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Yoweri Museveni vs Julius Malema, Who Is Right About Homosexuality?

Yoweri Museveni vs Julius Malema, who is right about Homosexuality? None of them and here is why.

As most people have probably heard, president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is set to sign into law, the world’s most severe anti-homosexuality law. Under the new law, anyone convicted of engaging in homosexual acts or promoting homosexuality in Uganda will face jail time and possibly the death penalty.

Most other African leaders have stayed very quiet on the issue, either because they share the same views or because they fear the wrath of Western economic powers who are sympathetic to Human Rights. There is one African politician however, that has come out against criminalizing homosexuality in Africa and that politician is the outspoken South African politician, Julius Malema.

Recently, Julius Malema took part in a march and demonstration in his country that was held to support the Human Rights of homosexuals in not only Uganda but all of Africa. Black and African communities worldwide are now coming for Julius Malima like Lions after an injured Antelope. Once praised as the foremost anti-colonial politician in Africa, Julius Malema is now being called a sell-out, a puppet and a pusher of Western immorality onto Africans.

I’ve been following Julius Molema’s rise to prominence in South African politics for many years now. His outspoken opposition to white dominance of land and economics in South Africa has earned him respect among Black people worldwide. However, to me he has the same fault that Nelson Mandela had, which is that he is a Humanist. In other words, he has blind faith that evil people can eventually be convinced to do good.

Both Yoweri Museveni and Julius Malema express a deep desire to be different from white people; however, both operate using the same ideologies as whites. Yoweri Museveni uses religion to defend his hatred for homosexuality and Julius Malema uses Human Rights to defend his support of homosexuality. If humanity still lived accouring to religion we would still be praying sicknesses away and cutting ourselves to drain away bad demon infected blood .

First of all, homosexuality has existed in every society on Earth for thousands of years. The reason why homosexuality persists is because people refuse to study it. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to study because homosexuals will never accept the fact that their hormonal confusion is unnatural. Instead, they will pursue happiness at all costs while believing that their lives are purposeful.

This is where Julius Malema comes in and says, “forget where homosexuality comes from; it’s the Human Right that counts.” In his speech he even says that homosexuality is natural and people can live their whole lives and not know that they are homosexual until old age. Julius has decided to defend homosexuals under this premise and even lumps LGBTQ Rights in with the 500-year persecution of Black and African people at the hands of Whites and Arabs.

No Yoweri Museveni and Julius Malema, homosexuality is neither the choice of an immoral mind or a natural biological condition. Homosexuality is a genetic defect that persists due to human ignorance. You can find and kill all the homosexuals in Uganda today and more will be born tomorrow. Also, you can defend homosexuality under Human Rights and watch it flourish but just know that the human Desire mechanism is a limitless beast.

Life begs to be understood and with good understanding comes propper management. We are the caretakers of this realm we call life.

Homosexuals Facing Death In Uganda

Homosexuals are facing death in Uganda after the government passes the strictest anti-LGBTQ law in the world. Under the guidelines of the new law, anyone openly identifying as or engaging in homosexual activities will face 14 years to life in prison and possibly the death penalty if convicted. The United Nations as well as Human Rights organizations are condemning the new law.

However, Uganda’s president says that he doesn’t intend to back down because homosexuality “goes against the order of nature”, therefore they’re only protecting Uganda against immoral activities. In my opinion, Uganda is on the right track but for all the wrong reasons because the law won’t stop Homosexuality; it will just drive it back under ground where it is more dangerous.

We all know that Homosexuality is a very controversial subject but it is a lifestyle that’s been around for thousands of years and exists in every country and culture on the planet. Homosexuality is an “icky” subject that makes most people uncomfortable because it is perceived as the choice of immoral individuals. The truth is that Homosexuality is not always a choice.

There are people who are born that way and there are people who choose the lifestyle due to sexual perversion. Unfortunately, the scale has been tipping gradually in favor of those who choose the lifestyle for a very long time because of the human need for happiness.

Both inherent and adaptors of Homosexuality are tools of a sinister process that most people either cannot see or refuse to accept as reality. Life/Nature is a single conscious entity that consists of the collective awareness of every living organism on Earth. Life’s mission is to gain universal awareness but until such time, Life’s awareness is controlled by consensus or majority rule.

For example; if you were stuck in the middle of a huge mass of people, you would have no choice but to move with the crowd no matter how you try to resist. Now imagine if you could convince enough people around you to move in one particular direction. You would control the mind of the crowd and the crowd would move where you want it to go.     

