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Kamasi Washington Connects 'Hub-Tones' To Pan-African Ideology

Saxophonist Kamasi Washington's latest album, Heaven and Earth, is a whirlpool of the celestial and terrestrial. So, it's only fair the accompanying …
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African youth urged to actively fight genocide ideology

A group of youths from across the continent, dubbed African Union Youth Volunteers, has been challenged to learn from the bad history of different …
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South Africa’s top diplomat slams trump tweet as ‘right-wing ideology’

Trump drew ire in the South African government last Wednesday when he alleged on Twitter that there was “large scale killing” of farmers, as the country tries to reverse the uneven distribution of land that favored white farmers over black South Africans during apartheid. He also tweeted that he was ordering Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo to study the country’s policy.

Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu dismissed Trump’s remarks as “unfortunate,” saying that they were resonating with other people with the same ideology.

“I think it is a right-wing ideology, and it is very unfortunate. We’ve used every opportunity, coming through our communications, to explain to the world what it is that we’re doing. It is the most reasonable way to deal with a legacy such as we…

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Venezuelan education and the spectre of ideology

School of Administration, Modern Languages and Education of the Central University of Venezuela. Photo from Warairarepano&Guaicaipuro. Shared under Creative Commons license. Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

By Aglaia Berlutti

CARACAS, Venezuela — Some weeks ago, I awoke to the news that President Nicolás Maduro had announced that he was going to “press forward with the elimination” of university programs related to the humanities. “All universities have to be connected with the “Homeland Plan” (or Plan de la Patria) 2025,” which is the same as saying that they would have to abide by a specific ideology.

“We can’t have thousands of professionals graduating from university programs that have nothing to do with the country’s development,” said…

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Black Pete Is a Racist Tradition

Black Pete is racist

Black Pete is a racist tradition that the Dutch need to acknowledge and abolish.

The so-called Holiday Season is a time of happiness and celebration for many. However, as conscious Afrakan people we do not care for religious traditions or the characters depicted in them and under normal circumstances we wouldn’t care to speak about them here. However, this particular tradition involves a stereotypically negative portrayal of Afrakans, which we find offensive.

If you haven’t heard about Black Pete before he is a fictional character who, in Dutch tradition, is the companion of Saint Nicholas, otherwise known as Santa Claus. He is like the cheerful Elves who help the Santa Claus of western tradition; only this elf possesses distinctly negative characteristics, both psychologically and physically.

Physically, Black Pete is depicted with charcoal black skin, wooly hair, and thick red lips. His attire is clownish and varied and he carries a sac full of coal. His defenders claim Black Pete is a harmless depiction of a Moor. Others claim that Black Pete is really a white person whose skin gets black from sliding down chimneys. (I guess the soot in chimneys can make white people’s hair get woolly and their lips turn red.)

Psychologically, Black Pete is a mischievous deceiver. Although he travels with Santa Claus, the epitome of kindness, he is depicted as the opposite. He hides in the shadows; he plays tricks on children, and he gives out lumps of coal as treats. In recent times however, his character has been changing to become more cheerful and he gives out candy instead of coal. (I guess the Dutch know that change is possible; they just have to grow some conscience.)

Historically, there have been many stories told about the origin of Black Pete but the most common story is that Saint Nicholas rescued the Moorish Black boy from the streets in his native Spain. As an act of gratitude the Moorish boy decided to stay and serve his rescuer. (Doesn’t that sound like so many European stories that depict a civilized white man saving a helpless Black person from certain doom. Stories such as Robinson Caruso and Friday but I digress.)

As proud Afrakan people we despise all negative depictions of our race especially by other races. The world is changing and all unjust, unethical, and racist traditions will be dealt with. The collective consciousness of humanity is growing with knowledge. Those who resist change by using Ideology to suppress their Conscience will be forced to change; if not be us then it will be by the Spiritual essence of the universe.

*** The writings on this website are personal thoughts and opinions that are in no way endorsed by the Dohgon University of Thought. I am IntegRAl MAAT, a student of Dohgon Spirituality

Radical Islam And Other Insanities


Radical Islam is a term referring to the “state of mind” of Muslims who defend their religious beliefs using violence. The most prevalent form of violence that they use is acts of terror. Terrorism is the use of indiscriminate acts of violence against a foe, be they military or civilian.

Acts of terror are designed to break the spirit of an enemy as well as to create and maintain a long-term condition of fear within a population. While terrorism is now synonymous with radical Islam it has been used by all religions and cultures throughout history. Black people in America have traditionally recognized terrorism in the actions of the KKK and lesser-unjustified forms of Police brutality.

When politicians use the term Radical Islam to stigmatize a population they are doing it for two distinct reasons; 1) for political gain, and 2) for moral ideological superiority. What they don’t know is that all gods and the religions that support them are illusions of the human mind. Their first defense of their beliefs will be to say that “Liberty” is not an ideology but it is when it is indivisible under god. Again, using god as a crutch creates a state of mind where Liberty is subjective and not deserving of all within a multicultural society.

The human mind is a powerful thing. It facilitates states of being using interfaces. Religions are interfaces that in other words, are ways of living and determining purpose for ones life. Religions are great until they are used to destroy life such as in the cases of Race related killing and Radical Islam. Life is tolerant of human behavior but it is also self-correcting. When our illusions threaten to overwhelm Life our conscience steps in but when we become suicidal we can only look forward to a lot of death and destruction before sanity shows up again.