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EDITORIAL: State of African Union – The Kagame year

By The EastAfrican
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Over the past two years, African Union incumbent chair Paul Kagame has been trying to push through reforms he was selected to champion at the continental body back in 2016.

It is an assignment he launched into with gusto, first appointing a committee of experts to conduct a 360-degree audit of the organisation.

That committee zeroed in on two key areas – turning the lethargic organisation into an agile body that was self-sustaining and reducing wastage and redundancy at the Secretariat.

There was a sense of urgency to self-financing at the time because the political conflict that destabilised most of North Africa and the Sahel at the turn of the decade, had disrupted contributions from members such as Libya, which alongside four other members and donors,…

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Editorial: Methinks he doth protest too much

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” ~ Hamlet, Act 3, scene 2

An online tirade by one Oswald T. Brown, the former press, cultural affairs and information manager at the Bahamas embassy in Washington, DC, directed at Caribbean News Now associate editor, Youri Kemp, immediately brings to mind Shakespeare’s shrewd observation.

Brown’s intemperate outburst was apparently triggered by two stories carried by Caribbean News Now under Youri Kemp’s byline relating to the recent disclosure of the arrest in Washington, DC, of Haitian-Bahamian national, Edward Israel Saintil, on charges of bribing Bahamas immigration officials.

The facts of the case are largely outlined in an affidavit filed in US District Court in Washington by Kevin E. Gounaud, a Special Agent with…

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Voters bring historic change to Ohio Supreme Court: editorial

On Tuesday, Cleveland appellate court Judge Melody J. Stewart became the first African-American woman and the first African-American Democrat to be elected to the Ohio Supreme Court. True, Stewart’s election may have had more to do with being the highest-rated judicial candidate in this year’s Supreme Court contests than with her race — or party. In an odd quirk, Ohio judicial elections are partisan in primaries but nominally nonpartisan in general elections, meaning party labels weren’t on the Nov. 6 ballot.

But when Stewart and fellow Cleveland jurist Michael P. Donnelly take their seats next year as associate justices, the state’s high court will have at least two Democrats on the seven-justice bench for the first time in 15 years. The last time that happened was from 1995…

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EDITORIAL: African media need to shake off shackles of underdog | The New Times

Rwanda marks the Africa Information Day today.

On every given occasion, African media managers always talk of the importance of telling our own story and not relying wholly on foreign media that have their own agenda. And as usual during those gatherings, it is all talk and little action. No one even comes up with a semblance of a footprint of how to circumvent established mainstream media to give out our story.

But as the saying goes; charity begins at home. Before talking about a united and cohesive African media, what will Rwanda take on the table? It is true that Rwandan media has come a long way, taking painful baby steps as it tries to stand on its own two feet.

But we should also be honest with ourselves; we are not yet there, at least the way we would wish to. There are still many…

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Sunday’s Editorial: Too many babies are dying before their first birthday – Opinion – The Florida Times-Union

Too many Jacksonville babies die before their first birthday.

Duval County’s rate of infant mortality has long been higher than the Florida average, our state average is higher than the national average and African-American babies are dying at twice the rate of white babies.

Despite some progress in recent years, there has never been a study of every Jacksonville infant death in a calendar year. That’s an outrage that will be corrected soon.

Three major health providers are going to fund $50,000 for such a study: UF Health Jacksonville, Baptist Health and Florida Blue.

Let’s be clear: Jacksonville’s city budget of more than $1 billion should be able to pay for such a study. Nevertheless, the local providers deserve praise.

The Times-Union Editorial Board called for such a study…

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EDITORIAL: A restored West Side regional library is worth the price of a painting

So we understand those who object to selling a large painting by famed African-American artist Kerry James Marshall to restore a West Side library to …
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