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Big African-American Support for GOP in Florida and Georgia Enrages the Left

RUSH: Oh. A couple interesting stories here, too, related to the elections in Georgia and Florida. In Florida, an analysis of exit poll data shows that Ron DeSantis, the Republican and winner, got a far greater percentage of the African-American vote and Hispanic vote than anybody can believe. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but it’s big. In Georgia, Kemp got more African-American votes than anybody imagined, and African-American organizations in Georgia are ticked and livid about this. They’re calling these black people that voted for Kemp traitors and who knows, Uncle Toms.

Why did it happen? Why did it happen? Because, folks, you know the conventional wisdom is that…

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Election results in Florida and Georgia prompt soul-searching for African Americans

“It's nice to see black people doing something early,” said Maxwell, 53, an African American retired naval officer, voting two days before Election Day.
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Caribbean News – This Caribbean National Makes History In The Georgia Elections

Donna McLeod, a mother, grandmother and resident of House District 105 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, made history by becoming the first Jamaican woman elected to the Georgia House of Representatives District 105.

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By NAN Contributor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 7, 2018: While Georgia’s gubernatorial race remains too close to call with Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams refusing to give up, one Caribbean national had something to celebrate Tuesday night.

Donna McLeod, a mother, grandmother and resident of House District 105 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, made history by becoming the first Jamaican woman elected to the Georgia House of Representatives District 105.

The Kingston-born, McLeod, beat Republican Donna Sheldon by 58 percent or14,291 votes in the open race,…

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African-American Hopefuls Fall Short in Georgia, Florida Governor Races

Results were disappointing for two Democratic candidates who vied to become the first African-American state governors of Florida and Georgia, after closely contested campaigns where race and identity politics were highly divisive issues.

In Florida, Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum, the former mayor of Tallahassee, conceded the race to his Republican rival Ron DeSantis, but he vowed to remain politically active.

“I want you to know that in spite of our congratulating him on his victory this evening, nothing that we believe in is compromised,” Gillum told his supporters Tuesday evening.

Florida Governor-elect Ron DeSantis, right, answers questions from reporters, with his wife Casey, after being declared the winner of the Florida gubernatorial race at an election party in Orlando,…

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Brian Kemp’s victory in Georgia proves how the Republican Party is changing its tactics after Trump

One of the most closely watched races in the midterm elections was the race for Georgia’s governor. Republican Brian Kemp was facing off against Democrat Stacey Abrams. Late last night the race was too close to call, with hundreds of precincts not yet reporting — but in the end, Kemp came out victorious.

The race represents Democrats’ best chance in almost 20 years of winning a major statewide race in the state. The party has not won a race for Senator or governor in Georgia since 2000.

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Oprah Winfrey, Georgia governor hopeful Stacey Abrams targeted i – CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station

By William Cummings, USA TODAY

The heated and hotly contested campaign that could see the first African-American elected governor of Georgia has been targeted by a white supremacist group, which sent recorded racist messages out to voters in the state.

The robocall, audio of which was posted on social media, features a man attempting to impersonate former talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who campaigned for Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia last week. The voice refers to Winfrey as “the magical negro” whom the “Jews who own the American media” used to “trick dumb white women” into doing what they wanted.

Amid more racist insults, the recording says Abrams – who, if she wins on Tuesday, would also become the first African-American woman elected governor in U.S. history -has a similar ability and “is…

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