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Desire Dependency and its Detrimental Effects in Black Communities

Desire dependency is a condition in which the thoughts and actions of a person are dictated by their Senses and not their Mind. While some desire dependent people may still be able use their mind in some capacity they cannot consciously override the hormones that their Senses induce as a reaction to stimuli. In essence they become addicted to feeling good; some by using drugs and others by engaging in behaviors they know are bad but that will satisfy their need to feel good.

Life is a conscious entity that uses mechanisms to achieve its goals. Like Life, Humans were created by the Spirit of the Universe to exist in a state of balance with joy and contentment. The mental facilitator of such a condition is Melatonin. However, as Life endures hardships it relies on another facilitator called Serotonin. Both are hormones or neuro-transmitters that trigger the production and release of Dopamine in the brain which makes humans either experience the sensation of “joy” and/or “Happiness”.

Humans have the ability to consciously regulate or override the release of Dopamine in our Brains. We can do so by weighing the consequences of our actions (conscience) as we experience them. Love is one measure of desire that helps us determine if we desire one thing more than another. Desire dependency occurs when humans become slaves to feeling happy. In other words; desire dependency is an addiction.

All humans function with a certain level of dependency and use different reward mechanisms to achieve happiness. Some humans use money and power to feel happy and some feel happy helping others. Black people who kill and destroy society are desire dependent addicts. They are desire dependent because they put their own happiness over the emotions of other people and the preservation of Life itself. It is a dilemma for Life but, Life works on a slow wavelength genetically. It is slow to recognize problems and also slow to correct them but since humans are a part of life we can actively correct problems.

The only problem with humanity correcting the problems it faces is that humanity does not recognize that Life is a conscious entity (a god). Humanity functions independent of Life by ideology because they lack awareness of Life as an entity. They think that humanity is everything so they create systems to support their beliefs such as religion and superstition.  When these humans kill by way of war, greed, exploitation, and ignorance they excuse it as “self preservation”.

How did Black people get so desire dependent that it drives us to engage in self destructive behaviors? The reasons are several but the basic reasons have to do with religion, culture, and education. Religion is used as a tool to keep people in line by guilt and morality. Culture functions best when it induces people to pursue happiness and uses education to support sub-systems that feed ideologies around religion and culture.

Black people who are successful within these systems are usually super religious or deeply embedded professions that prop up the main culture. They compromise their racial identity to fit in or create new classifications for themselves because they want to be seen as other (New Black, Dark White). All these things are due to desire dependency but they never consider that life could be different because they are too busy trying to fit in.

The Black people who are seen as low-lifes in society are the drug dealing murderers, the drug addicts, the self destructive welfare mothers, and the non-child support paying fathers who have 6 children with 6 different women. These are the people who have become tools to the mechanisms of Life without knowing it. Drugs take the place of internal hormones by artificially releasing Dopamine into the brain. Drug dealers feed on addicts by supplying their need to feel good and will murder men women and children as they compete to make money to also feel good in society.

Men who have multiple children are also tools to a sinister mechanism in Life. Sex also releases Dopamine so men who are addicted to sex perform a natural function for the reward of feeling manlier about themselves. They fool unsuspecting women who are looking for comfort (also to feel good) into having sex. These men often form relationships with women for one thing (sex) but after the women get too serious or get pregnant they leave. Some women will even try to use pregnancy as a tool to trap men in relationships but it often doesn’t work. They end up depressed and lonely then try to improve their appearance by way of skin bleaching, hair weaving, and surgery to attract someone else.

It’s a wicked system of unknowingly helping Life to learn and grow while satisfying ones desires. The only way to break out of desire dependency is to recognize the mechanisms in Life and use them to our advantage. We may come to the realization that Life doesn’t really care about us since its using so many mechanisms against us but that’s not true. We are Life so what Life does is instinctual until we become conscious enough to take control. Recognize that the ultimate reward for helping Life will be to exist forever in Spirit form.

Seedless Fruits

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals for the Body and Brain. Fruits are often considered pleasure or snack foods because while they don’t necessarily satisfy a hungry belly they can tide you over until the next meal. Many people believe that fruits are gifts from god because of their sweetness and their ability to provide pleasure to the senses. The only parts of fruits that we don’t like are the seeds so for over 200 years humans have set about eliminating seeds from fruits.

Did you know that like the creation story of the Bible, fruits also played a large role in creating the theory of Evolution that they teach in school? In 18th century Europe the grafting of plants to modify or create new verities lead to a new way of perceiving nature. People like Darwin and others began to notice the mechanisms that produced the traits or characteristics of plants and animals. That led to the theory of Evolution of plants, animals, and humans. It has also lead to the rampant genetic modification of fruits to reproduce without seeds so that they can commodify Life and profit off of it. No wonder so many species of birds and insects are disappearing on a daily basis.

If there is a process then there must be an author, some call it god; I call it Life. The purpose of every living thing in nature is to multiply and flourish while humanity has an added mandate of universal awareness. Fruits propagate by appealing to the senses of insects, animals, and humans. They are colorful which appeals to the eyes while their sweetness appeals to our taste and smell. When consumed in moderation they provide essential nutrients for all insect or animal that consume them.

As stated before, the only part of a fruit that is undesirable is the seed but did you know that the appeal of a fruit is only a mechanism in the process of the fruit’s Life cycle? Of course fruits can fall from a tree and germinate where it lands but seed dispersal and fertilization is a far more effective process. Fruits protect their seeds with an antacid coating so once eaten a seed has a high probability of passing through the belly of an animal or bird, coming out fertilized with nitrates and ready to grow.

Some birds are even pre-disposed to desiring seeds and since they don’t have teeth and cannot digest the seeds the seeds end up passing right through them intact. So why do Birds desire seeds? The answer is Life is acting on their minds to help contribute to the whole of itself.

Humans, on the other hand have a different purpose. Life does not manipulate Humans to be seed distributors the same way as birds however; our awareness should inform us that we have a duty to respect the mechanisms in nature. The tree of Life has already produced seedless fruits that are serving their purpose perfectly. Do you know your purpose as an AfRAkan; the Tree of Life’s first fruits?

When we persist with irrational behaviors by displaying a lack of respect for nature it only reveals that we lack awareness of the mechanisms in Life. We also have become like those seedless fruits that we desire so much. We have grown so desire dependent on the beauty and sweetness of the things that give us pleasure in Life that we cannot see that we are killing ourselves.