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African-American military monument gains more support

A joint gift of $200,000 from Delaware North Cos. Inc. and M&T Bank will help bring to reality a new monument recognizing local African-American …
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Some Blacks See Big Gains in House Price Appreciation

Construction on a housing development in Detroit.
Construction on a housing development in Detroit. Rebecca Cook/Reuters

In some cities black homebuyers did better than whites, Latinos, and Asians in recent years. The problem is that there aren’t enough of them.

Black homeownership rates are in free-fall. All homeownership rates have declined steadily since 2004, and they’re now hovering at their lowest levels since the mid-1990s. But black homeowners, targeted disproportionately by subprime lenders during the housing bubble, suffered tremendous losses in the subsequent foreclosure crisis. Today, African-American homeownership rates are at their lowest levels in 50 years—since before the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968.

This crisis is so significant that many African-American households may no longer aspire to buy homes,…

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FSB gains Caribbean vision leading PowerPlay expansion

Richard Thorp – FSB

FSB Tech has announced that it has completed its systems upgrade for leading Caribbean sportsbook operator PowerPlay (PowerPlay.com), expanding its new markets profile.

Announcing its first Caribbean-centric partnership, FSB becomes the lead online betting and casino platform supplier for PowerPlay, Jamaica’s biggest online sportsbook.

In its corporate update, FSB details that it has delivered a tailored betting solution for PowerPlay, optimising live betting dynamics for football, cricket, tennis and basketball, markets which dominate Caribbean player engagements.

Confirming the deployment of FSB solutions, Business Development Director, Richard Thorp, said: “We were delighted when PowerPlay chose us for their online launch and proud the platform…

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Biggest African Bond Fund Snaps Up MTN, Gains From Local Debt

Cape Town-based Allan Gray's Africa bond fund has managed to outdo its peers this year and protect itself against the selloff buffeting emerging …
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Salada Foods, Caribbean Cream led gains during Tuesday’s trading

Salada Foods and Caribbean Cream (Kremi) led gains on Monday’s trading of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

Salada gained 16.04 per cent to close at $24.96, while Kremi gained 14.4 per cent to close at $6.75. Top declining stocks included Jetcon Corporation down 7.2 per cent to close at $3.50 and Elite Diagnostics down 5.4 per cent to close at $3.17.

The JSE Combined Index declined by 2,921.80 points (0.80 per cent) to close at 363,123.74, while the JSE Index declined by 3,094.14 points (0.86 per cent) to close at 355,732.85.

The JSE All Jamaican Composite Index declined by 3,396.00 points (0.86 per cent) to close at 390,437.61 and the JSE Select Index declined by 64.28 points (0.65 per cent) to close at 9,757.59.

The Junior Market Index declined by 7.26 points (0.22 per cent) to close…

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African Job Creation Lags Developmental Gains, Study Finds

Most African nations are doing a better job in promoting development and safeguarding human rights but are falling short in providing jobs for their …
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