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Djehuti and the Dohgon Student

While ministering to his followers the mystic Djehuti said, a wise teacher was asked by a student what the purpose of his life (the teacher) was. The wise teacher answered and said that he once found a piece of a broken mirror and played with it for a long time. Soon he discovered that he could illuminate dark places if he positioned the mirror in the right way to reflect sunlight. The wise teacher then told the student that he, the teacher, is like that piece of mirror only his purpose is to reflect the wisdom of life into the empty minds of those seeking knowledge.

Not long after, a student of the great IMHOTEP heard the story and went to Djehuti seeking to expand his wisdom. The student asked Djehuti,

“I know that Wisdom is Knowledge divided by Understanding and since you possess more knowledge than I do it is obvious that you therefore must possess more wisdom. Why then do you associate wisdom with light when a mirror only reflects 1% of the Electromagnetic Spectrum?”

The student already understood that true Wisdom requires a thorough understanding of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, 99% of which exists in Darkness. Even Sound is a part of the Spectrum next to Light. 
Djehuti answered saying;

“There is no true darkness…..there are only greater or lesser degrees of Light. Light may be inner or outer…..upper or lower….visible or invisible…but it is always present…”

Wow! The student thought to himself. “IMHOTEP teaches that true Darkness exists and is the source of all Wisdom.” At that point the student became very skeptical of Djehuti’s wisdom but not wanting to disrespect or further challenge Djehuti the student changed the subject to mysticism which he knows that Djehuti thrives on. He asked Djehuti about some strange things that he had been experiencing while meditating. He explained that while meditating at night he would see glowing balls of light float towards him and disappear into his mind’s eye, as if to nest in his head. Sometimes he would even see the same strange balls of light leave in the morning.

“Can you explain these strange balls of light?” the student asked.

The Dohgon student waited for an answer but Djehuti did not respond. After seeming to contemplate an answer for several minutes Djehuti simply smiled and walked away. Upon reflection, the student had heard Djehuti speak many times and had even read one of his books (Your Immortal Body Of Light) so his silence told the student that wisdom is not free. Djehuti’s philosophy is that knowledge has to have a cost or people will not value it. That is wisdom within itself and although he did not get the answers that he sought, the student respected Djehuti for what he did learn.

The student also learned a great lesson about the difference between a God and a man. A God values praise while a humble man, IMHOTEP needs nothing for security. He works diligently on solutions to help humanity. He was the first medical doctor, the first Architect, and an expert in all things Cosmological, the study of the stars. He is always willing to help his fellow man and while money is essential in sustaining his Earthly needs he has no problem in helping others if they are unable to pay right away.

The student decided that he did not wish to be a God, just a man like IMHOTEP, to help to right the wrongs done to AfRAka by all Spiritless people. Not only does this student respect and value IMHOTEP‘s wisdom, he knows that the Spirit of the great IMHOTEP is alive in his teacher Professor MOmOh. If you seek understanding do not be afraid to contact him. Although he hates Mysticism, Gods, and fantasies about Aliens he will never walk away. He will steer you toward the real truths about life.