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New Research Says Alzheimer's And Other Dementias Will Hit Minorities Hardest In Coming Years

But the highest numbers will be among Hispanics and African Americans. And because numbers were higher in U.S. minority group projections, the …
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History Professor Highlights The Struggles African American Communities Hit By Florence Face

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with University of Virginia professor Andrew Kahrl about the challenges many African American homeowners face in getting …
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Lake Victoria, African lifeline regularly hit by sinkings

Nairobi (AFP) – Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa and crossed every day by scores of boats that are often poorly maintained and overloaded, making them vulnerable to poor weather.

Here is some background on the vast lake where more than 100 people drowned on Thursday when a ferry capsized.

– Largest in Africa –

With a surface of 70,000 square kilometres (27,000 square miles), oval-shaped Lake Victoria is the biggest on the African continent.

Shared by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, it provides the livelihood for some 30 million people, many of them poor and dependent on fishing.

The lake has however seen a dramatic fall in water levels since 2003 and increased pollution.

English explorer John Hanning Speke named it after Britain’s Queen Victoria after he reached it in 1858 during an…

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BART fare evasion fines hit African-American riders hardest

African-American passengers are bearing the brunt of BART’s new fines for riders who fail to pay fares, as they receive tickets at a rate that appears to be far higher than their proportion of overall ridership, data from the agency shows.

BART began issuing tickets with $75 fines for adults and $55 fines for juveniles in March to crack down on fare evasion, which it says costs the agency up to $25 million a year in lost revenue. During a 12-day period in July — the only data BART provided in response to a public records request from this news organization — African-American riders received 41 percent of tickets issued, even though they make up only 12 percent of riders, according to a 2015 survey, the most recent available.

No other group faced such a wide disparity. White patrons…

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Elephants and giraffes spotted in the snow as blizzards hit South Africa

The rare sight of giraffes, rhinoceroses and other African wildlife has been captured after a freak blizzard blanketed part of South Africa in sheets of snow.

Said to be caused by a late cold snap as the region moves into Spring, residents in the Karoo region of the Western Cape have shared the stunning photos of wildlife, which people more closely associate with dry deserts and African plains.


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Two street robberies hit city in two days

Authorities describe the seller as an African American male in his early thirties who stands six feet tall and weighs an estimated 170 pounds. He wore …
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