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Abstract Entities Manipulate Humanity

abstract entities

The HERU Interface recognizes a variety of abstract entities that have direct as well as indirect influence on the daily lives of humans. Humans created some entities while Life and the Great Spirit of the universe itself created others. Aside from the Great Spirit, abstract entities have a potential to affect humans in adverse ways. Anyone can gain greater control of their life and choices by increasing their mental strength and awareness of abstract entities.

The Great Spirit of the universe is the Pure Dark Energy Waves that science recognizes as the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. PDEW is abstract energy that cannot exist in the physical realm but it acts to regulate it through the forces it induces on physical matter. PDEW created Matter and Life and through Life it created Humans. The process of Matter creation can be understood in a formula created by Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought.

Some people believe that energy, no mater the source, cannot possess intelligence because intelligence is a property of a Brain and Mind. I say think again because while the Mind is dependent on the Brain to generate an energy field, the Great Spirit is already an energy field. It is only man who cannot yet understand how that intelligence is being produced. The answer is in its creation.  

Life is a single conscious entity, which consists of a micro and macrocosm of Carbon based creatures that can recreate themselves sexual and a-sexually. Life begins at a level where molecules of Matter form Nucleic Acid Compounds that string together to form DNA. DNA is therefore the basic building block of Life.

Although the Great Spirit communicates with Life, Life lacks Universal Awareness. Therefore, Life is on a quest for awareness using every tool at its disposal. Human Nature is being manipulated by Life by way of our Brain hormones. Those of us who acknowledge the Great Spirit are inspired by it to be Conscious of Mind.

Those who succumb to the mechanisms of Life remain Unconscious. They are employed as tools, ignorant of purpose while driven by Desire and Curiosity. Life forces them to engage in Risk and pursue Pleasure for a reward of Dopamine. Fortunately, all humans are equipped by the Great Spirit with a Conscience as a safety-net to protect Life.

Spirits are abstract energy beings that are a product of Life. Spirits are the Soul energy of living things that have died and transcended Life after death to join the energy of the Great Spirit. Spirits are good beings who though they can go anywhere in the universe due to their omnipotence, visit Earth on a regular basis.

Spirits are all around us trying their best to guide us but the bridge between the physical and the abstract world is too complex to pass through. Only the Great Spirit can achieve it as stated in the Dohgon formula for creation on (how something abstract becomes real).  

Another bridge exists between the abstract and the physical world. It is located in the Brain and is called the Pineal Gland. Energy from the abstract realm enters our Minds in total darkness to create Melatonin, our body’s most important hormone. Spirits also enter our Minds through the Pineal Gland to manipulate our Brain and create messages to deliver to us through our Dreams. If you cannot interpret your dreams there are people who can do it for you.

The guidance of Spirits is what strengthens our conscience to build morals for us to live by. Morals encourage us to interact with the rest of Life using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. Thousands of years ago when evil did not exist in the world humans lived in accord with nature and each other. Life changed however and humans began to notice inequities in life. Those inequities are what compromised the development of mature Spirits disabling them from transcending to the universe so they are bound to Earth as Ghosts.

Ghosts are entities that are also a product of Life. They are the Souls of people who have died but their Souls are too weak to transcend into Spiritual form so now they are trapped in the gray zone between Soul and Spirit. Ghosts are usually people who were evil, wicked, mean, and selfish in life. They may also be people who died tragically and are afraid to move on. Some have enough energy to do so but instead they decide to use that energy to claim ownership (haunt) the place they died.

Ghosts are bitter Souls who also have the ability to use their energy to possess the living. They easily attach to people who practice evil to grow the Devil energy within that person. The best way to avoid Ghosts is to do good things in life. Doing good things generates good energy, which is magnetic so it attracts other good people toward you. Avoid doing things for a reward. That is Desire driven and non-Spiritual. Make no conditions for doing good things as the Great Spirit is not beholden to Life or humanity, it simply exists.

Gods are abstract entities created by man. The Great Spirit of the universe created Humans with a Conscience, which is an energy field that encourages goodwill, morality, and empathy within man. Man existed in a state of oneness with Life until he developed a (Fear for the Unknown). Man then created deities for comfort and to give meaning and purpose to his life. Soon man discovered that his deities could also provide courage to alleviate his fears.

Man began to pray to his deities for good fortune but even worse; he believed that by making sacrifices to his deities he could gain a reward. Man’s deities became more and more extravagant until man himself demanded praise from the people under his control. Deities and human gods always died however, breaking the influential energy they hold. It wasn’t until the Jews created a mystery god, bringing the physical into the abstract realm, that the power of the man-made god excelled. 

The Devil is an abstract entity created by man. There are many evil entities (Demons) but the collective evil energy humanity creates is the entity that is referred to as the Devil. The Devil represents all the bad and undesirable aspects of existence. Although the Devil is abstract its energy can become an influential force by way of the energy we feed it. In essence, evil energy is a contagious disease because doing evil to others also generates evil in them, especially when they have substituted true Spirituality with a god. So just like doing good to others produces goodwill among men, doing evil also produces an overall evil society.

The Devil (evil energy) is also responsible for man’s ignorance of the Great Spirit. The Devil is not a very powerful entity since it is man made however, evil energy traps the human mind into relying on ideology and the mechanisms of Life; namely Desire rather than Truth. In such a condition the mind twists life into a (pursuit of Happiness) whereby we live to quench our Desires for sex, money, beauty, heaven, and ultimately a paradise in death next to our imaginary gods.

Abstract Entities are energy beings that cannot be communicated with or affected by physical interaction. The only way to increase or decrease the influence that Abstract Entities have on one’s Soul is through mental strength. The Dohgon University of thought is a school of mental concentration management that teaches how to improve your Concentration in order to communicate with the Great Spirit, how to manage the mechanisms of Life, and how to avoid being trapped by the Desire driven energies of gods and devils.

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