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France is not against Sudan's efforts for peace in Central African Republic: FM

"France has informed us through more than a message that it does not object any Sudanese effort for peace in the Central African Republic, as long as …
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South African man halts US bike tour to aid in hurricane relief efforts

People are coming from far and wide to assist with local hurricane relief efforts. That includes one South African man who got a unique perspective of …
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China is broadening its efforts to win over African audiences

EVER SINCE the Kenyan government signed a deal in 2014 for a state-owned Chinese company to build a railway between Nairobi and Kenya’s main port in Mombasa, the project has attracted controversy. Its price per km was three times the international benchmark and four times the original estimate. Many Kenyans suspect corruption inflated its cost.

Unsurprisingly, such issues have received little airtime on CGTN Africa, a branch of China’s state television company, which opened its headquarters on the continent in Nairobi in 2012. When CGTN aired a package on the railway in July, the network praised it as “a case study” of China-Africa relations. In the Africa of CGTN’s imagination, every deal is…

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World Bank wants Caribbean to enhance efforts to build resilience, manage risks

(CMC) – The World Bank says even as the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean countries (LAC) are growing again after a number of difficult years, the “fragile recovery” highlights the need to increase efforts to build resilience and manage risks.

In its latest regional semi-annual report titled, “From Known Unknowns to Black Swans: How to Manage Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean,” the financial institution finds that the growth prospects for 2018 are falling short of initial expectations “due to challenges faced by some of the countries in our region, particularly in South America”.

“We’ve hit a bump in the road to recovery,” said Carlos Vegh, World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, adding “this makes it all the more important to better…

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Tonight: Efforts to raise $200,000 to save African-American school in Mount Pleasant | News

A developer recently bought the 4-acre lot where the last remaining African-American school East of the Cooper stands, and a fight to move the school, rehabilitate it and convert it into a community center is underway.

Groups hope this plan will save the Long Point School, which served the Snowden community from 1904 to 1953. But such plans do not come cheap. 

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Bill Clinton urges Caribbean countries to continue efforts to rejuvenate regional tourism sector

Former US President Bill Clinton.

(CMC) – The former United States President, Bill Clinton, Wednesday urged the ‎Caribbean to continue to expand efforts to rejuvenate the regional tourist industry and guide the countries towards a stronger and more sustainable future.

“I don’t have to tell you the critical role travel and tourism plays in the Caribbean the sector accounts for more than 15 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the region and in many countries the number is much higher,” Clinton said in an address to delegates attending the 2018 State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC) here.

“It is estimated that the 2017 hurricane season resulted in the loss of more than 800,000 visitors to the region which could have generated more than 740 million dollars and supported…

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