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Jesse Williams Proves Truth Is An Offense

The audience at the 2016 BET Award show stood and cheered as actor Jesse Williams delivered a short but powerful acceptance speech regarding Black oppression in America. Not surprisingly, the reaction from white america was utter condemnation. Many whites on social media have even labelled the actor a reverse racist. To Black America it just proves that truth is an offense to some.

The fact is, Jesse’s speech only offended white peoplebecause they are oblivious to or complicit with the sustained racial injustices that Black people endure on a daily basis. Oh, some of them can relate like the Jews, the Irish, the Spanish, and many others at different times in history of course. They all know what it feels like to be considered “other” but once in favor of the whole they too became oblivious and complicit in the system.

It’s just human nature to cling to people and ideologies that are familiar to one-self. Today the pariah on a pedestal is the Muslim and even Black people hate them for no other reason than their religion. Can you see the pattern? Racism is a human psychological flaw.

Blacks may never be replaced at the bottom rung because we are too different and too dysfunctional. We need to learn that the only way to change our condition is with our minds. That requires setting goals and working to achieve them through self-discipline. These goals involve helping and supporting each other individually, as a community, and then nationally.

It’s crazy to think that whites will sympathize with us for no other reason than we are people too. Like us, they all have a conscience that needs to be actively targeted and kept buoyant. Ideology suppresses conscience but since conscience is an instinct some humans try to twist it into their ideologies.

Christians for instance, sympathized and helped Black slaves in the past because they coveted the favor of god. Now they have millions of Blacks faithfully enduring hell on earth so they can taste the sweetness of heaven when they die. I singled out Christianity but all religions are the same.

There is no defender against the injustice of humans against each other, other than the Spirit within us to fight back. We need to stop being fooled by Hollywood movies about a superman or by religion about a god coming to the rescue. Fight the power. 320ro