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Perspectives: Wakulla Springs’ African-American History

53 minutes ago

For generations, African-American families had lived in the area around Wakulla Springs, long before Ed Ball built the lodge and other resort amenities at which many of these families would find employment.  Those connections continue to this day and on January 26, Wakulla Springs will celebrate that legacy with a day-long event.  To talk about it are: Herb Donaldson with the area’s Palaver Tree Theatre; Wakulla Springs Park Manager Amy Conyers; Friends of Wakulla Springs President Barbara Wilson; and Wakulla Springs Historian Madeline Carr.

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Traveling museum brings African-American history to Whitworth University

A college sociology class and the Million Man March in 1995 inspired Khalid el-Hakim to launch the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, a traveling exhibit that pulls from more than 7,000 items of African-American history.

The mobile museum’s collection of items from the civil rights movement, music, sports and pop culture has visited more than 32 states as well as 300 schools, libraries, cultural events, conferences and religious institutions throughout the nation.

Whitworth University on Tuesday hosted the traveling museum, which features 200 pieces of memorabilia displayed chronologically, from the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to current hip-hop culture.

The collection includes an old drinking fountain sign; newspapers;…

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Nonprofit offers tour of Pittsburgh churches, black history in honor of King

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh nonprofit is hosting a tour of city churches in honor of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is organizing “Ride With the King: Black History Tour” on Jan. 19, organizers said, days before King’s birthday, a federal holiday.

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Unearthing the History of Segregated Atlantic City

The residential areas of Atlantic City may have been essentially segregated from the time of the city’s incorporation, but its beaches and hotels were not segregated until 1900, when white tourists visiting from the Jim Crow South started to complain about integration. The Missouri Avenue Beach, the only beach open to black people in the area at the time, was declared a historic landmark in 1997. African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey

After the Great Migration, black residents in the Northside neighborhood duplicated businesses that excluded African Americans, creating a thriving environment.

Like much of the United States, Atlantic City, New Jersey, was both de facto and legally segregated throughout much of its history, until the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court…

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Nike Black History Month Collection 2019

Beginning January 2017, Nike partnered with two organizations, PeacePlayers International and MENTOR, to expand opportunities for youth and their communities. Two years later, Nike has helped expand their reach across the United States by linking more communities through sport and by fostering more mentor-mentee relationships in the lives of young people.

With Nike’s help over the last two years, PeacePlayers has established programs in Brooklyn, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore, using basketball to bridge divides between young people. In 2018 alone, MENTOR expanded its programs in the southeastern and western U.S. with Nike’s support, piloted an initiative in three cities to further Nike employee engagement in mentoring and continues to connect adults to youth mentorship…

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Black History Events Planned | HubCitySPOKES.com

The African American Military History Museum will host a series of public programs to commemorate Black History Month. 

• Thursday, Jan. 31 at 10 a.m., Nothing Happens Until Something Moves: African Americans in Military Transport: The museum will kick-off Black History Month presenting a new exhibition. The event will feature guest speaker, First Sgt. David Brooks, Deputy Commandant of the 3rd Noncommissioned Officers Academy, 154th RTI, Camp Shelby. Soldiers from the 296th Transportation Company/ Brookhaven will convoy to the museum in special military vehicles used on and off the field. The vehicles will be on display in the museum’s parking lot.

• 10 a.m. every Friday in February, Story Time with a Soldier: A uniformed service member in the community will read a book chosen from…

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