Our true essence is abstract omnipotent energy (Spirit). As we enter physical reality, we become blank Souls that exist at the will of Nature. Not only does that mean that Nature will take us in any direction we want to go until death exhausts us, it also means that the only way that collective human consciousness can develop to a point of moral and ethical existence is to gain knowledge and pass it on.

Unfortunately, collective human awareness is stagnated by several forces which include the worshiping of gods through religions, racial superiority complexes, and unregulated desire fulfilment under the protection of Free-Will and Human Rights promoters.

Most natural born Homosexuals will tell you that they did not choose to be the way they are; they are simply satisfying their instinctual desires. Desires don’t just appear in people; they are the result of hormones that are produced in Glands and secreted into our brain where it manipulates our Desires. Homosexuality is the result of Glandular defects. For instance; the hormone that is responsible for the development of male characteristics is Testosterone and the female hormone is Estrogen.

Males and females produce both but in essential proportions. “If” a defective Adrenal Gland in a boy begins to produce excessive amounts of Estrogen, it will cause the boy to feel and act feminine. The problem with society is that no one is investigating to find out why Hormonal Glands are becoming defective. People would rather use violence to solve the issue but when Homosexuality never seems to disappear, people say it must be the work of the Devil.

The truth is that there are thousands of things that corrupt human biology. Chemicals in the foods we eat, toxins in the air we breathe, and even traumatic experiences such as rape, incest, and abuse can alter Glandular development in fetus development. Glandular defects can range from Hormonal imbalances to physical defects such as females being born with penises and vise-versa.

Bisphenol A, a chemical used to make plastic bottles is a known Hormone corrupter that researchers have found to change gender in animals. Why not us and why not leave Black and African people to destroy ourselves out of ignorance?  

Why do I believe that the Ugandan government is right to criminalize Homosexuality if I don’t believe Homosexuality is a choice at its core? The reason is because Homosexuals believe that they are born that way for a purpose. Just like the Ugandan government I believe that Nature has an order and Homosexuality goes against that order.

The difference between me and most anti-LGBTQ people is that I know that we will never correct Nature using ideologies derived from religion. I don’t believe that homosexuals should be put to death; however, the scale between natural and acquired Homosexuality must be artificially weighted or Insanity and Immorality will reign until Nature is eventually corrected through understanding.

This writing is not meant to offend LGBTQ communities. The aim as always is to encourage free but ethical Thought.

Are Black Celebrities Pushing a Gay Agenda?

Gay black Celebrity Kids

Are Black celebrities pushing a Gay agenda? Apparently, a lot of Black people are beginning to think so because as more Black celebrities publicly express acceptance of their gay children, the Black community is getting angrier. The HERU Interface of Black Consciousness thinks that there might be a Gay Agenda at play but it is only succeeding due to Black people’s own ignorance of reality. As long as we continue to believe in religious misconceptions about Life and rely on ideology rather than reality, Life will continue to slap the shit out of us.

Recently, famous Basketball player Dwyane Wade publicly endorsed his son’s decision to classify himself as Transgender. He is only the latest Black celebrity to publicly endorse his child’s decision as many well-known celebrities before him have already done the same. Generally speaking, their reasons for supporting their children is that, while they may not like their children’s choices, Love supersedes their own views because their children deserve to be happy. To us, its not a difficult decision for them because in a secular society where money is King, they couldn’t give a shit what the general public wants to say.

There is an opposite opinion in the Black community however. Most Black people are expressing anger at Black celebrities who are endorsing their Gay children’s choices, accusing them of either being bad parents or the pawns of a Gay Agenda that is being orchestrated by white people to destroy the Black race. Some other Black celebrities are even jumping in the fray to either endorse or bash people like Dwyane Wade but are quickly realizing that they were better off keeping their mouths shut as Social media and Human Rights Activists go after them.

So, what is a Gay Agenda? In Conspiracy terms, the Gay Agenda is a movement that is orchestrated by powerful elites, either because they are Homosexual themselves or because they want to destroy Black families.

(Premise 1) If powerful Black elites are Homosexuals then they will only want gender confusion to flourish within the Black community.

(Premise 2) If other elites don’t like Black people because of racism then they will use tools such as Homosexuality to destroy the Black race.

(The X factor) The success of a so-called Gay Agenda depends on several key factors that exist within humanity. They are the Human Right to Happiness and Ignorance (lack of knowledge).

