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Trump Is Not a Racist Says Black Victims of Conscience hijacking

Social media is certainly broadening our individual scopes of influence, enabling us to interact with people with a wider range of ideas and opinions. While most people use the advantage that social media provides to connect with other like-minded people so that they can bond, I prefer to use social media to understand human behavior.

Back in 2016 when Trump was elected president, a lot of Black people were shocked to know that hundreds of thousands of other Black people voted for him given his apparent racist tendencies. The general consensus among Liberal Blacks was that Black Trump supporters were all Uncle Toms but I had a different opinion; I recognized that most Black Trump supporters were victims of Conscience Hijacking. 

I thought my assessment of conservative Blacks was unique (silly me) until I actually researched it and found that Conscience hijacking is an actual medical condition. Conscience hijacking is a form of psychological manipulation in which an individual is coerced into making decisions or taking actions that are contrary to their own moral beliefs or values.

Also, it is a form of psychological manipulation that can be used to influence a person’s behavior and decisions. It is often used to manipulate people into doing something they would not normally do, such as making a purchase, signing a contract, or supporting a racist.    

Since 2016, I’ve seen an increasing number of Black people on social media defending and trying to prove that Trump is not a racist even though his own actions and words betray him. The most telling indication of his true character was having to be forced to denounce racism, which was getting more blatent since his emergence on the political scene and all he could say was that “there are good people on both sides.” In actuality, his racial indifferences go way back.      

In 1989, Donald Trump took out full-page ads in four New York City newspapers calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, a group of black and Latino teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of a rape. In 2011, Trump questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States, suggesting he was not a legitimate president. Although he was not the first to say it, it was a racist attack on America’s first Black president that he popularized. During the election campaign in 2015, Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals”.

While serving as president of the most powerful and “so-called” ethical country on the planet Trump reportedly referred to African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with lawmakers. A year later in 2018, Trump reportedly did it again by referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from “shithole countries” during a meeting with lawmakers. In 2019, Trump reportedly referred to a group of four Democratic congresswomen of color as “a bunch of communists” and told them to “go back” to their countries of origin.

With all these examples of Trump harboring racist views, why are so many Black people defending him? Black Trump supporters’ site several reasons such as the Democratic Party’s history of exploiting the Black community without improving it, Trumps focus on bringing jobs back to America, his tough on crime policies, and his reforming of the criminal justice system that directly benefits Black Americans.

These are all good deeds that cannot be discounted; however, only one of these things fall under acts of Conscience, which is being tough on crime. Fortunately for Trump being tough on crime solidified support with evangelicals, who then gave him their whole moral agenda portfolio, which includes Abortion abolition, Gender conformity, and the defending and spreading of Christianity over other religions in society.

I support strict law and order, I respect ambitious people, and I despise immorality. In most countries that would make me a political conservative but as a conservative minded Black person, it would be easy to compromise my conscience if I didn’t live using a “Race First” policy. That doesn’t mean that when we live using a race first policy, racists cannot hijack our conscience and use it to gain and maintain power over us; it simply makes it harder for them to do.

The ultimate solution is to harness the political power of all Black people of Conscience who think race first to create a political movement of our own.  

Kenyan Cult Pastor Kills Dozens of His Followers

A Kenyan cult pastor is believed to be responsible for the deaths of dozens of his followers. Police have so far dug up 21 bodies, which includes men, women, and children and are investigating the disappearance of 58 more of his followers. The pastor, who operated a Christian church in the coastal town of Malindi for several years was taken into custody but was released pending further investigation. However, it is alleged that the followers died of starvation after being instructed by the pastor that they could meet and talk to Jesus but only after a period of extreme fasting.

This is very sad news, which unfortunately is not unusual in Africa or anywhere in the world where organized religions are practiced. I will boldly state that all religions are nothing more than cults. Some are more extreme than others but all serve the same purpose, which is to decieve. Most religious people are trained to become so faithful to their religions that they will die not knowing that they were deceived by Demons. That is why evil persists in this world. If you don’t want to be deceived by cult pastors and lose your Soul to demons, this is what you need to do.  

