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10 million African students become jobless after graduation each year

Published on
11.01.2019 at 15h09
Journal du Cameroun

About 10 million students who graduate from the 668 universities in Africa each year do not get jobs according to The Africa Internship Academy (AIA).

The Pan-African Social enterprise says it has made this issue their prerogative to accelerate the level of, especially youth employment across Africa by filling in the skills gap.

Having worked extensively with youths in Africa over the years, AIA says they have discovered that the general transition from school-to-work is fragile.

“The educational institutions and the working bodies are both to blame for the lame nature of the transition.”

Many employers lament about the poor skills of entry-level…

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Study: Graduation rates for bowl-bound teams up slightly

The overall graduation rates for athletes on bowl-bound FBS football programs continue to climb, though the disparity in the rates between white and African-American players widened slightly, according to a study released on Monday.

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics and Sport shows in its report that the overall football Graduation Success Rate (GSR) is up to 79 percent, climbing from 77 percent in 2017.

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USC enrollment, graduation for African-Americans up

The University of South Carolina is providing tremendous opportunities for African-American and other minority students in South Carolina, resulting in surging enrollment and graduation rates.

African-American freshmen enrollment rose by 25 percent at USC Columbia last year, and we expect it to rise by another 15 percent this fall, producing an increase of more than 40 percent over two years. Equally important, our African-American…

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Dovetail Project celebrates graduation ceremony for young African American fathers

On Thursday, June 14 at 7:30 pm, 47 young fathers will graduate from The Dovetail Project, a unique fatherhood training initiative for young African American men ages 17 to 24.

Fathers participate in the Dovetail Project for 12 weeks, engaged in an exclusive curriculum of parenting skills, life skills, and felony street law and connecting with a job, GED or trade upon completing the program. The June 14th graduation ceremony will serve as a capstone to their learning experience. Members of the media are invited to join family and friends of graduates as we celebrate the accomplishments of our young fathers.

WHAT: The Dovetail Project’s 18th graduation ceremony

WHEN: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 7:30-8:30 pm (photography permitted)

WHERE: The DuSable Museum of African…

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Oakland Tech to hold first Black Graduation, joins growing movement to celebrate among one’s own – Story

– For the first time, at least in modern history, the 143 African-American students at Oakland Technical High School will host their own Black Graduation ceremony on Monday, two days before the mainstream commencement.

It is the only high school in the Oakland Unified School District to hold such a graduation ceremony and was an idea that was first rebuffed. Nearly 40 percent of the school’s 2,000 students are African American. And many say they wanted to celebrate their particular struggles and achievements that only people from their cultural background could understand.

“At Oakland Tech, we’re not supposed to be oppressed,” said Donae Taylor, 17, the senior behind this year’s Black Graduation. “But it’s hard for black students to get equality. I feel like our…

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Black U.S. Coast Guard cadets achieve #BlackExcellence and make history at graduation

A group of 18 African-American men and women graduated from United States Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday, reports Connecticut’s The Day. Collectively, the graduates represent the largest amount of newly minted Black Coast Guard ensigns, adding much-needed diversity to the institution.

“The goal is to have you break into the senior leadership of this organization. For you guys to do that, you guys have got to remain vigilant. You got to remain focused, and you got to remain on task,” Cmdr. Marcus Canady, a 2000 academy graduate, said to the ensigns. Canady is part of the Admissions Minority Outreach Team, which was formed in 2007.

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Although most ensigns do not receive lieutenant commander shoulder boards…

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