At the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness we believe that being Gay(biological sexual attraction between same sex people) is not a choice. People are born Gay depending on defective glandular development which either grow to produce too much of Female Hormones in a Male or too much of Male Hormones in Females. At extremes these Hormones result in Females being born with Male sexual organs and vise-versa. In children where no genital confusion is apparent, Hormone confusion might develop fast or slow then become full blown at Puberty. You might notice a Boy child liking Girly things, being over emotional, or clingy, for instance.

When a Hormone confused child reaches Puberty the game changes because their Hormones will go into overdrive. This is decision time for a child’s wellbeing. They will either recess or express their true sexuality depending on the feedback they are getting from society and their parents. As mentioned before, if they know that they can depend on society through Human Rights, to defend them, they will not care what their parents or society thinks. If they are overly sensitive to opinion they will dwell in depression or even commit suicide. There are Heterosexual children who grow to live a Homosexual lifestyle depending on their acquired perversions but we will discuss them at another time.

Controversy regarding Homosexuality in the Black community is not new. Gay people exist in every culture and society in the world. There is also a misconception that Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle that originated in Europe and is being spread by them throughout the world. The truth is that some forms of Homosexuality is a choice and some aren’t. How can you ask people to resist their Hormonal inclinations when they cannot turn off their Glands? How then can you tell them that the emotions that they are feeling towards a same-sex individual is wrong? I am a Heterosexual man who would never do that. I know that what is new about Homosexuality’s growth is society’s willingness to accept it.

I believe that Life will continue to slap the shit out of Black people until we wake up and realize that if there is a Gay Agenda being perpetuated on us, we need to figure out how to stop it without hating, fighting, or killing each other. The first thing we need to do is get our minds out of religious books that do nothing but hide the truth using ideology. Churches and Mosques are full of Homosexuals that hide in plain sight. They are backed by religious leaders who know that secrets are reserved for people and their god. They all play a game of hide and seek with a devil who they perceive as temptation because they know that cleansing is as simple as asking for forgiveness.

Learn about human biology and the things that can result in the creation of an unhealthy child such as parental trauma, Rape, illicit drugs, Incest, drugs that were not properly tested for use by pregnant mothers, dangerous chemicals in foods, Alcohol, dangerous chemicals in the environment, and chemicals and biological products of war. All these things have the potential to affect our health and the development of healthy fetuses yet we always seem to dwell on fairytales of human perfection from conception to death.

Yes, Black celebrities with Gay children might be caught up in a Gay Agenda. Heck, some of them might even be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender themselves and are using Human Rights to open up the Black community to the practices of secular culture but we must understand that those who are not part of an agenda accept their Gay children out of Love. Being Gay is not always a choice so it was no fault or result of bad parenting on their part. Finally, in order to come to terms with the prevalence of Homosexuality in the Black community we must begin to understand Life before we can begin to consciously work to manage it.

Understanding the Rise of Black Feminism

Understanding Black Feminism

Understanding the rise of Black feminism is critical to the survival of healthy Black male/female relationships. A lot of Black men and even some black women are openly expressing hate for feminism and feminists. They view the rise of feminism as an invasion of a foreign ideology that is designed to destroy the Black race and the Black family. The truth is that the rise in Black feminism has to do with several factors that most people refuse to understand. They are; the growing acceptance of Homosexuality in society, Black female joylessness, and the growing animosity between Black men and women.

Women have always been Feminists, it’s an inherent defense of gender. It is the premiere advocating force for female empowerment across the globe. When we observe the trends in society today, we see politicians, journalists, and entertainers openly expressing their support for feminism. Feminism has even begun to dominate the Black Liberation movement. In fact, the most prominent Black activist organization in the United States today, Black Lives Matter, was started by Feminists and many chapters inside and outside of the country are also ran by feminists.

The primary defender of global feminism is the Human Rights Code. Human nature has 2 sides; desire and conscience. Humans should operate using their conscience at all times but unfortunately, desire is an equal opposing force that humanity has struggled with since the other races began to mutate out of the original African race. In the beginning, Humans naturally congregated into groups, groups formed tribes, and tribes formed countries. The first leaders were Chiefs, Kings, Emperors, and Dictators.

They all operated by ideology to maintain social order through physical power, moral ethics, and religious beliefs. Unfortunately, with all their great influence on human activity, their power never stopped and could have never stopped the tremendous influence of desire in people because desire has always acted to distort conscience to the point that when democratic societies developed, societies still operate according to ideology instead of conscience.