Demons love Black and African people because we are the most Spiritually aware people on Earth. The #1 reason for our spirituality is because we have the most active Pineal Glands, which harnesses Spiritual energy from the universe and turns it into Melatonin to heal and enhance our physical bodies. We were the first humans to permutate from the spiritual to the physical realm to inhabit this Earth. Unfortunately, due to our own unaccountable behaviors, we produced offspring whose souls cannot return to the spiritual realm after death so they’re stranded in the Grey Zone and remain here as ghosts. Stronger ghosts develop into Demons.  

Most people believe in a Devil but just like there is no God, there is also no Devil. Instead, what exists are millions of demons who live off the energy of the living and work 24/7 to corrupt us so that our Souls will become trapped in the Grey Zone just like them. Demons appeal to our Desires for sexual pleasure, riches, and power. Most of all, Demons thrive off sadness and despair but since they cannot directly tell people to do evil, they focus on maintaining bad energy levels around people who have weak Consciences.

The best way to avoid being deceived by a demon, such as the pastor in Kenya, is to understand that you don’t need to compete to go to heaven. Heaven is actually an illusion that was invented by ancient religious philosophers who were trying to control and maintain power in society using Fear. The God of religion is also an illusion that shares more characteristics with demons than the actual creator of life and the universe. The true creator of life and the universe is the Great Spirit, which requires no praise or competition for its favor because that is not what existence is about.  

People are physical representations of omnipotent Spirits and life is simply a realm in which our Spirit sends a portion of its energy into for experience. When Spiritual energy reacts with living tissue, Soul energy is created. Soul energy grows when we pay attention to our Conscience, which is the energy of the Great Spirit reacting with our Soul energy. Conscience encourages us to live morally and Ethically with nature and other people.

Two things can happen to our Soul energy when our physical body dies. 1) If our Soul is strong, it will return to the Universe to become one with our Spirit. If our Soul wants to return to life, our Spirit will arrange to reincarnate it into life again. 2) If our Soul is weak, it will get trapped in the Grey Zone and either fade into obscurity or seek to live off the energy of people as a ghost or demon.

The Kenyan pastor who encouraged his followers to kill themselves was definitely possessed by demons. He encouraged his followers to do something that he hadn’t done. That is a deception that was done for the single purpose of taking their money. When we fall victim to cults, all we are doing is filling up the Grey Zone and increasing evil on Earth. It’s time to abandon the senseless practices of coveting the favor of Gods, chasing Desires, and living Unethically. The only way to change this world is to start living Conscientiously.

Spiritual Benefits of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper, also known as Grains of Selim or Guinea pepper, is a West African spice made from the seeds of the Aframomum danielli plant. It is often used in traditional African medicine and spiritual practices, and is believed to have various spiritual benefits.

One of the most notable spiritual benefits of alligator pepper is its ability to protect against negative energy and evil spirits. In many African cultures, alligator pepper is used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies to ward off negative energies and provide protection to the individual or community. It is also used as a purifying agent, helping to cleanse the body and mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

Alligator pepper is also believed to have powerful spiritual properties that can help to bring good luck and prosperity. It is often used in traditional African rituals and ceremonies to attract positive energy and bring blessings to the individual or community. In some cultures, alligator pepper is also used to help bring clarity and focus to the mind, making it a helpful tool for meditation and spiritual growth.

In addition to its spiritual benefits, alligator pepper is also believed to have various medicinal properties. It is often used to treat a wide range of ailments, including digestive issues, respiratory problems, and skin conditions. It is also believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a helpful tool for overall health and well-being.

Overall, alligator pepper is a powerful and versatile spice that is widely used in African spiritual practices and traditional medicine. Its ability to protect against negative energies, bring good luck and prosperity, and promote overall health and well-being make it an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and development. So, it can be a great addition to your spiritual practice.

Hate is a Form of Happiness

They say hate is the opposite of love but that’s not true; hate is actually a form of happiness. This statement can be validated by the universal truism, “people love to hate”. Love itself is the epitome of happiness and not a polar attribute of human behavior. The only two polar attributes of human behavior are Conscience and Desire.

There were numerous incidents in the news this past week that support my belief that hate is a form of happiness but I will focus on just two in particular. The first incident involved the voting in of the first Black female Supreme Court Judge in American history. Republican Senators tried their darndest to block her appointment from the very moment her name came up as a candidate and there are only two reasons why.

