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Ferguson Is A Wake Up Call, Black People

riot2Tonight the Grand Jury verdict came back and the Police officer that executed Michael Brown will not be charged. Why would he when the problems on both sides of the conflict are systemic. Most Black youth feel they have to prove something, to peers and society and they act lawlessly. Police feel they have a open season on Black youth because of several reasons, most of which is the result of society’s long history of discrimination against Blacks that has left many Black communities disenfranchised.


The measure of a strong people is their ability to rise up out of despaire. Before they can do that they must recognize that they have a problem, in other words they have to become aware. Once aware it leads to accountability. Awareness so far has been either to escape Black communities or endure the hardships by using the comforts that religion provides. It is evident however that neither religion nor relocation has been able to sufficiently change the conditions that many Black people find themselves in.


So what’s the solution? The solution is to find the real you Black people and stop following other people. We have no pride in ourselves because we think that we have no history other than what we were indoctrinated with. We live by an unspoken “adapt or die” code because we believe that there is nothing else. We try our best to change our physical appearance to fit in but the most important thing that we always miss is that the human DNA code is degenerating, it is not improving. And guess what, AfRAkans have the most complete DNA code.


Moral of the story; you can’t expect accountability from others until we become accountable ourselves. Dohgon wisdom is based on acCOUNTability.