In a truly conscientious society, women should not have to fight for the right to vote, to get an education, to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, or to wear whatever they want to wear in public. In most societies today women have to fight for these rights and more. Fortunately, the collective human consciousness has created the Human Rights Code in which anyone who is experiencing discrimination based on their gender can use the code to address inequity.

What humanity should be doing is promoting consciousness throughout all societies and in time, women will have no need for the comforts of organized Feminism. Women will use their conscience to dress with class and to not get into a situation that might create unwanted pregnancies. But let’s not pick on women because the responsibility of conscience is both men and women. 

Like males, the female psyche is created and germinates inside the womb. She develops a unique personality based on the genetic traits she inherits from her parents and from the influence of the outside world. Her personality is further shaped during childhood by the social ideologies of the society she grows in. Unfortunately, in most societies today, girls are thought that their self-worth will always be based on how desirable they are in the eyes of others.

The long-term indoctrinating effect of racism, pop culture, and desire dependency throughout most societies and even in predominantly Black countries, forces the Black female to recognize that she is the most undesirable female of all the races. Her existence then becomes a lifelong preoccupation with trying to fit in in order to achieve happiness while maintaining an acceptable level of personal well-being.

By adulthood most Black females have a ritual of tasks that they must perform in order to maintain their looks. They have to visit the hair dresser very often to perm the so called “nappiness” out their hair or to maintain their weaves and braids. They have to use a variety of cosmetics to hide dark spots, manage oily skin, or make their skin lighter and more acceptable in color. And they have to work hard at eating healthy and exercising to maintain their figure because unfortunately, due to genetics, Black women tend to store more fat than most other races.

A great number of Black women are adopting the new ideals of organized feminism because it is a semi-conscious backlash to all the crap they have endured throughout life. They are putting away the excessive make-up, they are growing their natural hair into afros and locks, and they are eating whatever they want and not watching their weight except in circumstances where their health is concerned. To them, Feminism is truly a liberating force.

At the point of embracing organized feminism as their guiding light to fight against social inequality, Black feminists are also choosing to go in two separate emotional directions while some are even going in both directions at the same time. They are embracing homosexuality and they are lashing out at the Black men. Black men and women have developed a love-hate relationship towards each other. This condition is mainly due to a general lack of racial pride on both sides.

The result is that a lot of Black feminists are blaming Black men for not recognizing their disposition in society. They blame Black men for being the first ones to attack their self-esteem for either being too Black in color or not pretty enough. Then they will blame the Black man for inspiring them to bleach their skin, ruin their hair with chemicals, ruin their bodies with implants, surgeries, and failed Butt injections. All in an attempt to compete against the white woman for the Black man’s attention.

On the other hand, some black feminists are embracing homosexuality even though they are not gay. Homosexuality is an aspect of human nature that Black people are refusing to understand due to our religious indoctrination and acquired biases. Understand that a gay person does not become gay by choice. They are born that way based on the hormones that their glands instinctively produce. This hormonal imbalance renders a gay person physically and emotionally attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex.

The thing that most biologists do not fully understand about gays and lesbians are the genetic catastrophes that effect glandular development during pregnancy, therefore ignorance about homosexuality will persists until we do. Homosexuality is the social classification of the same sex culture and lifestyle. People who are not born gay often engage in homosexual activity when their emotions are seduced or if they have developed sexual perversions. In the cases of some Black homosexual feminists, same sex relationships are developed out of a basic human need for affection.

Black women who have suffered rejection from men or are tired of the ways of Black men in general, have been engaging in self-love for decades. They have discovered that sexual gratification and satisfaction does not require a man. The only missing part was emotional attachment however, bolstered by the help of organized feminism, Black women are now turning to same sex relationships in greater numbers, which is also helping to fuel the rise of organized feminism as a social and political force.

Understanding the rise in Black Feminism requires open mindedness. There are those among us, both men and women, who feel threatened by Black women expressing their inherent right of gender equality. Guided by religious ideology, they say society is crumbling because men are being challenged for political power and men are being removed from the family unit leaving children to fall under the influence of crime and violence.

We all must understand that feminism is an inherent right based on gender, women will find affection among themselves based on the prerogatives of Life even when they are rejected by men. Even worse, when Black women are physically and emotionally abused, they will grow to hate Black men and will either turn to homosexuality or the white men, or they will work to destroy Black men under the veil of organized feminism.