The two reason why Republicans hate Ketanji Brown-Jackson is because she is Black and she is not a conscious supporter of white supremacy. She does unconsciously support white supremacy but that is a topic for a separate discussion. You could actually see the hate bubbling up in Republican Senator’s faces like pimples and hear the poisonous venom in their speeches and comments.

If you don’t live in an environment of racial hate, it might make you wonder how people can maintain such hate. You might even believe within yourself that such behavior is making those people sick but when you think about the hundreds of years and generations of hate that they have maintained then you will understand that, to them, hate has become a form of happiness.

The second incident that supports my belief that hate is a form of happiness is the killing of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops. I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about the Russia-Ukraine war anymore because there is no benefit for Black people except to learn about human nature. Unfortunately, most Black people are too busy trying to survive than to worry about the risks we have to endure in foreign lands and against White, Arab, and Asian supremacists.

The result is that we get trapped by adopting the ideologies other Races indoctrinate us with and that they project into the world. Now I see Black people trying to defend Russia because of the personal hate they harbor for White America. White supremacists have been oppressing us so long that of course our hate for them is justified. Unfortunately, Russia “sticking it to the American Empire” by way of annexing Ukraine is a form of Black happiness that we somehow believe will benefit us in the long run.

Let’s analyze the truth of the Russia Ukraine war. The Russian narrative in the war is that they are trying to defend themselves against American and Western aggression. They say they don’t want Ukraine to join NATO because it would allow America to place their military closer to the Russian border, which is an existential threat. Nonsense! Russia is the largest country in the world but unfortunately, they are far from being the most economically prosperous.

There are only two reasons why Russia fears American and none involve military power. The truth is that Russia only fears America culturally and economically. America’s greatest economic resource is Technology, which they export to foreign lands through business development. Setting up businesses in foreign lands has the residual effect of influencing the culture of those regions. Eventually, the people of those regions become open to the idea of “pursuing individual happiness” instead of being subjected to government regulated Socialism or Dictatorship.

The real question we should all be pondering before we choose sides in other people’s conflicts is how will being happy for one side or the other rest with our Conscience. If we desire to keep using hate as a form of happiness then we will only continue to dwell in the same pit as the white supremacists in black and white face who permeate American politics. That doesn’t mean that we should forgive and forget as their religions tells us to do but they don’t do, it simply means that we should focus on more conscientious ways of generating happiness.

Chase That Crazy Trumpkin Out of Town


With Halloween and Election Day in American merely days away, all sanity pursuing Black Americans must take the initiative to vote so that they can chase that crazy Trumpkin out of town. If you don’t do it, the next 4 years will be scarier for you than Halloween is to a 4-year-old child.

A very famous Bob Marley song says; “We built your penitentiaries, we built your schools, yet you gave us brainwashed education to make us the fools. Didn’t my people before me, slave for this country. Now you treat us with scorn and you eat up all our corn. Well we’re gonna chase you crazy bald heads out of town”.

Some people might say, “brother Integral, you’re not American. Why are you always talking about America instead of minding your own business?” Well, whether I or most people like it or not, America is still the most influential country in the world. It is technology leader, a major cultural influencer, and the economic engine of the planet. Anything that happens in America, good or bad, creates a ripple effect on global stability.

Contrary to white supremacist beliefs, America did not rise to become an empire solely because of white people. Americas prominence in the world stems from Americas multi-racial and multi-cultural make-up. People of all nationalities and races have emigrated to America over the past few centuries. Early immigrants left their countries in search of a better life with better economical opportunities.

Over the past few decades however, America has streamlined its immigration to focus on highly educated people from other countries. In other countries the process is known as “Brain Drain”.  Simply research the ranks of many of the largest corporations in America and you will discover that most are full of Asians, Arabs, Jews, and other non-Arian people.

After 300 years of free slave labor that they used to jump-start America’s rise to global prominence, they refuse to acknowledge the concerns of Black people. And after using intimidation, fear, racism, and discrimination to beat most Black Americans into submission, bump-head white supremacists say that Black people are only un-successful because they love poverty and playing-the-victim.

