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Churches can help reduce heart disease among African-Americans

If you’re exploring ways to reduce your risk for heart disease, consider going to church. Getting involved could help improve your health, according to a new report. 

» ‘RELATED: Southern diets ‘biggest factor’ in African-Americans increased risk of hypertension compared to whites, study says

Researchers from New York University School of Medicine recently conducted a study, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, to determine how faith-based communities can help institute lifestyle changes among African-Americans.

“Vulnerable populations often have lower access to primary care. We need to reduce racial disparities in hypertension-related outcomes between blacks and whites,” coauthor Gbenga Ogedegbe said in a statement. 

For the…

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Greenwood and the Great War: Disease and the Spanish flu

The first man in Greenwood to die for any reason while in service during WWI was African-American Pvt. Elliot Long on Dec. 21, 1917 who was serving …
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African swine fever containment WARNING: China warns of highly contagious disease spread | World | News

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said a slaughterhouse in the city of Hohhot reported the outbreak, adding that four pigs were infected with, and two had died from, African swine fever.

The world’s top pork producer has seen a steady stream of new outbreaks since the first case was reported in early August.

Authorities have banned the transport of live hogs and pig products from regions bordering provinces where African swine fever has been reported.

They have shut live markets and banned the use of feed derived from pig blood in order to contain the disease.

But a lack of manpower and financial resources at the local levels has hampered those efforts.

African swine fever is a devastating disease with no vaccine.

It can cause haemorrhaging in the skin and internal organs and death for…

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Lupus discovery could help manage disease in African patients

Two variants of an autoimmune disease that affects thousands but is hard to diagnose are relatively common among black Africans, research shows.

The findings, relating to systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE, could improve diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

They could enable better management of the disease in patients of African descent, particularly in southern Africa, where incidence and mortality rates are relatively high.

Blood tests in black African patients pinpointed a high prevalence of two types of the disease, one of which was previously unacknowledged.

SLE – the most common form of lupus – can affect many parts of the body including the kidneys, heart, lungs, blood, brain and skin.

The new variants were identified by analysing antibodies that attack proteins in…

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Rare Disease From Africa Recorded in U.K. 15 Years After U.S. Outbreak

U.K. doctors are treating the first diagnosed case of rare viral infection monkeypox the country has ever seen. Aside from a 2003 U.S. outbreak, this is the only other time the disease has been reported outside of West and Central Africa, according to Public Health England.

The patient—a person from Nigeria staying at a naval base in Cornwall, U.K.—travelled to London from Nigeria on September 2. Officials believe the patient contracted the infection in the West African country before making their way to the U.K.

Monkeypox causes symptoms like headache, fever, muscle aches and exhaustion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some 1-3 days after experiencing fever, patients develop a rash—often to the face—which may spread across the body. The diseased…

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Mayo Clinic Doctor Initiates Program to Help African-Americans Deal with Heart Disease

“I had no idea this program would go from a class project in a public health course to now Rochester, Minnesota and the Twin Cities area,” Dr. Brewer said.

The program is called FAITH, which stands for Fostering African-American Improvement in Total Health.

“Change is often incremental, small steps, that can make a difference if you start doing them on a consistent basis,” said FAITH partner Margaret Frye.

Making small changes that prevent heart disease, is at the core of what Dr. Brewer’s doing.

“The FAITH program partners with local African-American churches to change the cultures in the churches around promoting heart health,” she said.

That means getting active and making healthy choices when it comes to food.


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