Homosexuals Giant Kill Kevin Hart

kevin heart

In the wake of yet another high-profile dust up involving Hollywood and the Gay community it is important to reiterate the fact that no one will ever win a fight against the Gay community. That is because Homosexuality is a Human Right that supersedes logic, religion, and ideology. Homosexuals love this new tool and they especially love to use it to take down high-profile celebrities. We call the process, giant killing.

The latest celebrity to get giant killed is top-earning comedian Kevin Hart. He recently decided to back out of hosting the upcoming Oscars over backlash from the gay community involving old homophobic tweets. Kevin Hart initially issued an apology to the LBGT community for the old tweets that they found to use against him but he later refused a request from the Oscars committee to apologize publicly.

Like most situations of this type, many people including other Hollywood celebrities are coming to Kevin Hart’s defense while an equal amount are not. Some people are even associating it to the racism and discrimination that exists within the entertainment industry. Fact is, giant killing is not a new tool. The Black community uses it to address racism and women who have experienced sexual abuse have recently used it in the “Metoo” movement.

The first thing about homosexuality that people should understand is that being gay is not a choice. Choice only enters the equation where the culture of homosexuality is concerned. Homosexuality is a lifestyle that involves the practicing of same sex love, affection, and sex. That is why there are heterosexual men and women who will engage in same sex love and sex based on their acquired perversions.

A Gay person is born and grows to become attracted to other same sex individuals based on their Hormones. Hormones are chemicals in the brain and body that drive cells to perform specific tasks. Hormones are produced by glands that can either over-produce or under-produce therefore hormonal deficiency is not the problem as some doctors theorize. The problem is glandular therefore you cannot make a gay person straight with hormone therapy.

Heterosexuals are mainly the ones producing gay offspring. The question is, how? We believe that the most common causes are chemicals in our foods (Bisphenol A, for example) and trauma such as rape, incest, and war. Non-gay people who engage in homosexuality are encouraged by sexual addiction, sexual frustration, domineering, and even the need for affection itself because as homosexuality becomes more acceptable in society many people who can’t find love are turning to same sex for affection.

Gays and Homosexuality have traditionally been ostracized and even outlawed from many societies worldwide. They have since found refuge and a voice however, under Human Rights laws. The founding of the international Human Rights Code is based on Liberal Democratic principles. Next to Democracy itself the Human Rights Code is humanity’s highest attempt at civility. Unfortunately, without a general willingness to understand ourselves biologically, humanity’s sole alternative is to defend our various incarnations. Gays are now using the shield of Human Rights to push for a 3rd gender classification.

We sympathize with Kevin Hart but we know that sympathy is no match against Human Rights. The alternative is not to go backwards by confronting homosexuality with hate and violence. On the other hand, Homosexuals need to stop using Human Rights as a bashing stick to beat down people who aren’t a threat to them. We know that the only reason they’re attacking Kevin Hart is because he is a high profile celebrity. In this case, giant killing Kevin Hart gets no sympathy because we suspect that if gays had approached Kevin in a different way, he probably would have worked with them to bring awareness to their cause.

Beware Of Humanism

Beware of Humanism; it is an unconscious corrupter of reality

This is not about condemning any one person or group of people. Instead, it is a commentary on the state of humanity. It may seem inhumane to some but I have lived long enough and experienced enough of life to comment on that which I am a pert of, which is humanity. I am a Free Thinker who once believed in the ideals of humanism. However, I have come to the realization that conscious-minded people must beware of Humanism.

Humanists typically do not believe in a creative force other than “chance” therefore they believe that they only exist by the chance of nature over Time. Humanism is an ideology that forces the mind to focus on the wants and needs of Humans and Humanity, often at the expense of the rest of Life. Invariably, Humanists believe that they are now the creative force that will shape the planet and the universe.    

Humanism has hijacked the original premise of “Human Rights”. Once an effective tool in fighting Racism, Colonialism, and the exploitative tendencies of Capitalism, Human Rights has become a shield for the unconscious. Now you have Gay Rights activists comparing themselves to the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s, in which brave Afrakan Americans stood up to racism, discrimination, and police brutality.

Humanism gives Humans an arrogant sense of entitlement. For instance, Humanism makes people more willing to kill their brains with drugs because it is their individual right. Then when they become addicted and dysfunctional in society they are defended by other Humanist sympathizers who help them by petitioning the government to provide food, shelter, and safe places for them to get high. They don’t know that Addiction is unconscious love.

Humanists will also defend the rights of people to explore their unnatural sexual desires such as pedophilia, homosexuality, incest, and bestiality. They do not believe that these things are unnatural therefore they focus on the “Right” of the individual to live according to their natural inclinations.

