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How Spiritual Magnetism Works

How Spiritual Magnetism Works is a short pdf booklet from the Dohgon University of Thought. In it, Professor MOmOh defines the importance of returning one’s Pineal Gland to a high Melatonin producing state using a natural but highly effective technique. The result is a dramatic increase in your Spiritual Magnetism.

Spiritual Magnetism is MAGNETIC! That’s the reason why we say “Spiritual Magnetism”. Many things happen that the doctors in medical science claim they cannot solve, but Spiritual Magnetism is able to solve those things. How does that happen? It happens by simple Numbers.

What do these Numbers do? They allow the Pineal Gland to manufacture a lot of Melatonin. If you have a lot of Melatonin, then Spiritual Magnetism can work many wonders for you because Magnetism works with Melatonin.

Download this book now for only $0.99 cents.