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African cities are becoming tourist hotspots — Quartz Africa

In the global imagination, Africa’s cities are usually limited to safari stopover or the site of compounded suffering. Now, one of the advantages of increased investment on the continent is that more business travellers are jetting in, and they’re growing tired of the hotel’s bland buffet.

The African City Guide was created for travellers who want to get out of their chain hotel and is is one of a growing number of guides to urban Africa. The founders wanted visitors to be able find out more to a city than their conference centers, vacation resorts or tourist-friendly open markets.

The site offers curated recommendations of what to see, eat and do,  relying on insiders. In the search for experiences, it seems everything from playlists to ice-cream flavors are now “curated.” In Africa,…

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Eight African & Middle Eastern tourism hotspots not to be missed – Travel Weekly

Africa is a destination you could holiday in every year and still only scrape the surface of what this incredible continent has to offer.

From mountains to rainforests, sand dunes and ancient wonders, there really is something for every traveller.

But don’t let that get you overwhelmed.

To keep any of your anxieties at bay about missing a must-see destination in Africa, Travel Weekly has done the hard work to find the Top 10 Travel Hotspots in Africa.

That’s right, we’ve done the Googling, now all you need to do is book.

Check out our top picks here.

1. Petra, Jordan

Often referred to as the “Rose City”, Petra is a 2,000-year-old network of handmade caves, temples, and tombs that interwoven into the side of a blushing pink sandstone cliff face.

This historic site cannot be…

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Hotspots, not trouble spots: Africa seeks tourism boom

Africa draws just five per cent of the world’s tourists despite boasting attractions ranging from the Pyramids and Victoria Falls to wildlife safaris and endless strips of pristine beach.

But the continent’s huge potential can be unlocked by eco-tourism, cultural experiences, domestic travel and political stability, said experts at an African tourism conference hosted by Airbnb in Cape Town last week.

“When you look at the success stories, it’s those countries who’ve embraced trends,” said the African Tourism Association’s (ATA) managing director Naledi Khabo who spoke at the summit.

“When you look at some countries which have made sustainability a focal point, like Tanzania, or Rwanda, they’re very attractive for certain travellers.”

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Ancient livestock dung heaps are now African wildlife hotspots

Enriched settlement corrals of the earliest Pastoral Neolithic herders in southern Kenya support nutritious grassy patches in wooded savannas that attract cattle and wildlife. Credit: Fiona Marshall

Often viewed as wild, naturally pristine and endangered by human encroachment, some of the African savannah’s most fertile and biologically diverse wildlife hotspots owe their vitality to heaps of dung deposited there over thousands of years by the livestock of wandering herders, suggests new research in the journal Nature.

“Many of the iconic wild African landscapes, like the Mara Serengeti, have been shaped by…

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The 5 new ‘hotspots’ South Africans are travelling to right now – including igloos and volcanos

(Instagram: @visitmalta)

“South African travellers are looking for something different with a mixture of interesting cities and beautiful beaches within a reasonable budget,” says Regine Miller, marketing manager of iGo Travel.

Miller says the list of up-and-coming destinations favoured by South Africans include Reunion, Zanzibar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cancun and the Philippines. 

For smart travel advice and recommendations go to Traveller24. 

“Another trend we have noticed is combining more than one country on a trip, for example, Thailand, Seychelles and Abu Dhabi all in one itinerary with a few nights in each country,” Miller says. 

Members of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (Asata) gave Business Insider their lists of of the new hotspots South…

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Are South African hijackers also tracking hotspots?

Security, insurance and car tracking companies regularly publish new hijacking statistics detailing which areas and roads are the worst affected.

While the majority of experts agree that the trends themselves don’t change, there are questions as to whether hijackers are making use of the same data to target areas which were previously seen as ‘safer’.

This was a question raised this past week after Arrive Alive approached colleagues from the vehicle tracking and security companies for updates on the latest statistics.

While the companies were happy to provide the data, one of the tracking businesses noted that it had recently seen some different hijacking points and were wondering if its stats impact on this.

“In other words, do these thugs learn from our stats?”

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