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From coal miner to coach: no easy path for new Pistons coach Dwane Casey

A pioneer at Kentucky

Casey was born in Indianapolis but moved to Morganfield, Ky., at a young age and played for Union County High School. 

Prep players in Kentucky dream of playing for the storied Wildcats program, but it seemed unattainable to Casey.

“My dream at that time was to play at Western Kentucky because it was close to my hometown and they had African Americans playing for them — Jim McDaniels, Clarence Glover, Jim Rose,” Casey said. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to play at Kentucky growing up because it wasn’t integrated. Then my best friend, Larry Johnson (also of Union County), went to Kentucky (in 1973) and it’s like, ‘Oh, we can go to Kentucky.’ That’s when I wanted to go to Kentucky.”

Tom Payne was Kentucky’s first black player in 1971. Only a handful of other…

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‘Easy to Enter’ Yemen Attracts African Migrants Despite Ongoing Crisis

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has resulted in 22 million people needing humanitarian assistance and over two million people displaced. But despite the widespread insecurity in the Gulf country that is well into its third year of civil war, over 200,000 migrants – primarily from countries in the Horn of Africa – have transversed the Red Sea to Yemen’s coast in the last two years.

“An obvious reason that so many people from that region migrate is for better economic opportunities,” says Idil Osman, a research associate and senior teaching fellow at SOAS, to The Globe Post. “But there are also other factors – particularly political unrest and human rights violation by governing bodies and security forces – that has been forcing people to make these extremely dangerous and…

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Smiley: Big Easy, Big Apple explained

Barry says he found mention of an African-American dance hall called the "Big Easy" in a 1911 issue of the New Orleans Times-Democrat.
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East Africa Gets Easy Money Transfer System

An international money transfer company has launched an online service for East Africans to send and receive money more easily. Analysts say WorldRemit will lower the cost of transferring money and boost African trade and economies.

Africa has become a thriving market for money transfer companies as its telecommunication facilities improve and its economies grow.

WorldRemit, a British-based money transfer company, recently launched a new digital service in four East African countries. The company facilitates the transfer of at least $1.6 billion to Africa each year.

The co-founder and the head of WorldRemit, Ismail Ahmed, told VOA how money transfers in Africa have changed over the years.

“When we launched our services, 99 percent of remittances were cash both on the…

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Tokyo Vanity Can Rest Easy after Judge Temporarily Blocks Niece’s School from Enforcing Natural Hair Policy

A district judge has stepped in to quell controversy over a Louisiana Catholic school’s ban on “unnatural” hairstyles that has sparked nationwide outrage.

According to WGNO, a judge ruled that Christ the King Parish school in Terrytown couldn’t enforce its “natural hair” policy forbidding students from wearing braids or hair extensions. The parents of two sixth-graders at the school filed a lawsuit this week after the girls were sent home because of their hairstyles.

Reality star Tokyo Vanity (left) blasted Christ the King Parish school for its discriminatory hair policy that led to her niece being kicked out of class. (images courtesy of PARAS GRIFFIN/BET/GETTY IMAGES)

One of the students, seen in a viral video crying after being kicked out of class for wearing braided hair…

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New boutique hotel celebrates African American culture in the Big Easy

A boutique hotel in New Orleans is changing the face of hospitality. The Moor is the first in a planned series of openings from Homage Hospitality, a brand co-founded by Howard University graduates Marcus Carey and Damon Lawrence. Boutique hotels are a dime a dozen in New Orleans – and the US – so what sets Homage properties apart are their twin goals of celebrating black culture and catering specifically to the long underserved black travel market. Carey and Lawrence, along with their Chief innovation Officer Chimene Jackson, choose locations in historically black cities and hire local staff and management. Everything in an Homage property, from the interiors to the music to the toiletries, has been selected to reflect the diversity of local culture. The aim says Lawrence, is ”to tell…

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