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Descendants of African-American settlers work to preserve history of early settlements

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – In Loudoun County, there are about 45 historical African American settlements. Over time, some have started to fade away …
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Caribbean Dreams donates 500 play mats to early childhood schools

Jamaican Teas, through its Caribbean Dreams’ Initiative, is improving the learning environments of children in Early Childhood Institutions (ECIs) in Jamaica with a donation of 500 play mats.

The mats will be distributed to approximately 150 ECIs.

Fifty per cent of the mats will be distributed based on needs of the institution, with 15 per cent being distributed to special education early childhood schools and 20 per cent to ECIs in the vicinity of Jamaican Teas’ Factory and Office. The final 15 will be donated to ECIs in communities where the staff of Jamaican Teas reside. 

Some of the institutions to benefit include Annotto Bay Infant, Mason Hall Infant, Devon Pen Basic, Dalvey Primary and Infant, Orange Bay Infant Department, Rural Hill Infant Department and Reach Infant Department….

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Early Hooper Renwick site plan raises concerns that local African-American history would be lost

Graduates of the old Hooper Renwick School in Lawrenceville raised concerns Tuesday that early plans for the school's preservation, with a new …
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Early African American activist Catherine Gilchrist Thompson

Simon was hired to be a teacher of African American students, who were not allowed to attend the white schools. Enoch petitioned the city to establish …
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Bajan consul general sets early agenda

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Barbados’ newest Consul General, Mackie Holder, has some big projects set for his tenure. The recently appointed diplomat hosted his first big public event of the year at Medgar Evers College on Jan. 26 — a summit introducing himself to the Barbadian Diaspora, and exploring many of his concerns and visions for the year. He said many more similar events will be held and he will tackle and bring on as many issues to the forefront.

Under his leadership, Holder said he is switching a few gears by prioritizing a new action plan.

“We’ve had a number of meetings with many associates, and we’re going to have a more business-like approach and focus more on issues that are affecting Barbadians here and there — whether they…

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It is far too early to celebrate peace in the Central African Republic | News | Africa


In late 2017, from his air-conditioned office inside a fortified compound in central Bangui, the man tasked with keeping the peace in the Central African Republic gave the Mail & Guardian an unusually frank interview.

“The CAR has been in this situation, I want to say, for the largest part of its existence,” said Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, the United Nations Special Representative to the CAR and the head of Minusma, the 15 000-strong international peacekeeping force.

“In 57 years of independence, [there have been] 47 years of cyclical violence. Mutinies, coups, civil unrest.
This country has never enjoyed peace and stability,” he added.

When asked how long he thought it would take to turn the country around, he said that he “hoped” that UN peacekeepers would not be…

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