear from the closeness of the race that Texas has come a long way in the last six years. And the brilliant success of these 19 women makes that even clearer.

The victory of the

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Victorian chief judge slams media coverage of ‘African crime’

A top Victorian judge says media coverage around crimes committed by Australia’s African communities is not only incorrect but “dangerous”.

A spate of crimes involving Australians of African heritage over the past year triggered debate over whether or not there is a “crisis” with African “gangs” in the country – particularly, in Victoria.

But County Court Chief Judge Peter Kidd has dismissed the claims, saying the media is giving disproportionate attention to these crimes.

“I can say that in general terms, most of our work, the vast, vast majority of our work does not involve Africans,” he told ABC’s Four Corners.

Peter Kidd talks to Four Corners.

Four Corners

“If you are an African offender, and certainly if you’re an African youth of South Sudanese background from the western suburbs of Melbourne,…

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Media coverage of African offenders ‘skewed’, warns Melbourne chief judge


November 05, 2018 06:03:38

One of the most senior judges in Victoria has labelled the reporting and political rhetoric on African crime in Melbourne as “dangerous” and “skewed”.

The County Court Chief Judge, Peter Kidd, says current media reporting gives an inaccurate portrayal of how much crime before the courts is actually being committed by people from the African community and the public needs to be “properly informed”.

“If you are an African offender, and certainly…

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VIC chief judge warns media coverage of African offenders 'skewed'

One of the most senior judges in Victoria has labelled the reporting and political rhetoric around African crime in Melbourne as "dangerous" and …
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