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income inequality lowest on Saba

The disparities in standardised disposable income – income adjusted for differences in household size and composition – have remained virtually unchanged on Bonaire since 2011.

Between 2014 and 2016, the Gini coefficient stood at 0.40, versus 0.39 in previous years. Saba has had the lowest income inequality of the three islands since 2012 (0.37 in 2016). The largest inequalities in standardised disposable income between households were recorded on St Eustatius, where the Gini coefficient rose from 0.41 in 2014 to 0.44 in 2016. The Gini coefficient for the European Netherlands decreased from 0.3 to 0.29 in this period.

Internationally, the Gini coefficient is the most frequently used instrument to measure income inequality. The value ranges between 0 (total equality; all households have the…

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West African cocoa farmers yet to earn a living income, says Fairtrade

According to the Fairtrade labeling organization’s latest annual report​​, Fairtrade-certified cocoa saw a 57% increase in sales during the period, with most of these sales coming from Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

The volume of certified cocoa reached 214,662 metric tons, with 85% coming from conventional beans and the rest from the organic variety.

‘The large jump in sales reflects the commitment of confectionery companies, chocolate brands and retailers to source more of their cocoa volumes on Fairtrade terms,’​ said Fairtrade International.

‘Fairtrade is the only sustainable certification scheme that provides cocoa cooperatives with a guaranteed minimum price as well as Fairtrade premium of €200 ($230) per metric ton of cocoa sold.’

Certified farmers’ salaries…

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Black income is half that of white households—just like it was in the 1950s — Quartz

In 1953, Don Barksdale became the first African-American named to the National Basketball Association All-Star team. That same year, Leontyne Price’s performance of “Summertime” at a Metropolitan Opera gala made her the first African-American to sing with the famed New York company. It was also the year that James Baldwin published Go Tell It on the Mountain.

But while progress was underway, African-Americans’ opportunities for economic and professional mobility were extremely limited. That reality was reflected in the vast wealth disparity between black and white households. In 1953, the net worth of the typical black household was just 20% of that of the typical white household, according to a recent working paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis that offers an unusually…

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Sobering Study Shows PLUS Loans Actually Widening Income Gap for African-American Families, Says Ameritech Financia…

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. – July 19, 2018 – (Newswire.com)

A recent New America analysis of Education Department data demonstrates how high-risk parent PLUS loans are for families of color, especially African-American families. This analysis also shows that when parent and student loans are considered together, federal student loan policies are driving an intergenerational accumulation of debt that burden the most disadvantaged families. These families have seen their wealth erased through decades of discriminatory practices and policies, including a housing crisis brought about in part by predatory lending practices, and have the highest default rates. Of the millions of Americans struggling with student loan debt, these families have the most difficult plight….

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Uber GM confident in fairness of income made by African drivers

Uber has unveiled its new 1700-square-foot flagship Greenlight Hub in Johannesburg from where the ride-hailing company says experts and staff will train partner drivers and address all their queries including those about the fairness of remuneration.

Alon Lits, General Manager of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), who has been with Uber since its 2013 arrival in Africa, says driver partners on the continent are getting a fair deal – although they can contact Greenlight Hubs in all thirteen African cities (across five countries) where Greenlight support facilities are now operational to raise their concerns.

“This Greenlight hub is something that we are proud of. It underlines our commitment to driver support and making sure that they have channels available where they can get support from…

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New Program Helps African American and Low Income Students With the College Admissions and …

New Program Helps African American and Low Income Students With the College Admissions and Enrollment Process. Cheryl Hudson, co-founder of Xcel Scholastic. Cheryl Hudson, Co-Founder and a Sr. Academic Advisor of Xcel Scholastic, consulting with a student. Corona, CA — Xcel Scholastic, …
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