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Surging Interest in Black History Gives a Lift to Museums, Tourism

Black history museums and historic sites are flourishing across the South, riding a wave of interest in African-American history that has made a stunning success of the two-year-old National Museum of African American History and Culture in the nation’s capital.

In the past year, museums documenting the civil rights struggle and memorializing lynching victims have opened in Jackson, Mississippi, and Montgomery, Alabama. In Nashville, a museum focusing on African-American music is scheduled to open next year.

And in Charleston, South Carolina, construction is set to begin next year on a projected $75 million black history museum that will stand on the former site of Gadsden’s Wharf, the disembarkation point for more than 100,000 Africans brought to America and sold into…

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CWRU needs a full-time, tenure-track African-American history professor: Ted Steinberg (Opinion)

CLEVELAND — While President Donald Trump is seeking to end birthright citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants — citizenship rights codified in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution passed to protect black people after the Civil War — Case Western Reserve University is slashing funding for African-American history. At issue is a currently vacant faculty position in that field, a position that has been in existence at the university for 26 years.

In the wake of the recent massacre of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue, the president of CWRU, Barbara Snyder, issued a statement condemning the murders as well as other hate crimes such as the slaughter of nine African-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina, church in 2015. “History,” she writes, “is replete with…

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Page not found | National Museum of African American History and Culture

About the Museum

The National Museum of African American History and Culture will be a place where all Americans can learn about the richness and diversity of the African American experience, what it means to their lives and how it helped us shape this nation. A place that transcends the boundaries of race and culture that divide us, and becomes a lens into a story that unites us all.

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African-American identical female twin detectives from Queens make history at the NYPD

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QNS is the online home for Queens providing the most comprehensive source of award-winning local
news, events, classifieds and a social platform to connect and inform members of each neighborhood.

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History made in SCSO as first African American woman is named Chief Inspector

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff's Office is making history as they now have their fist African-American female Chief Inspector of Internal …
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Freedom: A Photographic History of the African American Struggle

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