We know why white supremacists love to focus on Black people; we are easy targets. Unfortunately, Black people in America and the world will always remain that way as long as we remain disorganized, desire dependent, and easily led by conspiracies and propaganda. The chief bump-head loves to say that he has done more for the Black community than any politician in history but what does he mean when race relations have actually gotten worse under his presidency?

Fear of being killed by racist cops and citizens has increased while he hasn’t said anything about it. Secure the blue-line he says to the cops and to the white militias he says “stand by”. When he says he has done a lot for the Black community it means that he has only given Black people the option to continue playing their position in society as subservient laborers.

Black America; its time to fight back against white supremacists and their politicians in this election by electing people who are sympathetic to the concerns of the Black community. Its time to chase that crazy orange colored Trumpkin out of town.

Nigerians More Afraid of Police than Criminals, This is Why


Nigerians are more afraid of the Police than criminals, this is why. What does it say about a society when people fear the police more than the criminals? It means that the society is broken and the level of consciousness within the society needs to be elevated. Unfortunately, that can only be achieved using a completely new way of thinking that only concepts such as the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness can provide.

Police brutality in Nigeria has been a concern among Nigerians for a very long time. The situation has now come to a crisis as anti-police brutality protesting (#ENDSARS) against the country’s special anti-crime unit, better known as SARS, has turned into all out violence. Dozens of protesters have been killed by the police, special forces and the Army and the protesters have returned the favor by burning down numerous police stations, businesses, and government offices.  

If you are like me looking in from the outside, you might feel that it’s terrible that the police are killing innocent protesters but how did the situation get so terrible? The truth is that the whole of the society is to blame. The SARS force was created as a result of the senseless violence that permeates Nigerian society. There are several types of feared criminals that people used to dread more than the police.

The first type of criminals that are prevalent in Nigerian society are Ritualists. They kidnap people on a regular basis then dismember their victims and sell their body parts to people who then use the body parts in their own rituals. Who are the customers, you might ask? The customers are everyone from preachers and business people to everyday citizens who couldn’t give a damn about their neighbors. This is a real sickness within the society.

The second most feared criminals are bandits who kidnap business people, politicians, and anyone they suspect of having family wealth. Kidnappers will kill their victims even after receiving their ransom demands so no one ever wants to encounter them. The third type of feared criminals in Nigeria is the robbers. They mostly prey on businesses and Banks but they will rob anyone for their cars, cell phones, and cash.

All three types of criminals usually operate in gangs. SARS was created as a special task force to focus on investigating these criminal gangs while allowing regular police officers to focus on other crimes. Over time, the tactics that SARS used to gather evidence became corrupt. They would detain and torture suspects in order to extract information in their investigations but when the suspects died during the interrogation, their bodies were dumped. When SARS took down gangs, they often extra-judiciously killed all the suspects. Eventually, they began to be perceived as lawless criminals themselves with no accountability to anyone. Women often accused them of rape and men of battery without just cause.

So, how did the Police become just as bad as the criminals? We can’t compare them to American Police because we know that most instances of Police brutality in North America is due to racism. The answer is that they lack morals and accountability but that explanation is still too simple isn’t it? The fact is that the whole of Nigerian society is to blame. They are suffering from a deficiency of conscience.

Before Nigerians condemn me for sounding self-righteous, I also believe that the whole world is suffering from a deficiency of conscience. I’m also from a country with one of the highest murder rates on the planet. We also had a special force we called ACID that became corrupt and called out by Amnesty International. The force was disbanded but crime and violence only continued. Today there are over 1000 murders in Jamaica every year for the past 20 years. This is in a population of only 3 million people, not even the size of some Nigerian cities.

Human cognition only operates in two states; conscience and desire. Conscience is an energy field that connects us to the Great Spirit that is the Universe. The more attention we give it, the more it grows to strengthen our empathy, care, and concern for other people. These are the building blocks of our morals.

Desire on the other hand, is an energy field that grounds our Soul to the Earth. It induces us to seek out the pleasures of life which provides us with a false sense of happiness. Everyone, including preachers override their #conscience in order to enjoy the pleasures of life. That is why you see Preachers buying multi-million-dollar Jets, fancy Cars, luxury Houses, and designer clothes.

