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Former Wright Museum executive files lawsuit, says he was fired because of race

A former executive at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Midtown Detroit has filed a lawsuit alleging he was wrongfully fired …
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South Sudan governor fired after teak wood exposé

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The governor for Yei River State in South Sudan, Frank Matata, has been suspended for alleged illegal trading in timber.

In a letter dated October 21, Riek Machar, the leader of the South Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO), claims that Mr Matata has been involved in illegal lumbering.

An investigation committee has been formed to look into the allegations after revoking the governor’s immunity.

Mr Matata was recently exposed in a documentary by Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu, where he conceded that he has been dealing in the rare teak wood, whose lumbering is restricted worldwide.

In the documentary The Axe Forgets: The Tree Remembers, Mr Matata was secretly recorded demanding $30,000 as a bribe for himself and some Ugandan…

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Man files lawsuit claiming he was fired from African-American…

DETROIT – A man is suing the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, claiming he was fired because he’s white.

The lawsuit is creating a buzz at the courthouse, as a longtime attorney and fighter for civil and minority rights will take the role of lead counsel, representing Ted Canaday in the racial discrimination case.

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Nurse fired after posting this Halloween costume photo

Historically, blackface was used to perpetuate negative stereotypes of African Americans. "The fact that this racist behavior persists is simply an …
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An African-American Female Fired Up by Rush

RUSH: Destiny in Bethesda, Maryland. It’s great to have you with us. Great. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, my goodness, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Bear with me. I’m so nervous and excited. You are amazing, and you are just an invaluable jewel to the country and the world. Also, hi to my dad, Kirk. He’s retired, Baltimore city police. He’s my hero. So I guess I have to preface by saying that I am black, I am also a Millennial, and I am female. I wish those things did not matter, but unfortunately the left is like just so relentless in their game of like divisive politics, it’s still relevant to my overall point. I saw you in CPAC in 2009, and your main speech…

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S. African minister says he was fired over nuclear deal

By Hassan Isilow


South Africa’s Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene claimed on Wednesday that he was fired by former President Jacob Zuma in 2015, because he refused to agree to a nuclear deal with Russia.

He said Zuma criticized him during a BRICS meeting in Russia for not finalizing the financial aspects of the proposed nuclear deal with Moscow.

“I told President Zuma I could not sign the letter without having first interrogated the financial and fiscal policy implications and proposed model of funding,” he told a commission of inquiry probing corruption involving the wealthy Indian Gupta family, Zuma and other government officials.

The program to build nine nuclear plants across South Africa would have cost the country more than 1 trillion rands ($69…

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