Who should decide whether sexual perversion is wrong or right?

Short answer; No one because it’s not about what is wrong or right, it’s about a pursuit of “knowledge”, which no one is doing. We must explore the fact that things are going wrong in the genetic blueprint of human life. Unfortunately, no one wants to focus on the possibility that unnatural substances are affecting human DNA in adverse ways. That is why blind Humanism will turn humans into a race of hormone-confused mutants.

Do you have sexual desires toward children or animals? Do you believe that your desires are natural or unnatural? Do not let anyone tell you that you don’t have the right to life because just like you, they don’t know how and why you are the way you are. Just like you they refuse to seek real understanding. On their part, it’s easier to hate and on your part, it’s easier to rebel and sink into the shadows of society.  

Recognize that Life is a single conscious entity. The prerogative of Life is to survive and thrive at all costs. It uses mechanisms such as Risk Reward and Desire Fulfillment. Life is conscious but not fully aware therefore it learns as it goes. Due to lack of awareness, Life will take you in any direction you want to go till death exhausts you. At which point it simply recycles and starts over.

While life is self-destructive it’s also self correcting with the help of the Spiritual essence of the universe. So listen to your conscience and help Life to correct the corruption being fuelled by unconscious humanism.

Why Homosexuality Disturbs Me

Everywhere we look these days there is evidence to suggest that Homosexuality is becoming more acceptable in society. The other day I even passed two guys holding hands and strolling carelessly down the street. Online they seem to have taken over Social Media; hugging, kissing, and flaunting their affection without restraint. I became so offended by it that I had to sit back and ponder why Homosexuality disturbs me.

The #1 reason Homosexuality disturbs me is because I get disgusted at the thought and sight of two same sex individuals exchanging affection for each other. Is it conditioning or a natural reaction? It maybe a little bit of both. However, being an open-minded person allows me to get to my own conclusions about homosexuality without the opinions of others. Unfortunately, reality often takes a back seat to the ideologies of the society we live in.

As an open minded individual I have tried to gain a good understanding of Homosexuality. So far my understanding allows me to mentally accept that a person can be Homosexual based on hormone values set before birth. Conversely, most people believe that Homosexuality is the choice of an immoral mind. That gives them an excuse to use self righteousness and Religion to discriminate against Gay people. They never allow themselves to be guided by logic. Some forms of ideology enslave the Mind while some others help us grow as Humans. I want to be one who grows by using right thinking.

I am a Heterosexual man who has very strong attractions to the opposite sex. I know it is Nature and my Hormones that determine that. In fact, I know that my opposite sex attraction is for the purpose of perpetuating Life. Humanity has become so self centered in thinking that Life is all about Humanity that they refuse to acknowledge how Life really works. They abuse life by willfully disregarding things that seem to have no value or affect on their quest for happiness and contentment.

The refusal to understand Life has resulted in an ideology based mindset. Some scholars have accepted a belief that without ideology Humanity would be in chaos and without direction. The truth is, morality existed long before ideology. Ideology is the grouping of a set of values for the purpose of maintaining a system of thought. For instance; if you believe that Homosexuality is wrong, you will reinforce that belief by thinking of all the ways in which it is immoral. You will also gain confidence in your belief by associating with others who believe as you do.

If, on the other hand your mind functions outside of ideology you will try to find out why Homosexuality really upsets you. Earlier I mentioned Hormones and it is precisely the reason why I feel as I do. All our Emotions are controlled by our Hormones or lack thereof. Therefore, the conflict between ideology and reality can be averted by our ability to control our emotions. It is rationality over emotions or Left Brain over Right.  I still believe that Homosexuality is wrong but not for the same reasons as most people. It is not wrong in the sense of “choice” but wrong in the sense that it is abnormal. Most people who abhor Homosexuality believe that it is a choice and that only immoral people choose to be Homosexual.

I am a believer in Life/ANKH in all its incarnations. I believe that the purpose of life is to flourish. It does so by using two distinct mechanisms of reproduction, sexual and asexual. Sexual reproduction involves the joining of reproductive tissue from two different sexes, male and female. Asexual reproduction involves one single living organism splitting in two to create two separate organisms, each one identical to the original. In both mechanisms the process is carried on perpetually. Homosexuality does not fit any of the two therefore to me it is abnormal. Two Homosexuals cannot reproduce therefore it is not a creation of Life but a result of Human Biology. Life was not made for Humans, Humans are mearely the result of the processes of Life.