#Nigeria now has some of the richest preachers in the world while the vast percentage of the population is poor. It tells everyone in society that money is king therefore they are doing anything to get rich. If a deceiver comes to them and tells them that the best and fastest way to get money is to kill a woman, boil her vagina and breasts and eat them, they will do it. The ritualists then gets rich from selling deception to hundreds of people.

The only problem is that people who go to ritualists don’t see that it’s their money that is making the ritualists rich. They think that it’s because the ritualist is also eating body parts to gain power. The result is that the whole society, from top to bottom, is now spiraling downward into a whirlpool of depravity. Policing will get weaker and the criminals stronger, then after the population cries out another SARS force will be created. This cycle will continue until we begin to learn about then pursue our true purpose as Human beings on this planet.

Antebellum Movie is an Ominous Warning to Black Americans

If you are a Black American and you haven’t seen the movie Antebellum, I suggest that you do because it will remind you of why you shouldn’t be complacent about the rise in White Nationalism. Organize and arm yourselves now because as you party and play video games many racist Politicians and racist Radio pied-pipers are openly advocating for America to return to the glory days of the Antebellum South. It won’t be long until the events of this movie comes to pass.

This is not a movie review or a critique but merely a personal analogy and if you think I’m “reaching” then you don’t know history. We all experience things in different ways and different things are created so that different people will get a different experience or enjoyment from them. Antebellum is simply a movie that uses historical truth to deliver a message in a creative way. I did not enjoy the movie because I hate all movies with slave topics. However, I did find it intriguing, which is why I chose to analyze the messages that the movie is attempting to deliver.

Antebellum is billed as a horror thriller and it is played in three non-chronological Acts. The main actor is popular singer and actor, Janelle Monae and since most of the plot centers around her character I will focus on her experiences. The first Act introduces us to Janelle as a Cotton-picking slave who, along with dozens of other Black people/slaves are stuck in what appears to be a Confederate Army camp. White men in Confederate army clothes patrol the camp and oversee the slaves as they pick and process Cotton for shipping.

The cruelty of the soldiers towards the slaves is stereotypical of everything we’ve ever seen, read, or heard about slavery in the American South during mid 1800s. They kill, brutalize, and rape the slaves at will and the slaves are made to labor and serve them while being forbidden to even communicating among themselves. All the slaves seem to look up to Janelle for some reason, as if she had some sort of secret supernatural powers that is yet to be unleashed or maybe it was simply because she was the General’s concubine. Whatever she was, we could tell that she was just as scared as everyone else.

As Janelle laid next to the sleeping General, probably after her nightly raping, she stares hopelessly into the darkness. The scene cuts to Act two and surprisingly, we see that Janelle is now in modern day. She is not only happily married with a husband and young daughter; she is an accomplished author and academic professor too. Her life seems as hectic and rushed as any modern professional’s life would be as she tries to keep a happy home while faithfully pursuing the professional success offered to her through her belief in the American Dream. 

She jets off to Louisiana to attend the launch of her new Book but while there she is kidnapped by a couple of white people; one of them is the Lieutenant of the Confederate Army we saw before. At this point I thought of giving up on this movie because I thought it was corny as hell. 18th century ghosts are kidnapping Black people and returning them to slavery? This can’t be the horror that the movie was billed to contain, I thought but continued to watch.

Act three opens with Janelle back in the Army camp the day after we left her in Act one. New slaves are brought into the camp and the cruelty continues. Then after one of the new slave girls hangs herself Janelle and another slave decides that it was time to escape. She waits for nightfall and after getting raped one more time she also waits for the general to fall asleep. It was at this point that the horrific plot of the film was revealed. A cell phone rings and the General gets up, goes outside to his horse and answers the phone. The rest of the movie is the thrilling part but I’ll let you experience that for yourself

When the General’s phone rings it is here that most people will realize that the movie is not set in the past; it is all taking place in modern days Louisiana. You see, the General and all his Confederate soldiers are white racists engaged in Cosplay but while their costumes are fake, their victims and actions are 100% real. They are racists who believe in the greatness of the Old South Confederacy before it was defeated and dismantled by the Northern Union. This is the America that racists refer to when they say they want to Make America Great Again (MAGA).

