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Access and Shape African Law



Public legal information from all countries and international institutions is part of the common heritage of humanity. Maximising access to this information promotes justice and the rule of law.

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Agriculture in the News – Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute

Agriculture in the News is a newsletter, prepared by the staff of the Information & Communications Unit, which provides references to news articles on issues affecting agriculture in the Caribbean region. Articles from Newspapers, Online News Service Agencies, Newsletters and Press Releases are featured.

How to obtain publications listed:

For copies of documents cited, visit the web address or contact details provided.





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CUNY’s institute celebrates Haiti’s scholars

Photo by Alexandra Simon

Professor of sociology and founding director of the CUNY Haitian Studies Institute, Jean Eddy Saint Paul, reading a novel by Haitian novelist and scholar, Franketienne.

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The CUNY Haitian Studies Institute (HSI) is a fairly new but beneficial resource center housed at Brooklyn College. Founded in 2016 by the university’s board of trustees — it is an academic division that offers information on the study of Haiti and its Diaspora, and also examines research that reflects how minor or major changes in Haiti can influence Haitian and non-Haitian communities abroad.

The institute is headed by its founding director and sociology professor, Jean Eddy Saint Paul, who is of Haitian descent. As a former…

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Northeastern celebrates 50 years of the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute

A commitment to inspiring students toward excellence, success, and service. A model for inclusiveness on Northeastern’s campus. A “home away from home” for students.  

These were the ways members of the Northeastern community on Friday described how the university’s John D. O’Bryant African American Institute has touched students and influenced cultural life on campus. The remarks came at the signature event in Northeastern’s weeklong series of activities held to commemorate the institute’s 50th anniversary.

“With this week’s program, we are truly celebrating African Americans and the cultural progress that we have made here at Northeastern,” said Richard O’Bryant, who since 2007 has been director of the institute, which is named after his late father.

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Omnira Institute Revives African American Grave-Sweeping Day

A participant places an offering of food on one of  the graves at Evergreen Cemetery at the AADOTA in 2017. Photo by Tracy Brown.

Omnira Institute is hosting its 3rd Annual African American Day of the Ancestors on Sunday Nov. 4, 2018, at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland.

In part a response to the renowned Dia de Los Muertos celebrated by Latinos, the AADOTA is also meant as a revival of a cultural observance among African Americans a few generations ago known as “Grave-Sweeping Day.”

Where Jim Crow prevailed, Black people had their own, separate graveyards. Often under the auspices of church leadership, Black folks took a day to attend the graves, cutting grass and sweeping away detritus. An all-day affair, they took a picnic lunch.
“Grave-Sweeping Day,”…

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IU’s African American Arts Institute is celebrating 25 years of Potpourri of the Arts: News at IU: Indiana Universi…

Throughout the year, Indiana University’s African American Arts Institute’s ensembles travel around the country, entertaining crowds and promoting black music, dance and culture.

But once a year, members of each of the institute’s three ensembles — IU Soul Revue, the African American Dance Company and the African American Choral Ensemble — get together to present a night of dance, gospel, music and collaboration through the annual Potpourri of the Arts in the African American Tradition event.

“The Potpourri is unique in that it brings together an incredibly broad range of music and dance genres and cultural representations of the African diaspora in one space and at one time,” said Charles Sykes, executive director of the African American Arts Institute. “The student performers and the…

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