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How to Stop the Spread of Ebola

Ebola is a disease that has killed thousands of people throughout countries in West AfRAka. Thousands more people have been infected while millions in the region are now living in fear of contracting the deadly disease. When a situation such as this happens it reveals a deep flaw in the society that many people do not or are too brain washed to recognize, greater awareness is the only way to stop the spread of harmful diseases.

What is Ebola? Ebola is a disease of which there is no known cure. It is a life form which lives off other life forms. We have thousands of foreign life forms living inside us and on our skin that over thousands of years have adapted to us. Some of those life forms help us while some are harmless to us. Ebola is just another life form that was introduced to us that our immune system hasn’t conquered yet. Unfortunately with the state of Spiritual disconnection the human body may never will.

Why is there no cure for Ebola? There is no cure because our awareness is closed to the real solution. Of course there are treatments, such as the one used by the American doctors but it is not been proven over time to be side-effect free. That is the way modern medicine works. They have to perform controlled tests throughout a wide population over a prolonged period of time. Then they either sell the treatment as a Drug or weigh the ethics of withholding the treatment from the infected against your conscience.

So let’s say there are those among humanity who have developed a treatment for Ebola but are not releasing it because they are unethical, racist, or capitalist. Then let them relish in their arrogance because Life is actively working on their conscience. Remember, conscience is a safety net to protect Life against “Human Stuff”. In the mean time there is another way that AfRAkans can stop the spread of Ebola.

How can the spread of Ebola be stopped? Increasing awareness is the key to stopping the spread of Ebola and any other deadly disease. The problem with Human awareness is stagnation due to religious and false belief. Too many people have abandoned knowledge for the comfort of religious belief.  Most AfRAkans now believe that an imaginary god will protect them from the Ebola virus.

If people would only return to using their common sense they would notice how many priests are dying from the disease. Do they think that they have more faith than those who have indoctrinated them with religious belief to assassinate their awareness? Everything in life works logically, action and reaction. Nothing works supernaturally unless it is of the Spirit and the Spirit does not deceive through its methods of communication.

Belief is a comforting tactic developed by the Right Brain that was not supposed to become a dependency in a balanced Brain. The Brain therefore, is currently stuck in an unbalanced state. We have become slaves to desire and alienated from the purpose of Life which is to learn and grow. The Dohgon University of Thought specializes in methods of retaking control of the Mind by reconditioning the Brain. It is the best way to open the Mind to knowledge so your awareness may increase to the point where you are once again guided by the Spirit.