All the Black people are captives from everyday society. They are upper-class professionals, Black activists, and people who white people either envy or don’t like. They were lured, kidnapped and held captive to play the role of slaves and servants. The camp they were held in was part of a vast heritage resort fittingly called Antebellum, which is a real term that refers to a romanticized view of the pre-Civil War South when white life was only regulated by minimal government, minimal laws, and white Christian values.  

If you as a Black person watch this movie and you do not see the potential for something like this happening in America given the current hyper racialized atmosphere, then I suggest that you go back to sleep. Go back to thinking that Trump and his MAGA movement involves you. Go back to thinking that white people are actually afraid of you instead of seeing that their supposed fear of you is just an excuse to get away with murdering you. Go back to your partying, Video Gaming, and drug smoking. 

Antebellum is an ominous warning to Black Americas that if Trump gets re-elected and white nationalism continues to grow unchallenged, you will soon begin to notice the disappearances of a lot of prominent Black people from society. These “trouble-making” Black people will end up as captives in concentration camps ran by white militias but while your concern will grow, law enforcement won’t do a damn thing about your fears because a lot of them are white supremacists themselves. 

Beware of COVID-19 Conspiracy Pimps

Beware of the conspiracy pimps. They will convince you that “Deep State” boogie men are using a fake crisis called COVID-19 to take away your freedom, reduce global population, ration your food, and install 5G technology that they will then use to track you once they install micro-chips inside you disguised as a Vaccine.

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the high level of ignorance that exists within humanity. One of those ignorance’s is the failure to recognize the dysfunctions of world governments in dealing with crisis’s in general. But instead of focusing on the obvious, most people would rather drift off into relying on conspiracies that make it hard for them to accept the reality that there are no such things as a Deep State or Grand Deception at work in World Affairs.

The most popular conspiracy that conspiracy Pimps of all races and cultures around the world are pushing is the belief that COVID-19 is a coordinated operation being orchestrated by a powerful secret society cabal or “Deep State” to take away our freedoms, reduce world populations, install 5G surveillance systems, and gain control the world’s food resources.

These beliefs are not new; they have existed for decades. In fact, it was only 25 years ago that fear of a “New World Order” was driving white supremacists into the forests of America to set up survivalist camps and prepare for a dooms-day war against the government. Remember Timothy McVeigh? He was the white supremacist who blew up the government building in Oklahoma City killing 168 people and injured over 680 others.

Before him there was also David Koresh who led his followers into a war against the government resulting in his death along with about 30 of his followers. The notorious Jim Jones was another conspiracy nut who took his followers, many of whom were Black, out of the United States into the jungles of South America where he convinced hundreds of them to commit suicide in order to attain true freedom from government oversight.

It would seem that most people have forgotten the dangers of following conspiracy Pimps. It doesn’t take much more than a mass shooting, a natural disaster, or a mass casualty accident to set conspiracy theorists to work spreading mis-information and propaganda across the country and world. They know that Fear and Ignorance are the primary fuels for the fire of anarchy. Today’s conspiracy theorists are 10 times more influential than those of the past that relied on word of mouth to create pockets of “Deep State” believers. They have the power of the Internet and Social media.

Social media is driven by the human instinct to bond socially. It is why most of the richest and most influential companies in the world today make their money facilitating communication and social interaction. Social media is where anyone with a fear of government can redirect that fear into the creation of a conspiracy theory, compile evidence to support their theory, and spread that theory to other people who also fear the unseen eyes of authority.

Social media is also where anyone with a drive to make money can do so by developing a following of like-minded people who will believe and support whatever they have to say, not knowing that what is being said is often strictly for the purpose of making money. I refer to these people as Conspiracy Pimps because they are willfully compromising their conscience for fame and fortune.

The HERU Interface of Black Consciousness does not believe that a Grand Deception is being orchestrated by any so-called “Deep State”. World governments are in co-operation on certain matters, mostly involving security and finance but they are too dysfunctional to carry out an operation of the magnitude involving COVID-19. Take America for example; where the president was so busy fighting “Liberal Ideology” that he completely botched the COVID-19 response. His friend in Britain was no better because he has ended up in hospital after contracting the Virus.

