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Taoiseach will meet African leaders in push for UN Council Trump to focus on North Korea and Tehran in address to U…

America first: Donald Trump will reinforce the primacy of his domestic agenda. Photo: Reuters

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will use his appearance at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit…

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Kentucky communities, historic sites, focus on diversity and inclusion – The Advocate-Messenger


Guest columnist

Civil Rights activist Marcus Garvey once said, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Were Garvey alive today, he would likely commend the efforts of several Kentucky communities that are allowing those roots to flourish.

From Russellville to Lexington and points beyond, our communities are telling more diverse stories about our past, even when that history is difficult.

Civil War enthusiasts know Russellville as the site where secessionist Kentuckians established a provisional state government that supported the Confederacy. Although Kentucky’s rebel governors never held any power, their efforts, in terms of the Bluegrass State’s Civil War story, put Russellville on the…

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Community Focus: Redefining African women through campus life

Stepping into a new world presents its challenges and new opportunities. Here’s how an organization is helping international students transition on campus.

Grace Olaleye celebrated her third birthday in 1986, at this point it had been one year since she left her home of Nigeria and she’s experiencing many firsts, like any kid.

“I did not understand English. My parents did not sit down and teach me, it was literally Sesame Street and I’m a big fan of PBS,” Olaleye said.

Grace says her parents gave her all they could, she grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and it was hard for her to connect so she encountered many “hard” firsts.

“At the time it was difficult for me as an immigrant to be accepted in those spaces because I didn’t look like my age mates,” …

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Why Europe should focus on its growing interdependence with Africa

IT IS a peculiarly modern habit to think of the Mediterranean Sea as a boundary. For over two millennia, civilisations bled across it and intermingled. Roman, Carthaginian, Moorish and Venetian empires expanded primarily along maritime routes. It took four days to get from imperial Rome to today’s Tunisia, but 11 days to reach Milan. The Sahara restricted contact between this Mediterranean Eurafrica and the regions to the south, but not entirely. A study of 22 skulls from Roman London found that four were African, for example. The medieval wealth of desert trading cities like Timbuktu and Agadez spoke of extensive north-south commerce. Later European colonialists penetrated, pillaged and parcelled up the continent; African troops fought in the trenches of the first world war; Europeans…

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Second Beer in Zoo Brew Series to Focus on African Elephant Conservation

The second of four beers in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and Zipline Brewing Co.’s Zoo Brew Series, African Elephant XPA, will make its debut in Zipline’s tasting room on 
Friday, September 28 and select retail outlets by Saturday, September 29. 

African Elephant XPA, an extra pale ale, is brewed and dry-hopped exclusively with Southern Star hops from South Africa. Drinkers can expect a crisp, bright taste with tangy berry notes. Proceeds generated from African Elephant XPA will directly support and help protect Nigeria’s last remaining herd of elephants. Funds will be allocated toward improving community livelihoods through education and anti-poaching efforts, including providing supplies and training for wardens. 

“This unique partnership is…

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Bayview District schools to be focus of PITCH program – by vincent-matthews – September 4, 2018

When I first began my career as a teacher, I taught at George Washington Carver Elementary School in the Bayview. The majority of my students were African American students from the Bayview, and they were outperforming most of their peers across the City in academic performance measures.

That was 30 years ago, and quite a bit has changed in the world, San Francisco, and the Bayview since then. Among those changes is the fact that many of our students attending schools in the Bayview, including Carver, are facing additional community challenges. Many of them are not demonstrating mastery of the academic standards we set out for them to meet. Unfortunately, with some exceptions, this has been true for a long time.

District leaders before me have declared turning around the…

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