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Beware Of Humanism

Beware of Humanism; it is an unconscious corrupter of reality

This is not about condemning any one person or group of people. Instead, it is a commentary on the state of humanity. It may seem inhumane to some but I have lived long enough and experienced enough of life to comment on that which I am a pert of, which is humanity. I am a Free Thinker who once believed in the ideals of humanism. However, I have come to the realization that conscious-minded people must beware of Humanism.

Humanists typically do not believe in a creative force other than “chance” therefore they believe that they only exist by the chance of nature over Time. Humanism is an ideology that forces the mind to focus on the wants and needs of Humans and Humanity, often at the expense of the rest of Life. Invariably, Humanists believe that they are now the creative force that will shape the planet and the universe.    

Humanism has hijacked the original premise of “Human Rights”. Once an effective tool in fighting Racism, Colonialism, and the exploitative tendencies of Capitalism, Human Rights has become a shield for the unconscious. Now you have Gay Rights activists comparing themselves to the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s, in which brave Afrakan Americans stood up to racism, discrimination, and police brutality.

Humanism gives Humans an arrogant sense of entitlement. For instance, Humanism makes people more willing to kill their brains with drugs because it is their individual right. Then when they become addicted and dysfunctional in society they are defended by other Humanist sympathizers who help them by petitioning the government to provide food, shelter, and safe places for them to get high. They don’t know that Addiction is unconscious love.

Humanists will also defend the rights of people to explore their unnatural sexual desires such as pedophilia, homosexuality, incest, and bestiality. They do not believe that these things are unnatural therefore they focus on the “Right” of the individual to live according to their natural inclinations.

Who should decide whether sexual perversion is wrong or right?

Short answer; No one because it’s not about what is wrong or right, it’s about a pursuit of “knowledge”, which no one is doing. We must explore the fact that things are going wrong in the genetic blueprint of human life. Unfortunately, no one wants to focus on the possibility that unnatural substances are affecting human DNA in adverse ways. That is why blind Humanism will turn humans into a race of hormone-confused mutants.

Do you have sexual desires toward children or animals? Do you believe that your desires are natural or unnatural? Do not let anyone tell you that you don’t have the right to life because just like you, they don’t know how and why you are the way you are. Just like you they refuse to seek real understanding. On their part, it’s easier to hate and on your part, it’s easier to rebel and sink into the shadows of society.  

Recognize that Life is a single conscious entity. The prerogative of Life is to survive and thrive at all costs. It uses mechanisms such as Risk Reward and Desire Fulfillment. Life is conscious but not fully aware therefore it learns as it goes. Due to lack of awareness, Life will take you in any direction you want to go till death exhausts you. At which point it simply recycles and starts over.

While life is self-destructive it’s also self correcting with the help of the Spiritual essence of the universe. So listen to your conscience and help Life to correct the corruption being fuelled by unconscious humanism.

I Want Two Wives

2 wives

“I want two wives.” Well, not me personally. This has been the desire of most men for thousands of years but unless polygamy is a part of their culture, most men cannot say that out loud for fears of appearing immoral. So, why do most men “want” more than one wife?

The keyword here is “want”, which is associated with its mother word “Desire”. Desire is the Achilles Heel of human nature. It’s the main preoccupation of religious teachings as is evident in The Lord’s Prayer;

The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want.

In context the line is an affirmation for the sayer that they will commit to the Lord for him to be their (guiding force) to help them override all their seemingly uncontrollable (desires).

What is the driving force of our wants? Is it a Devil that is constantly poking us to “do what we want” regardless of society’s morals?

NO! The true master of our desires is the Life Entity. Life forces us to multiply through internal mechanisms in our brains that target our desires. It is only the human Conscience that regulates and controls human desire so most men are not compelled to take advantage of women.

As stated before, human desire is the hardest thing to control so when traditional morals failed religion stepped in to provide guidance. Eventually governments grew stronger than religion but laws based on religion were installed to maintain control over human behavior.

As more societies open their laws to Polygamy desire driven men will rejoice at the thought of experiencing more pleasure. At the same time the sexually perverted who desire child sex, same sex, and fetish sex will fight for recognition under the guise of “Human Rights”.

Having two or multiple wives is not wrong but having one wife is a form of self discipline like fasting and praying. For the religious it is a covenant with their god that they intend to stay faithful to their partner as an example of the faith that they hold for their god.

So, if some day I might come to “want” two wives, my Conscious mind recognize that polygamy as just another exercise in self discipline that I don’t need. Pleasure is a reward that serves many purposes. Uncontrolled it can lead to addictions of all kinds. Life created the mechanism that uses pleasure to reward desire but if Life didn’t recognize its mistakes, it wouldn’t be on an endless quest for universal awareness.