We believe that the aggregation of information is the most powerful thing in the world. The most important questions are therefore; who is controlling that information and what are they doing with it? Our belief is that they are using collected Intelligence for self-preservation and not direct national or global engineering. There are too many other intelligence players in the game and since they all don’t trust each other, the best thing to do is drag-out the game and co-operate above board to pacify the minds of their citizens.

Realize that COVID-19 will not change the world much more than it is now. People have gone into quarantine therefore there is no one to produce Food. Politicians are trying their best to protect their reputations so they are instituting measures to protect their voters. Businesses are scared of going out of business or suffering major financial loss so they are laying off staff. Some, who are unethical like the Conspiracy Pimps are taking the opportunity to profit off the crisis in whatever way they can.

As for the Conspiracy Pimps, the magnetic forces of money and fame will compel them to continue to spread fear and mis-information across the globe. Some of them are too psychologically twisted to recognize the wrongs they are doing but we hope that the Conscience of those who do will force them to change their ways. Until such time, people like myself who know the game will continue to ignore them.

Beware of the Alien Deception

Aliens 3

Are Aliens living among us? Is there some sort of Alien agenda or cabal between the world’s elite and Aliens to keep humanity ignorant as they both rape the natural resources of the planet? Apparently, a lot of people, including some very popular figures within the Black Consciousness community, believes that Aliens exist and that the Elite are keeping knowledge of them a secret for sinister purposes. We don’t believe that. We believe that Aliens are a deception and we refuse to waste our time focusing on them.

Aliens have been the subject of human conversation since the beginning of recorded time. Even the top religions in the world mentions Jinns, which are classified as humanoid beings from other worlds. Aliens are like Ghosts; some people believe in them and claim to have seen them while most people dismiss both as superstition. Common sense suggests that Aliens may exist in some form or another but we refuse to focus on them for several important reasons. 1, Giving time to Aliens is a distraction away from our various issues. 2. If Aliens exist then they don’t appear to be helping Black people. 3. If Aliens are anything like humans, we all could end up enslaved or colonized by them.

Giving time to Aliens is a distraction away from our various issues as a race. We can’t even come together in unity as a race to end police brutality, oppression, and discrimination. Internationally, we have failed to build any notable morally ethical and self-sufficient country of our own. Because of our racial dysfunctions, other races easily exploit us socially, militarily, economically, and politically. They come into our communities and countries and easily set up profitable businesses because we would rather buy from other races than our own. All we have generated as a race is a savior mentality in which we have conceded that this life was not meant for us and a better life awaits us in death next to an illusionary god. Alien belief is just like religion to us, therefore we have no time for it.

If Aliens exist then it does not appear that they are helping the Black race. “We can do math”; in other words, we can reason and think logically. We also refuse to apply religious reasoning to Alien discussions. What do we mean? We mean that if Aliens, like God, are not working in mysterious ways to help us, why should we be grateful to them? Why should we put our faith in their hands? Logically speaking; if Aliens exist then they would have to be far beyond us technologically and mentally. Therefore, we would have to know how they function as a species to know how they intend to treat us. Basically, are they ethical to operate among us using the (Star-Trek Prime Directive), which is to leave us alone and just observe us or are they treating us like lab Rats, stoking conflicts and introducing diseases and viruses among us to see how we react?

Are Aliens trying to help us but we just can’t get their message? One thing we do know is that if Aliens are anything like the human race then we certainly will become enslaved or colonized by them. When we study the history of the world beginning at the point of inter-continental migration, we can clearly see that migrations that initially began as trade excursions eventually end up in the occupation of the weaker culture by the dominant cultures. Eventually, some races discovered that it would be more advantageous to set up colonies in foreign lands, colonize the locals, and force them to work to feed the empire. How do we know that Aliens wouldn’t colonize us and force us to work for them? Our only solace is the fact that their silence maybe an indication that they are not like us. 

At the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness, we have our own unique perspective on Aliens. If Aliens exist then they must be products of the Great Spirit that is the Universe, just like us. That means they are Spirits living in physical form, just like us. The difference between them and us is that they may know what they are, while 99% of us don’t. If they know what they are than they will not intervene in humanity because they know that life is a voluntary experience. Some of them may have once existed as us and some of us may have once existed as them. Therefore, the only help they may secretly be giving us is the ability to Soul blend, which involves re-accessing some knowledge from our previous Souls.